The UCSB Professional Women's Association (PWA), with the

2012-2013 Barbara S. Uehling
Book Scholarship Application
For Re-Entry/Non-Traditional Students
The UCSB Professional Women’s Association (PWA), with the support of the UCSB
Bookstore, is pleased to announce the availability of book scholarships for re-entry/nontraditional students. PWA promotes the advancement of women at UCSB and serves as
a voice for women in the discussion of campus issues. PWA’s goals include education,
acknowledging women’s contributions to UCSB, mentoring, and outreach to the campus
and community.
Five scholarships will be awarded in the amount of
$200 gift certificates to the UCSB Bookstore
The scholarships will be awarded to current UCSB re-entry/non-traditional students who
might face unique challenges in completing their degrees as they juggle being a
student, parent, wage earner, community volunteer, and/or participant in co-curricular
activities. UCSB defines a re-entry/non-traditional student as someone who is returning
to his or her education after a period of time, and/or is married, and/or has dependents.
The committee will choose the scholarship recipients based on a student’s application
and financial need.
Completed applications must be received at the
Office of Admissions: 1210 Cheadle Hall
Office Hours: Mon – Fri 10AM-12PM and 1PM-4PM
Mail Code 2014
No later than 4:00PM Thursday, March 14, 2013
Applications are available at the following locations:
Visitor Center, 1102 SAASB
Student Resource Building
o Office of Student Life/EOP
o Disabled Students Program
o Women’s Center
o Non-Traditional and Re-Entry Student Resource Center
Email Recognitions & Awards Chair: [email protected]
Past recipients of this award are not eligible. Scholarship winners will be announced by
Tuesday, March 19, 2013.
2012-2013 Barbara S. Uehling
Book Scholarship Application
For Re-Entry/Non-Traditional Students
Name: _______________________________________________
Age: ________
Address: ____________________________________________________________
Telephone Number: (____) ____________
Alternate number: (____) _____________
Perm Number: ___________________ Major: ____________________________
UCSB Class Level: _____________________
Are you a parent? ____________
Target Graduation Date: _________
Number of Dependents: ___________
Ages of Dependents: ___________________________________________________
Complete the following questions.
You may use a separate sheet of paper to respond.
1. Why do you believe that you would be an appropriate recipient of UCSB Professional
Women’s Association 2012-13 Barbara S. Uehling Book Scholarship for Re-Entry/NonTraditional Students?
2. Describe your educational and/or community achievements – be sure to include other
colleges and/or universities attended (include time lines). Consider your grade point
average, your course load, school committees, job, and/or community service you have
2012-2013 Barbara S. Uehling
Book Scholarship Application
For Re-Entry/Non-Traditional Students
3. Describe your career goals.
4. Please include any financial information you wish the committee consider.
I certify that the information on this application is complete and accurate and that
I meet the criteria for this award as stated on the application cover letter.
Signature: _________________________________
Date: _________________
Submit completed applications to:
Office of Admissions (mail code 2014)
Attention: Kelly Erland
Recognitions & Awards Committee: [email protected]
Fax: (805) 893-8779