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Geiger Vitae 2007
Wendy L. Geiger, PhD
Associate Professor
University of Central Missouri
[email protected]
May 2003
Ph.D. in Communication Studies
University of Kansas, Lawrence KS
Concentration: Intergroup/Interpersonal Communication
Quantitative Research Methods
August 1993
M.A. in Communication
Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti MI
May 1991
B.A. in Speech Communication
Muskingum College, New Concord OH
Spring 2008Present
Associate Dean of the Graduate School
University of Central Missouri, Warrensburg, MO
Spring 2006Present
Associate Professor, Department of Communication
University of Central Missouri, Warrensburg MO
Spring 2005Summer 2008
Grad. Coordinator, Department of Communication
Central Missouri State University, Warrensburg MO
Fall 2000Spring 2006
Assistant Professor, Department of Communication
Central Missouri State University, Warrensburg MO
Fall 1995Spring 2000
Graduate T. A., Communication Studies
University of Kansas, Lawrence KS
Fall 1995Spring 1996
Adjunct, Department of Communication
Johnson County Community College, Overland Park KS
Fall 1994Spring 1995
Instructor, Division of Language and Literature
Truman State University, Kirksville MO
Fall 1993Spring 1994
Instructor, Department of Communication/Theatre
Muskingum College, New Concord OH
Fall 1992Spring 1993
Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of
Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti MI
Geiger Vitae 2007
Course Number/Course Title
COMM 1000:
COMM 2100:
COMM 2110:
COMM 2130:
COMM 3320:
COMM 3000:
IGEN 3232:
Public Speaking
Introduction to Communication Theory
Introduction to Communication Theory Lab
Foundations of Rhetorical Theory
Audience Adaptation
Interpersonal Communication
Media Literacy
COMM 4320: Persuasion
COMM 4330: Theories of Interpersonal Communication
COMM 4295: Internship
COMM 4290: Communication and Ethics
THEA 4200: Teaching Theatre and Persuasion for Social Change
Introduction to Graduate Studies
Communication and Ethics
Communication and Aging
Research Tools (SPSS)
Survey Research and Methodology
Research Problems
Woods, Shirley. (2003). The effects of Blackboard on communication.
McNair Research.
Clawson, Rod. (2005-2006). The effects of mass media on students
understanding of history. Honors College project.
Evans, Jim. (2006). Weaver’s Phaedras as a lens to find the selfish lover: An
analysis of rhetoric supporting the 2004 Marriage Protection amendment.
Perkins, Matthew. (2006). Social depiction of Indian women in popular literature
before and after economic liberation in India.
Geiger Vitae 2007
Thompson, Melissa. (2006). Agenda setting and framing: How politically slanted
media affect the public.
Juarez-Palamo, Cecilia (2005). The role of Mexican independent print media in
promoting participatory citizenship.
Cousins, Deena. (2004). Communication and assessment at Central Missouri
State University.
Gross, Lena. (2004). E-mail: Its effect on relational maintenance and communication
Allee, Julie. (2002). Gender based experience of women in high school speech and
In Progress
Sevart, Matthew. (2004-present). Agenda-setting and religious news programming:
What is the effect of religious news programming on viewers?
Anderson, Kristen. (2006-present). The effectiveness of inoculation and speaker
credibility in consumer persuasion contexts.
Hoel, Heather. (2006-present). [working title] Impact of media literacy on political
Morehead, Lindsey. (2007-present) [working title] Rupert Murdoch and editorial
impact of the Wall Street Journal.
*Denotes I was primarily responsible for the methodology and results sections of the
thesis as I aided the student in analyzing statistical results.
Reagan, Wendy. (Spring 2008). Only children and parental communication quality:
An examination of Palan’s parent child communication quality scale.
Butler, Cherryh. (Fall 2007). Newspaper design for the Spanish speaking in
the United States.
*Mistle, Emily. (Fall 2007). Family communication between college student
and parents.
*Christianson, Cara. (Fall 2006). Internship: Communication audit of government
human resources program.
*Napoloeone, Tara. (Summer 2006). Understanding the level’s of heteronormativity
on a Midwestern campus.
Chopra, Astha. (Fall 2005). Reporters and confidential sources: A burning issue or
an issue on the back burner.
Geiger Vitae 2007
Doubledee, Steve. (Summer 2005). The inversion of ecological imperialism.
Crook, Susan. (Fall 2004). Exploring communication patterns in marriage
relationships: Attribution and the D-I-S-C personality profile assessment.
*Dana Hale (Summer 2004). The impact of the FFA public speaking academy on FFA
members success in competition speaking.
*Howell, Jaime. (Summer 2004). Time orientation and perceived communication
competence among Welsh students.
Clements, Steve. (Spring 2004). A metaphysic of form: Extending Burke’s theory of
*Hecklinski, Tiffany. (Summer 2003). Persuasion the athletic recruiting process: An
examination of influence issues in Division II football.
*Kuttenkuler, Scott. (Summer 2003). Expectations for the introductory public
speaking course: A comparative examination of teacher expected outcomes
and student pre-instructional expectations.
Adams, Christine. (Spring 2003). Women and politics: Deleta Williams and the local
Khrisanasamy, Adrian. (Fall 2002). The Out magazine: A study of gay male body
image and its effects on the gay male community.
*Hecklinski, Tiffany. (Fall 2002). Persuasion in the athletic recruiting process: An
examination of influence issues in Division II football.
*Bradley, Cara. (Summer 2002). African American students' perceptions of studentfaculty interaction at Georgia State University.
Schneoblen, Jim. (Summer 2002). Will and Grace: An exploration of gaymale body
Cheng, Luo-Hwa. (Spring 2007). The rise of cable in Taiwan.
Price, E. (Spring 2007). Effectiveness of electronic communication tools at Sprint
Price, E. (Spring 2007). Information delivery at Sprint Nextel.
Taneda, Maiko. (Fall 2006). Ethical problems in mass media: Comparison of
American and Japanese media coverage.
Espinosa, Kenia, (Fall 2006). The functional approach to persuasion: Application of
the symbolic functional approach to marketing to the Hispanic population in
Geiger Vitae 2007
the United States.
Gitau, Catherine. (Fall 2006). Consumer behavior and the cognitive dissonance
Leon, Monica. (Fall 2005). Metrosexuality: Marketing campaign or cultural change?
Cesar, Katherine. (Summer 2005). The dominant coalition and minority-owned
media: The struggle for information control.
Chen, Hui-Chen. (Summer 2005). Instant messenger and communication
accommodation theory: A case study.
Cole, Ebony. (Fall 2004). Cultivation theory.
Huang, Sheng Ming. (Spring 2004). Can the feature of interactivity of the Internet
build web based brand equity for the online user?
Su, Tyng-Yn. (Fall 2003). A comparative analysis of advertising and public relations
in brand building.
Lin, Po Chin. (Fall, 2003). The relationship between the Internet usage and literacy
rates: Comparison between developed and developing countries.
In Progress
Paolello, Angelina. (2007-present). Impact of rebuttal analogies on the credibility of
the speakers using them in public policy debate.
Tomlinson, Tyler. (2005–present). The Charlotte project: A new twist on an
election coverage strategy and how it can help today’s media society.
Journal Articles and Scholarly Publications
Geiger, W. L., Harwood, J., & Hummert, M. L. (2006). College students' multiple
stereotypes of lesbians. Journal of Homosexuality, 51(3), 165-182.
Geiger, W. L., & Offerdahl, H. E. (2006). Being human and gay/lesbian: A
comparative perspective of Canadian and U.S. political discourse. Journal of
the Institute of Justice and International Studies, 6, 139-156.
Cunconan, T. M., & Geiger, W. L. (2006). Missouri State Fair – Let the Fun Shine:
Patron Survey 2006. Published and disseminated to Missouri State Fair
Foundation Members and Corporate Sponsors.
Cunconan, T. M., & Geiger, W. L. (2005). Missouri State Fair –Give it a Whirl: Patron
Survey 2005. Published and disseminated to Missouri State Fair Foundation
Members and Corporate Sponsors.
Cox, E. S., Cunconan, T. M., Geiger, W. L., & Hale D. C. (April 2005). A public
Geiger Vitae 2007
speaking academy for the Missouri FFA association.
Cunconan, T. M., & Geiger, W. L. (2004). Missouri State Fair - Now That’s Fun:
Patron Survey 2004. Published and disseminated to Missouri State Fair
Foundation Members and Corporate Sponsors.
Geiger, W. L., Bruning, J., & Harwood, J. (2001). Talk about TV: Television viewers’
interpersonal communication about programming. Communication Reports,
14(1), 49-58.
Conference Presentations
Geiger, W. L., & Cox, E. S. (2008, February). Assessing perceived learning, personal
growth, and civic-mindedness in graduate students participating in a service
learning project. 3rd Annual Conference of Applied Learning in Higher
Education. St. Joseph, MO.
Geiger, W. L. (2008, February). The silent epidemic: Journalistic self-censorship in
the United States. The Balance of Terrorism and Civil Liberties Conference.
Warrensburg, MO.
Cox, E. S., & Geiger, W. L. (2007, November). Communicating common ground: A
service learning project between a graduate survey methods course and a
rural middle/high school in the area of hateful/hurtful speech. National
Communication Association Annual Conference. Chicago, IL.
Geiger, W. L. (2007, February). The Iraqi high tribunal engaging in miscarriages of
justice, who would know?: United States media coverage of the Iraqi high
tribunal. Miscarriages of Justice Conference. Warrensburg, MO.
Geiger, W. L., & Napoleone, T. (2006, November). Combating heteronormativity in
the classroom. National Gay and Lesbian Task Force: Creating Change
Conference. Kansas City, MO.
Geiger, W. L. (2006, February). Being human and gay/lesbian: A comparative
perspective of Canadian and U.S. political discourse. Canadian-United States
Justice Issues: Cross-Border & Global Contexts Conference. Warrensburg,
Cunconan, T. M., & Geiger, W. L. (April, 2005). At the heart of professional
communication: Serving the community as communication consultants.
Presented Peer Reviewed Paper, Central States Communication Association,
Kansas City, MO.
Geiger, W. L., & Cunconan, T. M. (April, 2005). At the heart of professional
communication: Assessing the perceptions of the organizational
communication major by Kansas City employers. Peer Reviewed Paper,
Panel Session. Presented at Central States Communication Association,
Kansas City, MO.
Geiger, W. L. (March, 2004). Testing the effect of target sexual orientation and
gender trait type on anticipated communication during an initial interaction.
Geiger Vitae 2007
Presented at Central Missouri State University Scholars Symposium.
Geiger, W. L. (February, 1999). Stereotypes of lesbian and levels of homophobia
regarding gay men and lesbians. Accepted Peer Reviewed Paper, Poster
Session. National Communication Association.
Geiger, W. L. (April, 1994). An evaluation of a corporation orientation videotape in
respect to its ethical responsibility. Presented paper, Michigan Speech
Communication Association.
Other Scholarly Activities
Sponsored service learning project: Communicating Common Ground Consortium
(sponsored by NCA). Partnered with Dr. Sam Cox and Lone Jack Middle
School Social Studies class to study hurtful speech in the middle school.
Editorial Review Board (2007-present). Journal of the Speech and Theatre
Association of Missouri.
Editorial Review Board (2006-present). International Journal of Listening.
Editorial Review Board (2004). McNair Scholars at Central Missouri State
University, Warrensburg, MO.
FFA, Public Speaking Academy
Warrensburg, MO
Missouri State Fair/Callis and Associates
Sedalia, MO
Spring 1999
Statistics Consultant for Fred Pryor Seminars,
Kansas City.
University of Central Missouri, University Committees:
University Research Council Fall 2007-Spring 2008
SPRC (Faculty at Large Representative), Summer 2007-Spring 2008
Central Scholars Symposium, Poster Judge, Spring 2007
Community Engagement Search Committee, Spring 2007
Student Life: First Year Experience, Diversity subcommittee, Fall 2006
Faculty Senate, elected to Executive Council, April 2005 – 2007
SPRC Task Force: Where will we be in 5 Years, Fall 2006
Faculty Senate, elected faculty senator, April 2004 – April 2008
Enrollment Management Team (EMT), 2004 – 2006
Central Scholars Symposium, Steering Committee, Spring 2005
Central Missouri State University Summer Faculty Fellows—Presenter Summer
2001, 2002
Geiger Vitae 2007
University of Central Missouri, College Committees:
Scholarship Awards Committee—Spring 2008
Liberal Studies Major Committee—Spring 2008
Dean Search Committee, May 2003 – November 2003
University of Central Missouri, Departmental Committees:
Graduate Coordinator, (Spring 2005 – present). Responsibilities include all
administrative and advising related to any graduate student in the program.
Curriculum Unification Committee, (Fall 2000 – Fall 2003). A special
committee to create, develop, implement, and assess a 10 hour core set of
courses that all majors in the department of communication are required to
Speech Communication, B.S. curriculum and assessment committees, (Fall
1999 – Present). We were responsible for creating and maintaining
Speech Communication scholarship committee (Fall 2003 – present). We are
responsible for critiquing scholarship applications and making
recommendations for allocation of scholarship funds.
Chair of department-wide curriculum committee (Fall 2003 – Fall 2004).
Responsible for setting agenda relating to any curriculum issue that arises,
including filling out the appropriate paperwork to fix any problems in the
catalog, introducing new courses, revising courses, etc.
Graduate committee (Spring 2003 – present). This committee oversees all
issues relating to the MA program.
University of Central Missouri, Miscellaneous Service
Steering committee for Beyond Words 2008
Steering committee for the International Justice Institute, Spring 2007-present
Faculty Advisor and/or Participant, Vagina Monologues production, 2004-2007
Faculty Advisor, Queers and Allies Student Organization, 2005-present
Guest Speaker in the following courses/offices:
o Sociology: Populations at Risk
o Women Studies: Race, Class, Gender
o Political Science: Model UN
o Education: World Diversity and America
o Fraternity and Sorority Council
o Office of Community Engagement
American Communication Association (2000 – present)
International Communication Association (2003 – present)
Central States Communication Association (2005 – present)
Speech and Theatre Association of Missouri (2005 – present)
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