Coats for Kids Surplus Coats Agency Request Form Surplus coats w

Coats for Kids Surplus Coats Agency Request Form
Surplus coats will be donated to a select number of agencies and school districts that serve a large number of children. Surplus coats
will be distributed to selected agencies on Saturday, December 14 and Sunday, December 15, 2013.
School Districts and Public Agencies must meet the following requirements to be eligible to receive surplus coats:
Check the following:
[ ] I Agree -- Agencies/school districts must have a need for 400 or more coats.
[ ] I Agree -- Non-Profit agencies/school districts must send us your Tax Exemption Number.
[ ] I Agree -- The agency/school district must provide the coats to families in need at no cost.
[ ] I Agree -- The agency/school district must serve the Central-Texas area.
[ ] I Agree -- Agencies serving children will have priority over agencies only serving adults.
[ ] I Agree -- The agency/school district must be able to pick up the coats on Surplus distribution days.
Agency [Complete Public Agency or School District Name]:
Agency Street Address:
Agency Phone:
Agency Surplus Recipient:
Name [Name of person completing the form]:
Contact Name:
Contact Weekday Phone:
Contact Cell Phone [For CFK weekend]:
Contact Email Address:
Number of coats requested (Minimum 400 Coats] – CFK cannot guarantee the final number of surplus coats available. This is only to have
an idea what your agencies might need, if selected and if coats are available.
Number of Coats Requesting
[ ] 400
[ ] 400-500
[ ] 500-800
[ ] 800-1000
[ ] More that 1000
General sizes of coats [Check all that apply]
Tax Exempt Number:
The deadline to submit the Surplus Request Form and Tax Exemption Form is November 1, 2013.
Agencies will be selected at the discretion of The Junior League of Austin and those selected to be part of Surplus Distribution will be
notified by November 30, 2013.
For questions, please contact:
[email protected]
(512) 467-8982 Ext 291