ASL 4 Spring '04 Syllabus – Instructor: Maria Compton

ASL 4 Fall ‘05 Syllabus – Instructor: Maria Compton-Hernandez
Texts: “Conversational Sign Language II” by Will Madsen
204 J R Pearson, Mon, 4:30 pm - 7:00 pm
Aug 22 – Introduction, explanation of class policies, review previous class material
NOTE: ALL Homework: To Be assigned (TBA)
Aug 29 – Begin Madsen Book – Lesson 4 Time and Word phrases, Expressive testing.
Sept. 12 - Continue Time phrase review, Expressive testing,
Sept. 19 – Begin Madsen “Conversational Sign Language II” Unit 3 – Lesson 1 Written
Paper Number 1 due (submitted electronically only! No hard copies)
Sept 26 – Continuation of applications of concepts from Madsen book, ch. 2 Expressive testing
Oct. 3 Madsen book Ch. 3 –. (NOTE: MIDTERM NEXT WEEK!)
Oct. 10 –MIDTERM TEST -- Madsen book Ch. 4 Expressive testing,
Oct. 17 – MIDTERM expressive testing and Signing evaluation
Oct. 24 - Madsen book Ch. 5 - Expressive testing,
Oct. 31 - NO CLASS – Halloween activity - Out of Class time for Paper Number 2
Written Paper Number 2 due next week (submitted electronically only! No hard
Nov 7 - Madsen book Ch. 6, Expressive testing
Nov. 14 Madsen book – chapters to be determined- Expressive testing,
Nov. 21 Madsen book – chapters to be determined- practice and peer review of final
projects, Expressive testing, Homework TBA. – practice and peer review of final
Nov. 28 – FINAL TEST EXPRESSIVE (ALL) Paper No. 3 Due
Dec. 5 – last regular class – Final Projects, review for final test
Dec. 12 – Final test
NO VOICE POLICY For the most part, classroom drills and instruction,etc., will be
done without voice using ASL. There may be some exceptions for instructional
information and asking questions. You must use ASL for all classroom interactions
and drills. If you finish your group activity early and you wish to talk or visit with other
members of the class, you must do so using American Sign Language with your voices
turned OFF. If you don’t know a sign for a word, fingerspell it. If you wish to chat with
classmates using your voice, do so OUTSIDE of the classroom only!
MISSING CLASS: An immense amount of material is covered in each 3 hour class. If
you miss a class, you will fall behind, as each class builds on the previous. You are
responsible to learn any material that is missed by contacting a classmate and reviewing
your unit materials and videotape.
BREAKS: We will have one short break about midway through the class. We will end
each normal class 30 min. early to do Expressive evaluations. Those students who are
not scheduled to be evaluated may leave at this time.
SYLLABUS: It is not set in stone – just a general guideline to follow. The most up-todate info will be on the website.
Class Participation: Students are able to miss one class without it lowing their grade.
For each additional class missed that is unexcused, 3 points will be deducted per class
from your final grade. You are expected to read assigned materials and view your
student videotape prior to class (unless instructed otherwise). Points will also be
deducted from your final grade for lack of participation in class exercises, group work,
using voice in class, etc. Class attendance and participation along with homework makes
up 10% of your final grade. YOU MUST BRING YOUR Madsen book to class
Receptive Quizzes: A Receptive quiz will be given each class to test receptive skills and
the vocabulary introduced the previous week. These weekly quizzes cannot be made up
– if you miss class, you miss the quiz and your grade will be adversely affected. These
quizzes will make up 20% of your final grade.
Expressive Evaluations are considered quiz grades and will make up 30% of your final
grade. The focus of ASL 4 is developing your own expressive skills, so these Expressive
Evaluations will make up a greater portion of your quiz grades than the receptive
evaluations. An Expressive Evaluation will be given to each student every other week.
Class will dismiss at 6:30 to give these Expressive Evaluations. In addition, a mid-term
Expressive Evaluation and a Final Expressive Evaluation will be given.
OUT OF CLASS ACTIVITY/PAPERS: Three short term papers are due throughout
the semester – separate guidelines sheet is attached. Written open-book homework
assignments will also be given occasionally and will fall into this category. Your papers
make up 10% of your final grade.
Mid-Term: A Mid-Term (receptive) and a Mid Term Expressive test will be given half
way through the course which will make up 10% of your final grade.
FINAL: A final exam (in two parts, expressive and receptive) will be administered
during the designated week which will cover all material covered during ASLI - ASL III,
plus the newest material from this level. The final exam will make up 20% of your total
OFFICE HOURS: My office hours are on Mondays before class from 4:00 – 4:30, and after
expressive testing, 6:30 –7:00 pm.
Contact me anytime – Maria Compton-Hernandez, email is best and often quickest:; home phone number: 913 782 4260; cell phone: 816 392 0877
90-100% - A
89-80% - B
79-70% - C
69 – 60% - D
Below 60% - F