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ICN Syllabus Spring 2015
Course 6388 Class 3494 Sec. 302
Room 382, M 6:00 pm - 7:40 pm
S. N. Persaud, Esq.
[email protected]
Legal Counseling and Negotiating, A Practical Approach Herman, Cary &
Kennedy, LexisNexis, ISBN: 9781422422625
The objective of this course is to learn and apply the processes and techniques
that effective lawyers use in obtaining information, advising clients,
implementing decisions, and negotiating a satisfactory resolution to legal
problems or disputes. The course is taught with the assumption that you will
actively utilize the intellectual skills acquired from other substantive courses. In
this way, the educational emphasis is to provide you with a practical application
of these skills.
Class attendance is mandatory. You are allowed the maximum number of
administrative absences in order to qualify for a final grade. Being late to class
may result in an unexcused absence. Leaving class while it is in session is not
permissible. Such a practice would be considered and designated as an absence.
When you are assigned to participate as a witness, you must make every attempt
to attend class or provide reasonable notice of your expected non-attendance.
Please be considerate to your fellow students and attend class during the graded
exercises. You are solely responsible for ensuring that you have received credit
for your attendance by signing the roll. It is presumed that you are absent if you
fail to sign the roll. Any issue with regard to a failure to sign the roll may result
in a 10 point deduction from your final grade. You are not allowed to make-up a
graded exercise absent prior permission and only due to an emergency. An
incident or situation may not constitute an emergency unless we have discussed
prior approval at a reasonable time during or after the emergency. This means
that you must attend your scheduled graded exercise. Any scheduling conflicts
must be resolved in favor of attendance. If you are in a student organization such
as mock trial in which you may be absent from class, you must notify me when
the exercise is distributed to the class or at least two weeks prior to the scheduled
graded exercise, whichever is the earliest.
You are required to actively listen to your fellow student performances and to
give constructive feedback. Preparation, participation and professionalism in
course activities is a mandatory requirement in order to receive a final grade.
There may be a direct consideration of participation, preparation and
professionalism points during the graded exercises. Nonetheless, five (5) points
per instance may be deducted from your final grade at any time for being
unprepared, due to a failure to participate, or a lack of professionalism.
Taping of the class is not permitted, including audio, digital, or through the use
of a computer or device.
ICN – Persaud
Laptop/ Net:
Use of the Internet or a cell phone is not permitted during class at any time. Use
of a laptop during student presentations or class activities is not permitted. Either
practice will be designated as an absence.
You are required to keep a weekly journal, with weekly written entries of at least
250 words. This shall include issues you have explored during class, things you
have learned about yourself in developing your professional persona, and an
evaluation of your own performance, including areas which may need improving.
You are also responsible for ensuring that the entries are in a ring-binder or some
other mechanism which holds the pages together. You are not required for a
journal entry in the event that you are absent. Journals will be collected on 3/30,
with no exceptions. As such, if you are absent on the day of collection, you are
solely responsible for turning in your journal beforehand. Journals by email will
not be accepted. Journals turned in after the due date will receive an automatic
deduction of 5 points prior to grading, and will not be accepted after the last day
of classes.
There is no general dress requirement other than as required by the
administration during regular classes. However, during graded exercises, you are
required to dress in business casual attire, such as you would wear to a Florida
Bar function. Males must wear a tie and jacket. Full formal business attire is
required during the Final Negotiation during your grading week.
Policy Statement on Non-Discrimination
It is the policy of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University to assure that
each member of the University community be permitted to work or attend classes
in an environment free from any form of discrimination including race, religion,
color, age, disability, sex, marital status, national origin, veteran status and sexual
harassment as prohibited by state and federal statutes. This shall include
applicants for admission to the University and employment.
Academic Honor Policy
The University’s Academic Honor Policy is located in the FANG Student
Handbook, under the Student Code of Conduct- Regulation 2.012 section,
beginning on page 55-56.
ADA Compliance
To comply with the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA),
please advise the instructor of any accommodations required to insure
participation in this course. Documentation of disability is required and should be
submitted to the Learning Development and Evaluation Center (LDEC). For
additional information please contact the LDEC at (850) 599-3180.
The course will be graded according to performance in the Interview, Counseling
and Negotiation Graded Assignments, participation and journal entries. The
grading for the exercises are determined under various factors, including but not
limited to Introduction, Obtaining Information, Presentation of Questions,
Quality of Follow-up, Closing Remarks, Conveying Legal Information,
Argument, Overview of Dispute, Quality of Responses, Professionalism,
Presentation, Persuasion, Advocacy, and Use of Course Standards.
ICN – Persaud
You are responsible for reading the chapters in the book, whether or not an
assignment is specifically given. This book is relatively easy to read, and certain
concepts will be discussed in class. As this is a practical course, the focus will be
on the application of the concepts discussed during the practical exercises. Below
is an outline and grade distribution, which may be revised as the course
Interviewing Study Chs. 1, 3, 4
Interview Practice
Counseling Study Chs. 2, 5
Counseling Practice
Interview & Counseling Grading
Interview & Counseling Grading
Interview & Counseling Grading
Negotiation Study Chs. 6 – 19
Negotiation Practice
Negotiation Practice/ Grading
Negotiation Grading
Negotiation Grading
Negotiation Grading
ICN – Persaud