Computer Exercise 1

Computer Exercise 1
Due Date September 15th 2006
A solid steel rod consisting of n cylindrical
elements welded together is subjected to the
loading shown. The diameter of element I is
denoted by di and the load applied to its lower
end by Pi, with the magnitude of Pi of this load
being assumed positive if Pi is directed down if it
is directed downward as shown and negative
otherwise. (a) write a computer program that can
be used with either SI or U.S. customary units to
determine the average stress in each element of
the rod. (b) use this program to solve the
problem below.
Two solid cylindrical rods AB and BC are welded together at B and loaded as shown.
Knowing that d1=50mm and d2=30mm, find average normal stress at the midsection of
(a) rod Ab and, (b) rod BC.
If the average normal stress in either bar must not exceed 140 MPa, determine the
smallest allowable values of d1 and d2.