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PPS 8.10 Form 1A
A. Name: Hassan Tajalli
Title: Associate Professor
B. Educational Background
University of Texas at
Political Science
University of North
Political Science
University of North
Iranian Institute of
Advanced Accounting
Comparative Analysis of the
Motivational Effects of
Management by Objectives
on Public Employees
The Causes of Revolution:
A Case Study of the Iranian
Revolution of 1978-79
C. University Experience
Associate Professor
Texas State University
Assistant Professor
Texas State University
Texas State University
Teaching Assistant
University of Texas
D. Relevant Professional Experience
Chief Auditor
Koorosh Accounting Firm
(Tehran, Iran)
Koorosh Accounting Firm
(Tehran, Iran)
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PPS 8.10 Form 1A
A. Teaching Honors and Awards:
“Favorite Professor” by the Alfred H. Nolle Chapter of the Alpha Chi National College Honor
Society, 2010
College of Liberal Arts Award for nomination for Presidential Award for Excellence in teaching
American Society for Public Administration, CenTex Chapter: 2002 Public Administration
Professor of the Year
B. Courses Taught:
POSI 2310
POSI 2320
POSI 3301
HP 3302
POSI 3318
POSI 3377
POSI 4314
POSI 4379
POSI 5303
POSI 5311
POSI 5312
POSI 5315
POSI 5335
POSI 5340
POSI 5341
POSI 5343
POSI 5397
POSI 5398
Principles of American Government
Functions of American Government
Basic Political Institutions
Public Personnel Administration
Analytical Techniques
Middle East Revolution and Nationalism
Independent Study
Political Methodology and Research
Public Finance
Economics of Public Sector
Problems in Public Personnel Administration
Problems in Research Methodology
Problems in American Public Policy
Seminar in Policy Process
Program Evaluation
Applied Research Project
Directed Reading and Research
C. Graduate Theses/Dissertations, Honors Theses, or Exit Committees (if supervisor, please
Ashworth, Christine, Fall 2014 (supervisor)
Dragon, Mark, Fall 2014 (supervisor)
Ellington, Austin, Fall 2014 (supervisor)
Hester, Ashley, Fall 2014 (supervisor)
Johnson, Craigan, Fall 2014 (supervisor)
Johnson, Kevin, Fall 2014 (supervisor)
Lehman, Josette, Fall 2014 (supervisor)
Martinez, Viveca, Fall 2014 (supervisor)
Naik, Apurva, Fall 2014 (supervisor)
Pena, Alejandra, Fall 2014 (supervisor)
Sanchez, David, Fall 2014 (supervisor)
Sweeney, Michael, Fall 2014 (supervisor)
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PPS 8.10 Form 1A
Zavala, Elaine, Fall 2014 (supervisor)
Melissa Amaya, Fall 2014 (supervisor)
Garrett, Jeremy, Spring 2014 (supervisor)
Hicks, Sheri, Spring 2014 (supervisor)
Leeth, Curtis, Spring 2014 (supervisor)
Mantey, Dale, Spring 2014 (supervisor)
Nilmag, Charlie, Spring 2014 (supervisor)
Smith, Colin, Spring 2014 (supervisor)
James Beck, Fall 2013 (supervisor)
Denise Dusek, Fall 2013(supervisor)
Kyle Harward, Fall 2013 (supervisor)
Jose Vargas, Fall 2013 (supervisor)
Sarah Downing, Spring 2013
Jennifer Hine, Spring 2013
Trent Kennedy, Spring 2013 (supervisor)
Christopher Jones, Fall (supervisor)
Raquel Garcia, Fall (supervisor)
Pamela Hinojosa, Fall (supervisor)
Andrew Freeman, Fall (supervisor)
Jessica Marek, Fall (supervisor)
Michael McAlear, Fall (supervisor)
Jamie McGee, Fall (supervisor)
Amber Conrad, Fall (supervisor)
Paul Diaz, Fall (supervisor)
Pauline Easley, Fall (supervisor)
Houmma Garba, Fall (supervisor)
Guinevere Griffin, Fall (supervisor)
Edward Munguia, Fall (supervisor)
Stephanie Nemec, Fall (supervisor)
Chad Nolte, Fall (supervisor)
Kendrick Payne, Fall (supervisor)
Christine Pogue, Fall (supervisor)
Alaric Robertson, Fall (supervisor)
Kevin Scott, R Fall (supervisor)
Brian Busch, Fall (supervisor)
Joseph Ernesto DeLaCerda, Fall (supervisor)
Jared Gallini, Fall (supervisor)
Corrinn Gingrich, E. Fall (supervisor)
Jamie S. McGee, Fall (supervisor)
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PPS 8.10 Form 1A
Andrew B. Mounkes, Fall (supervisor)
Crystal M. Munoz, Fall (supervisor)
Sabrina R. Salazar, Fall (supervisor)
Felecia N. Shaw, Fall (supervisor)
Delaina M. Toothman, Fall (supervisor)
Bailey Verschoyle, Fall (supervisor)
Tommy Garcia, Spring (supervisor)
Terry Jennings, Spring (supervisor)
Joseph Faulk, Fall (supervisor)
Tommy Garcia, Fall (supervisor)
Natalia Henricksen, Fall (supervisor)
Floyd Holder, Fall (supervisor)
Theodore Ksub, Fall (supervisor)
Jennifer Pickler, Fall (supervisor)
Jessica Son, Fall (supervisor)
Shaina Trial, Fall (supervisor)
Brenda Scott, , Summer (supervisor)
Jeremy Garrett, Spring (supervisor)
Mike Pribble, Spring (supervisor)
Jessica Marek, Spring (supervisor)
Sherri Mora, Spring (supervisor)
John Hutto, Spring (supervisor)
Moses Ruiz, Spring (supervisor)
Kevin Bailey, Spring (supervisor)
James Twine, Spring (supervisor)
Steve Thomas, Spring (supervisor)
Angela Dozier, Spring (supervisor)
Gevana Salinas, Spring (supervisor)
Valerie Boyce, Spring (supervisor)
Alvarado, Melissa, Spring (supervisor)
Cordero, Rafael, Spring (supervisor)
Edenburn, Gary, Spring (supervisor)
Marquez, Agustin, Spring, (supervisor)
McLemore, Dustin, Spring (supervisor)
Miller, Kevin, Spring, (supervisor)
Peel, Jennifer, Spring (supervisor)
Vela, Julissa, Spring, (supervisor)
Jazari, Armi, Spring (supervisor)
Schacherl, Bradley, Spring (supervisor)
Weathersbee, Julia, Spring (supervisor)
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PPS 8.10 Form 1A
Rezaee, Reza, Dissertation
Martinez, Brandy K., (supervisor)
2007 and before
Thompson, Hunter, Spring (supervisor)
Lopez, John, Spring (supervisor)
Guzman, Gabriel, Spring (supervisor)
Estrada, Michael, Spring (supervisor)
Zarate, Emilia, Spring (supervisor)
Davis, Lauren, Spring (supervisor)
McCauley, David, Spring (supervisor)
Blank, Kristen, Spring (supervisor)
Casa, Victoriano, Spring (supervisor)
Cox, Shawn, Spring (supervisor)
Green, Elvia, Spring (supervisor)
Gutierrez, Juan, Spring (supervisor)
Kopycinski, Julie, Spring (supervisor)
Lee, Roy, Spring (supervisor)
Rezaee, Reza, (supervisor)
A. Works in Print (including works accepted, forthcoming, in press)
1. Books (if not refereed, please indicate)
d. Chapters in Books:
"Providing Educational Opportunities for Children Living in Poverty" Children and Poverty in
America Today. Barbara Arrighi and Davic Maume, eds. Greenwood Publishing, 2007.
2. Articles
a. Refereed Journal Articles:
“College Students and Alcohol Use: A Test of Social Learning, Strain, and Acculturation
Theories.” (with De Soto, William, Chad Smith, and Nathan Pino). World Medical and
Health Policy. val. 6, no.3 (2014).
“Discipline or Prejudice?: Overrepresentation of Minority Students in Disciplinary Alternative
Education Programs”. (with Houmma Garba). The Urban Review. vol. 46, no. 5 (December,
“Determinants of Punitive Attitudes of College Students toward Criminal Offenders”. (with William
DeSoto and Angela Dozier). Journal of Criminal Justice Education. vol. 24, no. 3 (2013).
“Intermediate Theory: The Missing Link in Successful Student Scholarship” (with Patricia Shields).
Journal of Public Administration Education. vol. 12, no. 3 (2006),
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PPS 8.10 Form 1A
“Power, Professionalism, and Independence: Changes in the Office of Mayor.” (with Cynthia
Opheim and William DeSoto). State and Local Government Review. vol. 38, no. 3 (2006).
“Strategies for Closing the Gap: Predicting Student Performance in Economically Disadvantaged
Schools,” (with Cynthia Opheim). Educational Research Quarterly. vol. 28, no. 4 (2005).
“La Comisión Norteamericana Para la Igualdad de Oportunidades en el Empleo: Informe Sobre el
Programa de Mediación de la Oficina del distrito de San Antonio,” (with Walter Wright)
November (2004) El Acuerdo.
“The Impact of Rural Hospital Closure on the Economic Health of the Local Communities,” (with
David Pearson). Texas Journal of Rural Health. vol. 21, no. 3 (2003).
“Health Care in Rural Texas,” (with Kay Hofer and William DeSoto). Policy Studies Journal. vol.
29, no 1 (1999).
“Apples and Oranges: Comparing the Attitudes of Public Policy Versus Public Administration
Students,” (with Cynthia Opheim and William DeSoto). The American Review of Public
Administration. vol. 29, no. 1 (1999).
“Meeting the Challenge: State Revenue Raising in the 1990's,” (with William DeSoto).
International Journal of Public Administration. vol. 22, no. 11-12 (1999)
“Politics, Economics, and Policy Responsiveness in the American States,”(with John S. Robey).
State and Local Government Review. vol. 20, no. 2 (1988)
5. Reports:
The City of Austin Citizen Survey: 2003-2006.
A Window to the Future: Village of Wimberley Community Survey: 2006
Texas Animal Health Commission: Customer Satisfaction Report: 2006
The City of San Marcos Community Outreach Survey: 2001-2005
Mediation in the San Antonio District Office of the U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission: 2003.
Evaluation of the Mediation Program of the San Antonio District Office of the U.S. Equal
Opportunity Commission: 2002.
The City of New Braunfels Community Needs Assessment Survey Results: 2000.
6. Book Reviews:
Edwin M. Coulter, Principles of Politics and Government, Wm C. Brown Publishers, 1994.
Susan Welch, John Gruhl, Michael Steinman, and John C. Conner, American Government, West
Publishing co., 1990.
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PPS 8.10 Form 1A
B. Works not in Print
1. Papers Presented at Professional Meetings:
Tajalli, Hassan. “Immigration: Challenges and Adaptive Measures.” (moderator) Annual
Conference of American Society for Public Administration 2008, Dallas, TX.
Tajalli, Hassan and Cynthia Opheim. "Predicting Latino Partisanship in the United States."
American Political Science Association, Philadelphia, PA, August-September 2006.
Shields, Patricia, Hassan Tajalli, and Thomas Castleberry. "Accreditation Institute Workshop:
Using the Capstone Course to Generate Student Outcomes." National Association of Schools of
Public Affairs and Administration, Minneapolis, MN, October 2006.
Panel Discussion. "Perspectives on Study Abroad Programs: Europe." Race, Ethnicity & Place
Conference. Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas, 2006.
Opheim, Cynthia, and Hassan Tajalli. "Harnessing Political Power: Latino Partisanship in the
U.S." Del Mar Community College, Corpus Christi, TX, 2006.
Tajalli, Hassan. "The Impact of Technology on the Performance of Public School Students."
Southwestern Political Science Association, New Orleans, March 2005.
Tajalli, Hassan, William DeSoto and Cynthia Opheim. "Have Mayors Become More
Professional?" Southwestern Political Science Association, New Orleans, March 2005.
Tajalli, Hassan. "Measuring Value in EEOC and Workplace Mediation Programs." The
American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution, Los Angeles, April 2005.
Tajalli, Hassan and Patricia Shields. "A Missing Link in Successful Student Scholarship." 2005
NASPAA Annual Conference, Washington D.C., October 2005.
“Why Employers Decline to Mediate at the EEOC: Findings from the San Antonio District
Office,” Sixth Annual Conference of the American BAR Association Section of the Dispute
Resolution, New York City, April 2004.
“Strategies for Closing the Gap: Predicting Student Performance in Economically
Disadvantaged Schools,” Annual Meeting of the Southwestern Political Science Association,
Corpus Christi, March 2004.
“Is Professionalism on the Rise Among the American Local Governments?” Annual Meeting of
the Southwestern Political Science Association, Corpus Christi, March 2004.
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PPS 8.10 Form 1A
“The Effect of Wealth Equalization on Performance of School Districts in Texas,” Annual
Meeting of the Southwestern Political Science Association, San Antonio, March 2003.
“Assessing the Effectiveness of the Mediation Program of the San Antonio District Office of the
U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission,” Annual Meeting of the Southwestern
Political Science Association, San Antonio, March 2003.
“The Buenos Aires Mediation Law: An Analysis of the First Five Years,” International
Conference of the Association for Conflict Resolution in San Diego, California, in August 2002
(co-presenters: Professor Walter Wright, Dr. Mario de Almeida, and Dra. María Alba Aiello de
Texas State University NEH Faculty Seminar Participant on Edmund Burke and Chinua Achebe,
November 1999.
“Medicaid in Texas and the Future of Health for the Indigent,” Annual Meeting of the
Southwestern Political Science Association, Corpus Christi, March 1998.
“A Comparative Analysis of Public Policy and Public Administration Education,” Annual
Meeting of the Southwestern Political Science Association, Dallas, March 1995.
“Interstate Compacts: Predicting Patterns of Cooperation,” Annual Meeting of the Southwestern
Political Science Association, San Antonio, March 1994.
“Mastering the Art of Communication is the Key to Good Public Management,” Annual Meeting
of the Southwestern Political Science Association, Austin, March 1992.
“Yes, Public Employees Can be Motivated,” Annual Meeting of the Southwestern Political
Science Association, San Antonio, March 1991.
2. Invited Talks, Lectures, and Presentations:
Harnessing Political Power: Latino Partisanship in the U.S., Del Mar Community College,
Corpus Christi, TX, 2006.
Institute of Internal Auditors Austin Texas Chapter. Tuesday, April 27, 2004.
3. Consultancies:
Austin Learning Academy is funded through federal grants. As an outside evaluator, I have been
asked to conduct an Experimental Research on their prevention program. The work involves
designing of the prevention program, evaluating the program and writing an annual report for the
Federal government.
4. Workshops:
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PPS 8.10 Form 1A
Regularly offer workshops in the CPM program.
5. Other Works not in Print:
a. Works “submitted” or “under review”
Understanding the Fear of Crimes among College Students in Ukraine. International
Review of Victimology.
Punitiveness in a Former Soviet States. East European Politics
Do Students of International Studies Programs Possess a Broader Global Perspectives
Than Other Students. Journal of Studies in International Education.
b. Works “ in progress”
Testing the existing theories of drug and alcohol use among college students.
Determinants of Self-Esteem among Low Income Adolescents.
C. Grants and Contracts
1. Funded External Grants and Contracts:
Professor Walter Wright and I received a grant from the United States Equal Employment
Opportunity Commission (EEOC) to analyze the mediation program of the San Antonio District
Office of the EEOC. $4,000
3. Funded Internal Grants and Contracts:
Professor Cynthia Opheim and I receive a Research Enhancement grant for a research on “Latino
Partisanship in the United States”
A. Institutional
Liberal Arts Faculty Advisory Council
Serving on Academic Computing Committee since 2001
Regularly conduct survey of political attitudes of students at Texas State University.
Represented the Department of Political Science on College Curriculum Committee, 2013
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PPS 8.10 Form 1A
Served on MPA recruiting committee, 2013
Served as the Senate Liaison for Department of Political Science
Served on MPA advisory committee
Member of Recruiting and Scholarship Committees
Department's Representative at Round Rock higher Education Center since 1998
Bachelor of Public Administration Advisor from 1999 to 2004
Member of MPA Advisory Committee
B. Professional:
Review manuscripts for Armed Forces and Society Journal
A member of the Editorial Board of the Armed Forces and Society Journal
Participant at the Mathematical Association of America’s Curriculum Foundation Workshop,
Richmond, Virginia, October 2007
Site Review of the Public Administration Graduate Program of the University of Texas—San
Antonio. March 2004.
Site Review of the Political Science and Masters of Public Administration programs of Texas A
& M International University. November 2001.
As a Member of the Accreditation Committee for the ‘National Certified Public Manager
Reviewed all the articles in, the International Journal of Public Administration: Symposium on
"Transitional Changes in Public Management and Economic Development: Local to Global
Perspectives." 2003.
Reviewed articles for a special CPM symposium edition of ‘Public Administration Quarterly’.
I co-authored two extensive reports with Professor Wright on the Mediation Program of the San
Antonio District Office of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission 2002 & 2003.
American Society of Public Administration
CenTex Chapter of ASPA
C. Community:
Annual Racial Profiling Reports for the City of San Marcos Police Department
Lecture at Peace Lutheran Church at Austin on November 12. “The Middle East: A look at the
history and political events from the Iranian Revolution to current events”
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PPS 8.10 Form 1A
Lecture at Philosophy Department on Arab Spring, Nov 7
Research Consultant for Austin Learning Academy (a non-profit school to help low-income
children and their families
Help local government officials with their computer and statistical needs.
Assisted Bryan's police department to set up a computerized program to analyze the city's child
Assisted Mr. Charles T. Woods, the Director of “Radio Division” in the city of Austin, to set up
a quality control program.
Assisted Mr. Al Astran to asses, analyze and recommend necessary organizational changes in the
“San Antonio River Authority”.
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