Thursday 13th July - Poetry and Politics

Thursday 13th July
10.30 – 11.45 Paper Sessions A1-A5
Session A1
Title: Whitman and his Legacy
Danny Robinson, Bloomsburg University, USA.
David K. Heckerl, Saint Mary’s University, Canada.
Rachel Harmon, University of New Mexico, USA.
Room: C1
Chair: Rory Watson, University of Stirling
The Polemics of Publishing: The Unlikely Birth of Leaves of Grass
Kateb's Whitman: Democracy, Poetry, and Human Extinction
Exclusive Spaces: Sharon Olds' and Walt Whitman's Gender Privileged Creativity
Session A2
Title: Ekphrasis
Soeren Hattesen Balle, Aalborg University, Denmark.
Anne Keefe, Rutgers University, USA.
Daniel Cross Turner, Siena College, USA.
Room: D1
Chair: Dorothy Alexander, University of Glasgow
The Politics of Genre and Medium apropos of Frank O'Hara's 'On Seeing Larry Rivers's
Washington Crossing the Delaware' (1955): Ekphrasis and Representation
'Geometry of the visible': Eavan Boland, Ekphrasis, and Ars Poetica. 'A deliberate collection of cross purposes'
Photographic Memory: Natasha Trethewey's Calculated Disarray
Session A3
Title: Poetry and Pedagogy
Anne F. Herzog, West Chester University, USA.
Julia Lisella, Regis College, USA.
Priscila Uppal, York University, Canada
Room: D3
Chair: Suzanne Gilbert, University of Stirling
What Is (and Isn't) Found There: Indifference, Boredom, and Today's U.S. High School 'Poetry Unit'
Teaching Poetry and Politics in an American University
‘Who Cares?’: Teaching Creative Writing as Political Activity to the ‘It’s all about Me’ Generation
Session A4
Title: Poetry and Soviet Politics
Tony Brinkley, University of Maine, USA
& Raina Kostova, Emory University, USA
Natalia Vid, University of Maribor, Slovenia.
Vera Shamina, Kazan State University, Russia
Session A5
Title: Constructions of ‘Poet’ (1)
Christophe Fricker, St John’s College, Oxford, UK.
Christy Scheuer, University of Illinois, USA.
Annette Pankratz, University of Passau
& University of Siegen, Germany.
Room: A7
Chair: Adrian Hunter, University of Stirling
Mandelshtam's Mastery
Political - Ideological Translations of Robert Burns' Poems in the Soviet Union
Political and Ideological Approaches to the Translation and Interpretation of British Poetry in Soviet Russia
Room: C23
Chair: Cedric Barfoot, Leiden University
The Changing Role of the Poet in Stefan George’s Late Works
'The house of the poet': Muriel Rukeyser's Poetics of Hospitality
British Poets Laureate Between Politics and Literature
1.45 – 3.00 Paper Sessions B1-B5
Session B1
Title: Césaire and Glissant
John Maerhofer, CUNY Graduate Centre, NY, USA.
Room: D3
Chair: Gemma Robinson, University of Stirling
Aimé Césaire and the Crisis of Aesthetic and Political Vanguardism
Lorna Burns, University of Glasgow, UK.
Evan Bibbee, University of Saint Thomas, USA.
A Field of Islands: Édourd Glissant’s Cross-Cultural Poetics of the Caribbean Landscape
In Search of the Next Cahier: Poetry and Politics in Martinique Today
Session B2
Title: Poetry and the Nation (1)
Diana Forman, Murdoch University, Australia.
Paul Tenngart, Lund University, Sweden.
Smita Agarwal, University of Allahabad, India.
Room: C1
Chair: Cedric Barfoot, Leiden University
The Furnace of Los: The Political Dimension of William Blake's Final Prophetic Poem,
Jerusalem, The Emanation of the Giant Albion
Rebels Without a Cause? Riots and Romantic Poetry in Post-war Sweden
India: The Nation in Verse; Pre and Post Independence Poetry in English
Session B3
Title: Problematic Identities
Sharon L. Barnes, University of Toledo, USA.
Zoe Brigley, University of Warwick, UK.
Room: A7
Chair: Sheree Mack, University of Newcastle upon-Tyne
Marvellous Arithmetics: Audre Lorde and the Political Challenge of Difference
'Every Difference is Significant': A New Feminist Poetics between Didacticism and Essentialism
Session B4
Title: Neoliberalism and Globalisation
Jeff Derksen, Simon Fraser University, Canada.
Cornelia Gräbner,
Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis, Netherlands.
Robin Purves, University of Central Lancashire, UK.
Room: D1
Chair: Franca Bellarsi, Université Libre de Bruxelles
Poetry and the Neoliberal Movement
Session B5
Title: Poetry and Commitment (1)
Kathleen Bell, De Montford University, UK.
Amy Evans, King’s College London,
University of London, UK.
Ashley Chantler, University of Chester, UK.
Room: C23
Chair: Brian Abel Ragen, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
'the force … is clearly with them': Dissent and Opposition in the Later Auden
Political Performance Poetry and the Market
Politics and Poetry in the Future Perfect Tense: On Some Recent Work by Keston Sutherland
‘Verbal Atrocity’: Warring Poetics and the Erotic in Robert Duncan and Denise Levertov
Against Tub-thumping: Zbigniew Herbert and the Extraction of Meaning
Friday 14th July
09.00-10.15 Paper Sessions C1-C5
Session C1
Title: Seventeenth-Century Politics
Andrea Brady, Brunel University, UK.
Emma Wilson, University of St Andrews, UK.
Robert Mayer, Oklahoma State University, USA.
Room: A7
Chair: Annette Pankratz, Universities of Passau and Siegen
Katherine Philips and the Politics of Friendship
Andrew Marvell and the Politics of Garden Maintenance
Politics and the Elegy: The Case of Lucy Hutchinson
Session C2
Title: South African Poetry (1)
Mary DeShazer, Wake Forest University, USA.
Room: D1
Chair: Evie Shockley, Rutgers University
Postapartheid Literacies: South African Women’s Poetry of Franchise and Reconciliation
Rishma Dunlop &
Vanessa Barnett, York University, Canada.
Session C3
Title: The State of the Union (1)
Sheryl L. Meyering,
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, USA.
Michael Rozendal, University of San Francisco, USA.
Alwin A.D. Jones, University of Virginia, USA.
Session C4
Title: Robert Lowell
Stephen James, University of Bristol, UK.
Reena Sastri, Boston University, USA.
Diederik Oostdijk, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam,
Armed With Stones and Dreams: Politics and the Child in South African Poetry
Room: D3
Chair: Scott Hames, University of Stirling
'No fetters in the Bay State': The Northern Response to Slavery
Political Execution, Poetic Coalition: Representing Sacco and Vanzetti in the Early Thirties
Poetry, a Black Political Matter: God, Race, and Gender in the Prophetics/Poetics of Saul Stacey Williams
Room: C23
Chair: Adrian Hunter, University of Stirling
Robert Lowell: The Poet and Tyrant
Agency, Relationality, and the Political in Lowell's Day by Day
Robert Lowell’s Manic Masculinity
Session C5
Title: Experimental Poetics (1): Surrealism
Room: C1
Chair: Soeren Hattesen Balle, Aalborg University
Anthony Caleshu, University of Plymouth, UK.
Bivouacked between Worlds: James Tate and the Vietnam Years
Ernesto Suárez-Toste,
Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha, Spain.
'I am not a surrealist': Elizabeth Bishop's Gentle Censorship
Gemma Robinson, University of Stirling, UK.
Snapshot of a Caribbean Intelligentsia: Surrealism and Politics in Guyana
10.15 – 11.15 Paper Sessions D1 – D5
Session D1
Title: Migrating Subjects: Exiles
Sheshalatha Reddy, University of Michigan, USA.
David Callahan, Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal.
Room: C1
Chair: Angela Smith, University of Stirling
The Form(ing) of Nation: Indian Poets, British Empire, and the 'Lyric of Exile' in the Nineteenth Century
‘There's nothing I can't find under there': Survival Strategies in the Poetry of Li-Young Lee
Session D2
Title: The Politics of L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E Poetry
Room: A7
Chair: Anthony Caleshu, University of Plymouth
Jacob Edmond, University of Otago, New Zealand.
Theory and Practice in the Politics of Language Poetry
Tatiani Rapatzikou
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.
The 'negative potential' of Bruce Andrews's Language Politics
Session D3
Title: Ecocriticisms
Marilyn J. Rose, Brock University, Canada.
Håkan Sandgren, Högskolan Kristianstad, Sweden.
Room: D3
Chair: Jenny Bann, University of Stirling
Eco-lyricism: Power and Politics in the Nature Poetry of Lorna Crozier
Ecological Politics in Swedish Poetry of the 1980s
Session D4
Title: Speech and Identity: Orality and Literature
Room: D1
Chair: Sheree Mack, University of Newcastle Upon-Tyne
Jamie A. Hughes, University of North Florida, USA.
"Hunted and penned in an inglorious spot": The Politics of Identity in the Poetry of the Harlem Renaissance
Katrien Van der Aa, University of Leuven, Belgium.
'The empire rhymes back': Oral Caribbean Poetry and its Reception in the West
Session D5
Title: Chartism
Mike Sanders, University of Manchester, UK.
Timothy Keane, National University of Ireland, Ireland.
Room: C23
Chair: Scott Hames, University of Stirling
'Rhymes of a most rubbishly description': Poetry as Politics in the Northern Star's Poetry Column
Irish Illustrations: The Conscription of Irish 'Heroes' for Chartist Poetry
11.45 – 1.00 Paper Sessions E1 – E5
Session E1
Title: Poetry and the Nation (2)
Steven Matthews, Oxford Brookes University, UK.
Ben van Humbeeck,
Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium.
Stef Craps, Ghent University, Belgium.
Room: C23
Chair: Brian Abel Ragen, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
T.S. Eliot and the Politics of Allusion
Session E2
Title: Blues Lyrics
Harriet Davidson, Rutgers University, USA.
Glenn Sheldon, University of Toledo, USA.
Jihee Han, Yonsei University, South Korea.
Room: D1
Chair: Bent Soerensen, Aalborg University
'New words in their mouths': Langston Hughes's Weary Blues and Polemical Ballads
Two Blues Poems: Thomas McGrath’s Poetry of American Politics
Modern Bardic Aesthetics in Langston Hughes' Weary Blues and Kyong-Nim Shin's Love Song for Poor
Session E3
Title: Poetry and Political Spaces
Jules Boykoff, Pacific University, USA
Zoë Skoulding, University of Wales, Bangor, UK.
Kevin McGuirk, University of Waterloo, Canada.
Room: D3
Chair: Rory Watson, University of Stirling
Poems in the Streets: Poetry, Dissent, and the Politicization of Public Space in the United States
Underground: Owning and Disowning Urban Space in the Poetry of Alice Notley
Cornell '69 and the Ammons Poetic
Nation Building in Flanders (1980-94)
Beyond Recovery: Witnessing, Ethics and Nationhood in the Poetry of Eavan Boland
Session E4
Title: The Politics of the Sacred and Prophetic
Room: A7
Chair: Sheryl Meyering, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Robin Waugh, Wilfred Laurier University, Canada
The Debate in Cynewulf’s Elene: Politics, the Law, and the Individual
Allen C. Jones, University of New Mexico, USA.
Robinson Jeffers and the Call to Action: An Ecocritical Treatment of Jeffers' Transhuman Sublime
Lisa Katz, Hebrew University, Israel.
Who Loves Jerusalem? Unlawful Politics in Contemporary Israeli Poetry
Session E5
Title: Revisions, Re-visions and Justice
Barbara J. McGrath, College of the Southwest, USA.
Room: C1
Chair: Rose Lucas, Monash University
Political Animals in the Landscape of the Revisionist Poem: Eavan Boland's 'War
Horse' and Adrienne Rich's 'Fox-Vixen'
Mary Lynn Broe, Rochester Institute of Technology, USA.
Miriam Marty Clark, Auburn University, USA.
Beyond 'verbal privilege': Negotiating the Transformative Politics in Adrienne Rich's poetry
Bodily Pain and the Jurisdiction of Justice in Contemporary American Poetry
(Adrienne Rich and Jean Valentine)
2.15 – 3.15 Paper Sessions F1-F5
Session F1
Title: Poetry and Disability
David J. Connor, Hunter College – CUNY, USA.
Beth A. Ferri, Syracuse University, USA.
Room: D1
Chair: Dale Townshend, University of Stirling
'I feel like there's something wrong with me': New York City Youth Labelled
Learning Disabled 'talk back' through Poetry
'Pimp' or 'Gimp': Explorations of Race and Disability in Lynn Manning's Weights
Session F2
Title: Poetry and the ‘Everyday’
Victoria Bazin, Northumbria University, UK.
Dámaso López García,
Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain.
Room: D3
Chair: Lyn Barzilai, Oranim College, Haifa
'I've spent my life in nothing': Lorine Niedecker and the Politics of Everyday Life
Session F3
Title: Political Landscapes: Canada
Franca Bellarsi, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium.
Steve Cloutier, St Mary’s University, Canada.
Room: C1
Chair: Christine Wiesenthal, University of Alberta
Remapping the Political Landscape of the Canadian West: Walter
Hildebrandt’s Brooks: Coming Home and Where the Land Gets Broken
'Soon whores will be obvious at corners': Raymond Souster and the City
Session F5
Title: ‘Deleuzean’ Poetics
Sarah Posman, University of Ghent, Belgium.
Erik Bordeleau, University of Montreal, Canada.
Room: A7
Chair: John Drakakis, University of Stirling
Gilles Deleuze meets 'Patriarchal Poetry'
China and the line: A study of the Chinese Reference in Thousand Plateaus
Philip Larkin: The Politics of Lifestyles
3.15 – 4.30 Poetry Sessions G1 – G5
Session G1
Room: D1
Joe Gouveia (USA)
Rose Lucas (Australia)
Roderick Watson (UK)
Chair: Susan Azar Porterfield
Session G2
Room: D3
Mark Yakich (USA)
Alan Soldofsky (USA)
Tony Brinkley & Raina Kostova (USA)
Chair: Sue Walker
Session G3
Room: A7
Sandra Simonds (USA)
Amy Evans (UK)
Ann Fisher-Wirth (USA)
Chair: Yvonne Murphy
Session G4
Room: C1
Helen Farish (UK)
Robert Gibbons (USA)
Bron Bateman (Australia)
Chair: Camelia Elias
Session G5
Room: C23
Andy Weaver (Canada)
Cedric Barfoot (Netherlands)
Jason Guriel (Canada)
Chair: Christopher Doda
Saturday 15th July
09.00 – 10.15 Paper Sessions H1 – H5
Session H1
Title: Poetry and Commitment (2)
Gaston Franssen, University of Utrecht, Netherlands.
Ben Bollig, University of Westminster, UK.
Anne Decelle, Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium.
Room: D1
Chair: David Miller, John Cabot University, Rome
The Politics of Muteness: Silence and Political Commitment in Modern Poetry
Resistance and Cynicism: The committed Poet in Twentieth-century Argentine Verse
Stefan Hertmans and the (Im)Possibility of Committed Writing
Session H2
Title: Of War and Canons
Jean Mills, Hunter College, USA.
Jaime Weida,
Borough of Manhattan Community College, USA.
Cori L. Gabbard, CUNY Graduate Center, USA.
Room: C23
Chair: Grahame Smith, University of Stirling
The Radical Wasteland: Hope Mirrlees’ Paris: A Poem
Fear in a handful of dust: Unreal Cities and Hollow Men in Eliot's The Waste Land
Session H3
Title: Poetry and the Nation (3)
Pierre Carboni, University of Nantes, France.
Room: C1
Chair: Annette Pankratz, University of Passau
James Thomson's 'Doric reed': The Scottish Poet and the Politics of the Pastoral
in Augustan Britain after the Union
Fanfares for Elizabeth: Poetry and the Coronation (1953)
Versions of the Earth
Katherine Firth, Oxford Brookes University, UK
Vincent Dussol, Université de Montpellier III, France.
His Sword Rang in England's Head: Canonicity, Nationalism, and David Jones' In Parenthesis
Session H4
Title: Boundaries, Form and Tradition
Peter Howarth, University of Nottingham, UK.
Ali Fuat Bilkan,
Economics and Technology University, Turkey.
Joel Johnson, Augusta College, USA.
Room: A7
Chair: Sergi Mainer, University of Stirling
Artificial Boundaries: Poetry and Politics in Sally Potter's Yes
The contribution of Indian thought to Persian poetry: Sebk-I Hindi
(Indian-style poetic movement in Iran and Turkey)
Oppressive Rhyming: Orwell on Totalitarian Poetry and Politics
Session H5
Title: Constructions of ‘Poet’ (2)
C.C. Barfoot, University of Leiden, Netherlands.
Kevin A. Morrison, Rice University, USA.
Simon Kress, Emory University, USA.
Room: D3
Chair: Dale Townshend, University of Stirling
The Politics of Keats’ Odes
Thomas Hardy at a Time of War
Politics and Poetic Self-Fashioning in Seamus Heaney’s North
10.15 – 11.30 Paper Sessions I1 – I5
Sessions I1
Title: Narrating Women
Fabienne Moine, University of Paris Nanterre, France.
Paula Guimarães, Minho University, Portugal.
Rose Lucas, Monash University, Australia.
Room: D3
Chair: Patricia Tabarés Pérez, University of Valladolid
Cryptic Poems by Victorian Female Poets: The Power of Withholding Secrets
The Political Dimension of the Poetry Written by the Brontes: Dramatizing the Constructions of Class, Nation,
Religion and Gender
Poetry in the Cut: Harvests of Loss and Consolation in Two Poems by Jane Kenyon
Sessions I2
Title: Dub Poetry
Bartosz Wojcik, UMCS Lublin, Poland.
David Bousquet, Université Marc Bloch, France.
Room: D1
Chair: Angela Smith, University of Stirling
Exposing the Great Baton's Underbelly
Dub Poetry: From Political Message to a Politics of Identity
Sessions I3
Title: Early Modern Politics
Elena Dominguez, University of Huelva, Spain
Room: A7
Chair: Stephen Penn, University of Stirling
Added Responses to Religious and Political Changes in the Spanish Diana and the English Helicon.
An Alternative.
Writing International Protestantism: Politics and Psalmic Verse in Elizabethan England
Jenna Lay, Stanford University, USA.
Session I4
Title: Politics and Form
Billy Clem, Waubonse Community College
/ Northern Illinois University, USA.
Dana Salvador, University of New Mexico, USA.
Ursula McTaggart, Indiana University, USA.
Room: C23
Chair: Marilyn Rose, Brock University
'for every drop of blood': War, the villanelle, and Three U.S. English-language Poets
The Feminization of Form
Making the Political Personal: Holocaust History, Contemporary Politics and Personal Narrative in Irena
Klepfisz's Poetry
Session I5
Title: Selfhood and Otherness
Lyn Barzilai, University of Haifa, Israel.
Chloe Li, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.
Anjali Nerlekar, University of Kansas, USA.
Room: C1
Chair: Grahame Smith, University of Stirling
Exiled by Language: The Song of the Other in Margaret Atwood's Poetry
R.S. Thomas and the Politics of (Mis)Recognition
Dabydeen's 'Slave Song' and the Poetry of Translated Selves
12.00 – 1.15 Paper Sessions J1 – J5
Session J1
Title: Women and Embodiment
Helen Farish, Sheffield Hallam University, UK.
Yvonne Murphy, Empire State College, USA.
Victoria F. Harris, Illinois State University, USA.
Room: C1
Chair: Jessica Dyson, University of Stirling
'The terrible pressure of their contact': Political Daughters and Guilty Mothers in the Prose and Poetry of
Adrienne Rich and Sharon Olds
Body Politics: Representations of the Female Body by Contemporary Women Poets
The Embodied Word: Adrienne Rich's Politics and Poetics
Session J2
Title: Migrating Subjects (2)
Aaron Abbarno, University of Pittsburgh, USA.
Stéphane Robolin, Rutgers University, USA.
Andreia Sarabando, University of Aveiro, Portugal.
Room: D1
Chair: John Drakakis, University of Stirling
Transplantation Literature: 'Imagining' Pan-African Nationalism in Italy
Keorapetse Kgositsile in the African Diaspora
‘Elsewhere’ in the Poetry of John Mateer
Session J3
Title: Creation and Crisis
Yves-Marie Bouillon,
Université de Bretagne Occidentale, Brest, France.
Ann K. Hoff,
University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA.
Rich Murphy, Emmanuel College, USA.
Room: C23
Poetry and Mass Murder
Session J4
Title: Public and Private Myths
Marlene K. Sokolon, Concordia University, Canada.
Kate Faber Oestreich, The Ohio State University, USA.
Rajbir, RKSD College, Kaithal, India.
Room: A7
Chair: Robin Sowerby, University of Stirling
The Iliad: A Song of Protest
The Sexual Politics of John Keats's 'The Eve of St Agnes'
Interplay of Patriarchy and Symbolism: A Reading of Ted Hughes' Gaudete
Session J5
Title: Experimental Poetics (2)
Kerry Doyle, York University, Canada.
Alan Soldofsky, San Jose State University, USA.
Dorothy Alexander, University of Glasgow, UK.
Room: D3
Chair: Nick Selby, University of Glasgow
Poetry and the Politics of Naming: The Avant-garde Lyric Divide
'Just when I thought I couldn't stand it': Embedded political vision in the poetry of Elizabeth Bishop
Out of the Cage: the Use of Experimental Poetics to Tell a Different Story
2.30 – 3.45 Paper Sessions K1 – K5
Chair: Sergi Mainer, University of Stirling
'Over the top': Millay's Anti-fascist Poetry and the Demise of her Career
McLuhan’s Warning, Frye’s Strategy, Emerson’s Dream
Session K1
Title: Spectres of War
Jan Mieszkowski, Reed College, USA.
Jacques Coulardeau, Université Paris-Dauphine, France.
Jason Wiens, University of Calgary, Canada.
Room: C23
Chair: John Drakakis, University of Stirling
Poetic Spectacles of War
Poetry's Commitment Against War
Poetry and Political Dissent after September 11, 2001
Session K2
Title: Powerful Women
Melanie Waters, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.
Room: D1
Chair: Christine Wiesenthal, University of Alberta
'I'm always the victim … but no longer!' Politics, Power and (Post)Feminism in the Poetic Praxis
of Anne Sexton
Remote from History? Anne Sexton and Politics
Words as Weapons: The Power of Eroticism in the Poetry of Adrienne Rich,
Marilyn Hacker, and Susan Mitchell
Joanna Gill, Bath Spa University, UK.
Andrea W. Leavey, University of Texas at Dallas, USA.
Session K3
Title: Music and Protest
Joe Gouveia, Cape Cod Community College, USA.
Ciaran Wrenn, University of Stirling, UK.
Rachel Plasch, Northeastern University, USA.
Room: C1
Chair: Bent Soerensen, Aalborg University
The American Protest Song: From Whitman to a New Millenium
'Look away, you rolling river': Re-interpreting the Protest Song
The Rock Concert and Track-two Diplomacy: A Case Study of U2
Session K4
Title: Political Forms
Matthew Potolsky, University of Utah, USA.
David Ten Eyck, Université de Nancy 2, France.
Tommi Kotonen, University of Jyväskylä, Finland.
Room: A7
Chair: Nick Selby, University of Glasgow
Aestheticism and Politics
Poetry and Fascism: the Political Subtext of Ezra Pound's John Adams and Pisan Cantos
Poetics and Politics of Open-form in Charles Olson's Maximus Poems
Session K5
Title: Irish Poetry: Nationalism and Conscience
Room: D3
Chair: Alasdair Macrae, University of Stirling
Maud Hilaire Schenker,
University Paris III La Sorbonne Nouvelle, France. Possible Interactions between Politic and Poetry in Yeats' Work
Catriona Clutterbuck, University College Dublin, Ireland.
Religious Politics and the Idea of Good Faith in Irish Poetry of the 1930s and 1990s: the Work of Austin
Clarke and Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin
Brenda Carr Vellino, Carleton University, Canada.
'Their embassies were everywhere': Amnesty International and Seamus Heaney's Ambassadors of Conscience
3.45 – 5.00 Poetry Sessions L1 – L5
Session L1
Room: C1
Christopher Doda (Canada)
Evie Shockley (USA)
Chair: Ann Fisher-Wirth
Rishma Dunlop (Canada)
Session L2
Room: C23
Louis Cabri (Canada)
Priscila Uppal (Canada)
Zoe Skoulding (UK)
Chair: Sandra Simmonds
Session L3
Room: D3
Julia Lisella (USA)
Smita Agarwal (India)
Mary Lynn Broe (USA)
Chair: Joe Gouveia
Session L4
Room: A7
Jordana Ashman Long (USA)
Rachel Tzvia Back (Israel)
Zoe Brigley (UK)
Chair: Rose Lucas
Session L5
Room: D1
John McAuliffe (Ireland)
Sue Walker (USA)
Chair: Alan Soldofsky
Sunday 16th July
09.00 – 10.15 Paper Sessions M1 – M5
Session M1
Title: The Politics of the Poetry Anthology
Room: D3
Chair: Marilyn Rose, Brock University
Abbie Garrington, University of Edinburgh, UK.
The Rhymes They Are A-changin': Two Attempts to Anthologise Socialist Verse
Ann Vickery, Monash University, Australia.
The Problem of Being Root-bound: Analysing the Publication and Aftermath of Australia's First Anthology of
Women's Poetry
Jason Guriel, York University, Canada.
The News from Poems: Partisan Politics in Poetry (Chicago)
Session M2
Title: South African Poetry (2)
Andrew Foley, University of Witwatersrand, South Africa.
Susan Spearey, Brock University, Canada.
Kontein Trinya, Rivers State College of Education, Nigeria.
Room: D1
Chair: Andreia Sarabando, University of Aveiro
Poetry and Liberty: South African Poetry against Apartheid in Retrospect
“Living with a disappointment/ still not without cure:” HIV/AIDS, Denialism and the “post”-Apartheid Body
Politic in the Poetry of Jeremy Cronin
Musical Paradigms for Social Conflicts in the Poetry of Dennis Brutus
Session M3
Title: Activisms
Ann Volin, The University of Kansas, USA.
Evie Shockley, Rutgers University, USA.
Camelia Elias, Aalborg University, Denmark.
Room: C1
Chair: Marilyn Michaud, University of Stirling
The Cutting Edge: Poetry and the Development of Three Civil Rights Leaders
Language, Politics, Poetry, and Race: Reading Renee Gladman's The Activist.
Dogs and Daggers: The Aesthetics of Political Community in Lyn Emanuel's Prose Poems
Session M4
Title: Irish Poetry: Relics and Artefacts
John McAuliffe, University of Manchester, UK.
Jordana Ashman Long, Independent Scholar, USA.
Angela Teatino, University of Bari, Italy.
Room: C23
Chair: Alasdair Macrae, University of Stirling
Curating the Future: Yeats and the Politics of Museums
Saints Preserved: Mysticism, Myth and History in Seamus Heaney's Bog Poems
Yin twa maghogani gazpaighp boke! The awful gub began to roar and bawl, for gibberish was all he ever
spoke': Translating Classics for Ireland
Session M5
Title: Victorian Women
Gemma Palmer, De Montfort University, UK.
Annabel Rutherford, York University, Canada.
Room: A7
Chair: Fabienne Moine, University of Paris Nanterre
'Song-birds left voiceless': Augusta Webster's Poetics of the 'Redundant Women' and Suffrage Debates.
The Curious Case of Mary Furley
11.45-1.00 Paper Sessions N1 – N5
Session N1
Title: Problematic Readings
Andy Weaver, University of Alberta, Canada.
Nick Selby, University of Glasgow, UK.
Louis Cabri, University of Windsor, Canada.
Session N2
Title: From Songwriting to Blogging
Martin Butler, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany.
Bent Sørensen, University of Aalborg, Denmark.
John R. Woznicki, Georgian Court University, USA.
Session N3
Title: Committed Poets
David Miller, John Cabot University, Rome, Italy.
Christine Wiesenthal, University of Alberta, Canada.
Sheree Mack, University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK.
Room: D1
Chair: Dorothy Alexander, University of Glasgow
To Speak a Silence: John Cage's 'Writing for the Second Time through Finnegan's Wake' as an
Act of Political Anarchy
Too Close for Comfort: Lyric and the Politics of Close-reading in John Wilkinson
O’Hara’s Mayakovsky
Room: C1
Chair: Suzanne Gilbert, University of Stirling
(De-)Constructing the 'Sunkist' State: Memories of California as Political Subversion in Woody Guthrie's
Dust Bowl Songs
Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, and Joni Mitchell's Post-AIDS lyrics: Canadian Cultural Critiques?
Baraka, Blogging, and 'blowing it up': Death of the Poet and Birth of the Front Man in Contemporary Political
Poetry and Discourse
Room: D3
Chair: Marilyn Rose, Brock University
'Your slighted weakness': Irony, Commitment and Estrangement in the Later Lyrics of Thomas Hardy
The Craft of Memory: Cultural Politics in the Wake of Pat Lowther's Death
'Speaking in Tongues': Black British Women Writers
Session N4
Title: The State of the Union (2): Civil Rights
Room: C23
Chair: Sheryl Meyering, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
Vivian M. May, Syracuse University, USA.
Maids Mild and Dark villains, Sweet Magnolias and Seeping Blood: Gwendolyn Brooks' Poetic Response to
the lynching of Emmett Till
Rachel Carroll, University of Teesside, UK.
The Violent Space: Poetry, Black Power and African American Masculinity in the 'Prison Poetry'
of Etheridge Knight
Session N5
Title: Polyglot Subjects
John Sears, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.
Sara H. D'Orazio, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK.
Lucy Van, University of Melbourne, Australia.
Room: A7
Chair: Stephen Penn, University of Stirling
‘Learning how to speak’: Poetry and Politics in George Szirtes' Bridge Passages.
Beyond the Boundaries of a Nation: Political Implications of Multilingual Intertextuality in Geoffrey Hill’s
The Orchards of Syon.
'Dalawa ang bibig': Reading the Bilingual poem
2.15 – 3.30 Paper Sessions O1 – O4
Session O1
Title: A Coldwar Context
James Womack, Wadham College, Oxford, UK.
Helen Goethals, University of Lyon 2, France.
Room: C23
Chair: Franca Bellarsi, Université Libre de Bruxelles
‘Jasieńek’ to ‘Johnny’: W.H. Auden as Translator of Mickiewicz
Poetry in a Cold Climate: A Political Reading of E.J. Pratt's Towards the Last Spike (1952)
Session O2
Title: Poetry of Witness
Lorin Schwarz, York University, Canada.
Maria Stoianova, Lancaster University, UK
Mark Yakich, Central Michigan University, USA.
Room: D1
Chair: Lyn Barzilai, Oranim College, Haifa
We Were Such a Good Idea: Travel in Israel and the Poetry of Yehuda Amichai
Why the Poem?: Singularity Bearing Witness to ‘being-in-the-world’ Poetically
Beyond the Poetry of Witness
Session O3
Title: Political Wits
Susan Lewis,
Centre for Manx Studies, University of Liverpool, UK.
Cécile Marshall, University of Bordeaux, France.
Brian Abel Ragen,
Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, USA
Session O4
Title: Playing with Genre
Rebecca Gordon, University of Aberdeen, UK.
Patricia Tabarés Pérez, University of Valladolid, Spain.
Room: C1
Chair: Cedric Barfoot, Leiden University
'To deter, if not to reform': The Continuing Relationship between Poetry and Politics in the Isle of Man
Tony Harrison: Political Poet or Ironical Aesthete?
'As Wulfstan said on another occasion': The Political Poems of Richard Wilbur
Room: D3
Chair: Suzanne Gilbert, University of Stirling
Communist Fairy Tales: Manipulation of Genre Fiction in the Poetic Works of W.H. Auden in the 1930s
Carol Ann Duffy's Transgression of the Tradition: The Dramatic Monologue's (Sub)Version of a New
(Re)Generation Poet
3.30 – 4.30 Poetry Sessions P1 – P4
Session P1
Room: C1
Jeff Derksen (Canada)
Jules Boykoff (USA)
Chair: Evie Shockley
Session P2
Room: C23
Cori Gabbard (USA)
Lyn Barzilai (Israel)
Chair: Louis Cabri
Session P3
Room: D1
Erin E. Smith (USA)
Yvonne C. Murphy (USA)
Chair: Mary Lynn Broe
Session P4
Room: D3
Susan Azar Porterfield (USA)
Dorothy Alexander (UK)
Chair: Priscila Uppal
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