FEDFA A.G.M. Meeting Brussels 2011. Present: Franz Vogelmayer

FEDFA A.G.M. Meeting Brussels 2011.
Present: Franz Vogelmayer (FV)……Austria President FEDFA
Asger Wiuff Andersen (AA)……Denmark Hon.Treasurer
Tony Armitage (TA)……Great Britain Sec: General
Patrick van Aubel (PA)……France
Stefan Voell (SV)……Germany
Rudolf Kratzer (RK)……Germany
Radim Kotrba-Maugli (M)……Czech Rep.
Hanspeter Daenzer (HD)……Switzerland
Andrej Tolstoy (AT)……Sweden
Peter Timmerman (PT)……Holland
Dainis Paeglitis (DP)……Latvia
Antonio Canones (AC)……Spain
Manuel Reglero (MR)……Spain
Apologies: Paul Audenaerde, Morten Nystad, Greg Potterton, Bartlomeij
Dmuchowski, Tomas Landete-Castillejjos, John Fletcher, Carolynne Ellis-Jones,
Andreas Svensson.
1) Minutes of the last meeting: The minutes of the last AGM meeting held
in Brussels last year were circulated and approved. There being no
comment, they were approved unanimously.
2) Financial Report: The financial report was given by AA, in which he
reported that there was a small loss (1269.24 euros) in2010 caused by
the sponsorship of John Fletcher to the 2010 World Deer Farming
Conference in China, and a business trip by FV to Brussels on behalf of
FEDFA. The Income was shown as 2640 euros, however, the total
potential income at 165 euros / member country is 2970 euros.
Currently at the bank as 31/12/2010 was 8900.33 euros. It was agreed to
keep the subscription at 165 euros for the coming year, and that Italy be
removed from the list of members, as they had not paid their
subscription for many years, and there seems to be no active deer
association in Italy. Adoption of the financial report was proposed by FV
and seconded by PT, it was carried unanimously. AA was thanked by the
members for all his diligent work as Treasurer.
3) Confirmation of Office Holders: It was confirmed unanimously that Franz
Vogelmayer should remain as FEDFA President, and that Asger Andersen
remain as Honorary Treasurer, and that Tony Armitage remain as
Secretary General. Radim Kotrba and Peter Timmerman are the two
4) Recommendations of the MCM committee: FEDFA to monitor SANCO
150,151/2011 regulations, also the new CAP Proposals In both cases
contact and lobby own ministries if possible.
*Organic Deer farming, M. to arrange “yahoo” group discussions, to
decide if necessary or beneficial for EU regulations to be changed to
include Deer.
*New web-site to be established to include commercial links for possible
FEDFA income and a members own section.
*M to prepare a draft Mission statement for circulation via “yahoo” so
that a final version can be approved.
* PT to get further information behind FACE’s policies and thinking.
*PA to approach commission with regard to the change from 72 hours to
28 days for anti-mortem inspection prior to on farm slaughter.
5) National Representatives: Only minimal changes reported:- Andrej
Tolstoy as the representative of Sweden, with Andreas Svensson. Tomas
Landete-Castillejos as the representative of Spain, with Antonio Canores.
Rudolf Kratzer joins Stefan Voell representing Germany.
6) National Reports: Short national reports were given by the delegates
present, most reporting that “nothing much had changed and that prices
were generally reasonable”.
7) Date and venue of next Meeting: The date of the next A.G.M. was set
as March 21/22 2012 in Brussels. Venue to be decided later.
Thanks were given at the end of the meeting to Paul Audenaerde for
arranging the previous night’s dinner and the meeting room.
Tony Armitage
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