HeavensGate 2: Island of the Undead Legion
Official Walk-Through
Brad W. Bartram
Character Type:
Type: Fighting Class (Fighter / Paladin / Barbarian / Fighter Combo Etc…)
* Weapon progression and armor are designed to progress around the fighter class or fighter / combo.
Game Appeal:
This is a game designed around storyline, exploration, questing, puzzle solving and progression in order to
reach the end goal. It is also designed to challenge your creative thinking when dealing with the multitude of
puzzles and or fights, which you will need to solve in order to reach the end game. For those that take
realism too seriously, where it bothers you to find hidden gold or a potion behind an old house, this game is
not for you. This game will reward those who search and check every nook and cranny. And the more you
find, the easier the game gets because the extra resources buys better items or much needed potions.
This is not pure hack-n-slash either because the art of pulling single mobs or beating boss mobs through a
variety of different methods or weapons comes heavily into play. Consider this a Zelda style game on
Most of the game is designed around custom characters, mobs, items and the world itself. There was a lot of
creativity that went into that part of the game for the enjoyment of the gamer.
Lastly, this game will challenge even good gamers. But if you are the chosen one to save your world,
shouldn’t it be challenging? Don’t give up if you are having a tough situation. Keep pushing forward and
save often.
Game Setting:
You are the direct bloodline and sibling of the Hero that discovered "The Kingdom of Crystals". At a young
age, you had an interest in archaeology and have mastered the ability of discovery. Your work over the years
has adorned the HeavensGate Museum with many valuable and rare artifacts. Prince Valian, Ruler of
present day HeavensGate, considers you a very close friend and trusted companion.
Your Fathers' disappearance three months ago still haunts you to this day. Recently you have been asking
Prince Valian to help you set up a meeting with Lord Arameth, Ruler of the distant island city called St.
Lorion, in hopes of tracing the path your Father took and rediscovering the truths behind why he went
missing. The last letter you received from your Father was stamped at St Lorion. You can not help but to
wonder if Lord Arameth or some of the citizens there might know some details about your Father's
Last night, Prince Valian received an urgent message from Lord Arameth via the Magician's transcribe orbs,
that there has been some sort of an invasion on St. Lorion Island. He mentioned something about undead
soldiers and spirits coming by the hundreds and a massive abnormality as their leader. They swarmed the
city and invaded the Temple of Holy Sanctity. Many people died trying to defend the invasion.
It seems that a series of old magic scrolls known as the "Secta Phantom Scrolls" were stolen and taken away.
It was said that as soon as the scrolls were taken, the Undead Army turned and marched away, vanishing into
the mist. What remained of them were just piles of spirit dust and bone from the ones that were slain during
the invasion. The grounds of St. Lorion were also stained red from the fallen citizens trying to defend the
life they once knew as safe.
There must be a terrible reason why those scrolls were taken. Legend has it that the scrolls can not be
destroyed because of their binding magic, but that is the only positive light you can shed on the situation.
These recent events urge you to find out the facts behind why this Undead Army invaded St. Lorion.
At this point, it seems unclear what has caused this uprising of evil. From your brief schooling of ancient
wizardry, you figure it must be connected with lich magic or powerful necromancy in order to bring the dead
bones or spirits back to life.
You need to make your way to the Royal Chambers and talk with Prince Valian and learn of any recent news
of St Lorion.
HeavensGate 2: Walk-Through:
The information beyond this point will solve the game for you. Only use this information if you
absolutely get stuck and can not figure something out. Trying to outsmart the game should be part of
the fun.
Master Bedroom
*It is recommended that you play this game at level three the first time you experience
it. Start a new character from scratch, and as you spawn into the game for the first
time (Master Bedroom), turn around and walk toward the mirror on the floor. It will
gain you 6500 experience and get you to level three.
First thing is to open the desk and loot all the items. The book tells the story of the current events and
explains who you are and what is going on recently. The token map shows you which areas contain the
secret tokens. (See bottom of the walk-through, under “Secret Tokens”) The token bag is to store your
tokens in while you quest so you can keep track of which ones you have, and needed for the final turn-in.
You also have a summons from Prince Valian to go see him in the Royal Chambers, which is the first simple
quest in the game to complete.
Merrit the Game Guide
Merrit is there to help get the player started who might not have read this information first. He is there to
answer some initial questions about getting started with game settings, game play and how to turn in the
secret tokens.
HeavensGate First Time
It is a good idea before you go see the Prince, to loot all that you can around HeavensGate. Start in a circle
and then do the center so you do not miss anything. Items, crates and barrels are all around for the taking. It
is important to build up resources and improve weapons or armor when gold permits. When gold permits, go
see the Traveling Merchant and buy a rope, shovel and pry bar. Dirt piles (shovel needed) store extra items
as well as things to pry over (pry bar) throughout the game. The rope will gain you access to cliffs or deep
holes to climb down. All of these can offer extra rewards in the game and can really pay-off. You will also
need these items to advance further into the game later on.
Secret Token HeavensGate: Go to the western wall and look for some stairs leading up to a platform. Up on
top you will see a bunch of crates. Hidden behind the crates is a small transition area that leads down into a
room. You will need a rope (purchased off the Traveling Merchant) in order to climb down and get the
Once you are done exploring the city, go see Prince Valian in the Southwest region in HeavensGate inside
the Royal Chamber.
Royal Chambers
Talk to Prince Valian and get the sewers quest. Head to the sewers and start your first major quest. But first,
did you find the hidden gem somewhere in the Royal Chambers? Don’t forget to search all possible areas for
hidden stuff. Over the length of the entire game, it really adds up to a profitable amount.
City Sewers
When coming out of the Royal Chambers, the City Sewer map note will show up on the map. Go up to the
entrance and use the key that the Prince gave you. You can now get inside the sewers. Inside, you will
notice a door straight ahead. This door is locked and can only be opened by a floor lever found elsewhere.
Head right, down the hall and around the corner, until you see a crate. When you get to the crate, look right,
you should see a small crawl-hole that is somewhat hidden. Go into the crawl hole and loot the secret token
for the City Sewers. Continue east to the far hallway and flip the floor lever once. Head back to the door by
the entrance, which is now unlocked, and head into the pump room. In the pump room, clear the rats on the
platform until you kill one named a “Stuffed Rat”. Loot the mysterious note on him and read the riddle,
”Where blood spills, the key reveals”. Next head to the southeast corner until you see a red arrow on the
ground. Step past the red arrow and discover the hidden room. Step into the pool of blood to compress a
trigger which will spawn a secret crate on the platform in the pump room. Take the portal back out and loot
the key found within the secret crate. This key will get you into the last room where the boss is found. Make
you way down the top hallway and open the boss’s door. Kill Rabies, the King of the Rats. Loot the chest to
find the Prince’s Sealed Note. Return to the Prince to complete your quest and gain experience.
Wind Crest Island
After seeing Karl at his magic shop, he asks for you to do him a favor and head to Wind Crest Island to
search for a rare plant called a “Shimmer Fern”. You will need to dig up its root, which is what Karl needs
to complete one of his rare potions. Go talk to Captain Stoley on the docks and he will take you to Wind
Crest Island.
Once on Wind Crest Island, head east and clear the mobs all the way around the coastline. Make sure to loot
all of the rare seashells by the water all the way around the island. These will sell for extra gold.
Once you are due east, look for a large set of boulders on the inner island. Around the corner from these
boulders you should see a small crawl hole on the ground. Head inside to the secret cave. Once in the secret
cave, pick through the fungus patches until you find the chest key. Use the key to open the chest and loot
your secret token for Wind Crest Island.
Make your way north until you see the water well and head inside. Once inside, kill the Water Oozes until
you see a rope coil. Loot the rope. If you already have purchased the rope from the vendor you can sell one
back. You will need this rope to climb the cliffs for the next part.
From the well, head southwest until you see a tall palm tree by the cliffs. Step into the inlet of the cliff and
you will lasso the large cactus on top of the cliff, pulling you upward. Once there, make your way around
that tier until you see another cactus on top of the cliff near the west side. Step close to the cliff again to
lasso yourself upward to the top of the island. Here you must confront Tank, King of the Island. Kill and
loot his corpse. On the other side of the rocks you will find your rare quest plant, the Shimmer Fern. Loot it
and get the Shimmer Root for Karl.
Head back down the cliffs the same way you got up there. Then make your way around to the western edge
of the island, looting and killing all that you can. Once you reach the ship, head back to Karl and complete
the quest.
Warehouse / Shipping Docks
Karl sends you on the second quest to the Shipping Docks area of the city. Head to the Shipping Docks.
Along the way you will pass a door to a storage unit. If you have done an armor upgrade, attempt to clear
this room now. It will net you some experience and decent gold. Be ready to face four rats inside. If it is
too tough at this point, you can do this part after clearing the Flooded Caverns. Head inside the warehouse,
and talk to Ringo. Get the quest to enter the Flooded Caverns. Before you enter the Flooded Caverns, it is
best to do the following:
In the warehouse, head to the door that leads to the Shipping Docks. When you see the desk with papers on
it, get behind the crates and find the secret crawl hole. Enter it to find the secret room and the secret token
for the Shipping Docks.
Next, head outside to the Shipping Docks. Come straight out from the door and head to the docks. A rogue
will sneak up from behind and start harassing you. He will then take 40 gold pieces from your pocket. You
will have an option to either let him go or kill him on the spot. If you kill him, you not only gain experience,
you get to loot 100+ gold from him, profiting from the kill. Loot everything you can around the Shipping
Docks, then head back inside and enter the Flooded Caverns.
Flooded Caverns
* Before entering the Flooded Caverns, you should have enough gold to buy a weapon or armor upgrade. It
is not a bad idea to do one or both if you can afford it.
Once inside the Flooded Caverns, clear and kill the mobs the best you can. When you come across the two
Goblins together on the bridge, try and use your skills to pull them one at a time. Together they are tough
but it IS possible to pull them single. One of the mobs stands slightly further out than the other one. As a
note, if the Rock Goblin stuns you just walk back in a safe direction until it comes off. You can still walk,
you just can not fight. Continue on past the bridge, and you will encounter two tough casting mobs together,
a Water Demon and an Unstable Oxygen. Wipe them out, use potions if you have to, and then move on until
you come to the next set of bridges. Stay north until you see the giant Dragon Guardian Statue. Head over
to the East and into the room. Save your game before you enter this room. Ignore the gold beam of light for
Once inside the room, the door will shut and lock behind you. You have now entered the domain of the
Construct of Elements and he is not happy. The trick to this fight is to avoid his floating eye, which will be
wandering toward you constantly during the whole fight. The eye is slower, so you CAN avoid it but it is
tricky. Sometime during the fight quickly loot the Dead Adventurer on the ground and gain an extra critical
potion, it will come in handy. Basically run around the room in a big circle, gauging the distance that his
Eye is from you at all times. Don’t get greedy, take one or two swings on the Construct, then move on again,
distancing yourself from the Eye. Eventually you will kill the Construct and that will also kill his Eye. If
you are blind during the fight, hang in there and keep a slow, wide circle going around the edge until light
comes back on. Loot the Dragon Crown off of the Construct and head back out to the golden light beam.
Now if you messed with the Dragon Guardian Statue before this, you probably noticed you can not do
anything to it. Matter of fact, if you try to bash it, you will take some serious electrical damage. The trick
here is to put on the Dragon Crown, then walk into the solid beam of golden light in the center of the brick
circle. When you hear the energy come to life around you, take notice all of the new gold beams of light
now visible because of the Crown’s magic. Now that you can see the light beams, step into each one until
the lightning gets discharged from the Dragon Guardian Statue. When you discharge enough electricity, the
Dragon Statue will explode and disintegrate. Step beyond and into the little cove. Loot the secret token of
the Flooded Caverns.
Now head back out and make your way west over the bridges. Clear all the mobs until you come to a part
where you see some bones and a Slain Errand Boy on the ground. Be ready for a surprise attack from three
mobs of any unknown combination. Slay them all and then proceed through the giant gate. You can also
choose to ignore the trap by hugging the wall all the way around to the door, but will not get experience.
Find the water pump and click on it to add the fuel. Next, pull on the lever to start the water pump. This
completes the quest. Make your way back around toward the gate and a courtesy return portal will spawn,
allowing you to port back to the entrance. But before you take the port, did you loot the topaz gem on the
back side of the water pump area? Remember to look everywhere…
Head back to Ringo and complete the quest. You will then be heading back to see the Prince.
Finding Jewels / Residential District
As you are leaving the Shipping Docks area, an old distraught woman comes and asks you for assistance in
finding her cat named “Jewels”. Head over to the Residential District. Once inside, turn left and talk to
Faldo the Fun. He has a fun game of hide and seek to play which can be solved below:
Hide and Seek – The Gold Rings: Once you have the quest, head east until you see a bunch of butterflies
hovering over some flowers. Get close to them and get the message, “You see a gold reflection on one of the
large butterflies, if only you could catch one.” You will find that in a bit. Continue on north until you come
to the northeast corner of the Residential District. Look into the front porch area between the houses and
loot a Miracle Grow from the potted plant. Next, head west until you see stairs up to the right, and a thick
pillar to the left. Loot the chest behind the thick pillar and get the butterfly catcher. Next, head up the stairs
across the way until you see Faldo’s Box. Click on it twice and it will magically slide backward, allowing
you to enter that area. Enter the small crawl hole and enter the secret room. Loot the chest and get your first
gold Faldo ring (Gold Ring 2). Head over to the corner where the Cracked Urn is. Bash it to reveal another
crawl hole. Go inside there and loot the axe called “The Tree Cutter”. Head back out to the Residential
Head west again and look for the Hollow Tree to the left. Take the axe and chop the tree down to a trunk.
Loot the Hollow Trunk for the secret token of the Residential District.
Next, head into the abandoned house in the Northwest corner and loot everything you see available inside.
Break the vase and grab the coins behind it. Hopefully you listened and have a pry bar on you (bought from
the Traveling Merchant) and use that to pry the heavy pillars over. There is a nice reward.
Move on south until you see a sand pile. You must have purchased a metal detector from the Traveling
Merchant on this part. Go over the sand pile and it will detect one of Faldo’s gold rings for you (Gold Ring
Continue south until you see a Fertile Hole in the ground in the flower area. Now that you have the Miracle
Grow, place it in the hole and watch the plant grow before your very eyes. On one of the plant's stems is the
Faldo Gold ring (Gold Ring 3). It was too deep in the ground to get before this point.
From the flower garden, head Northeast past the tree on the right. Around the tree to the right is a cove with
a door you can now open. Go inside to the vacant house. Loot everything you can and most importantly,
break apart the old bookcase to reveal the treasure chest behind. Loot the Faldo ring (Gold Ring 4). Head
back outside and go back to the butterflies and use the butterfly catcher to catch the large butterfly with the
ring attached. This is your last Faldo ring (Gold Ring 1). Head back to Faldo for you special prize, a
regeneration +1.
Finding Jewels: Head to the Old Lady’s house, now marked on your map. Get the “Jewels the Cat” quest
from her. Head back over to the flower area (where you used the Miracle Grow) and go to the southwest
corner. Head in past all of the trees to the back alley. Once there, kill the Wild Dog that is terrorizing that
area. Loot the cat collar and notice it says the name “Jewels” on it… Head back to the Old Women’s house
and give her the cat collar. You discover that because you killed the dog, Jewels was able to escape and
make it home. The Old Woman gives you a hand stitched shawl as a reward. Now head back to Prince
Valian and report your events to him.
Royal Chambers / Back to the Prince
Prince Valian remarks that he is impressed with your performance so far, and asks you to head into the Royal
accessory room and take one of the Royal Helms. You are to bring this back to him and talk about
something important. Go get the helm from the armoire and head back to talk with the Price. The Prince
tells you about the Dark Alliance members harassing some of the HeavensGate citizens (including yourself)
and that he would not tolerate it anymore. You are to act as liaison for the Prince and try to make it all the
way to see the leader of the Dark Alliance, Jimmy “Quick” Hands. Go back outside and head north to the
Dark Alley.
The Dark Alley
Make sure to wear your Royal Helm (You will be targeted for assassination if you do not). Head down the
dark alleyway until you get bullied by the mugger. He will take 20 gold and throw a substance in your face,
temporarily blinding you. Proceed on until you are heading west. Don’t mind the constant harassment along
the way, stay tough. When you get to the docks and bridge area, hang a sharp left and head south until you
find the Shady Tavern. Go inside and speak with the Shady Bartender, (don’t mind the Shady Assassins that
were stalking you the whole time. They will not kill you if you are wearing the Royal Helm). Pay the Shady
Bartender 100 gold to speak with an Officer of the Dark Alliance. Wait patiently and Mokkar the Swift will
enter the Shady Tavern and speak with you. He ends up being an Officer and wants to meet outside by the
docks. Go back outside and head to the docks. At this point, get your secret token first as follows:
Secret Token Dark Alley: At the docks area, near where Mokkar is standing, take the ramp down into the
water and spawn to another dock. Loot the chest and get your secret token Dark Alley. Head back to
Talk to Mokkar the Swift a second time and get the shadow key from him. This will remove the shadow
cubes blocking passage over the bridge. Mokkar also gives you a secret code that must be spoken exactly at
the rune symbol later, or it will be fatal. Check your journal for the exact code when needed later. Save your
Proceed over the bridge and stop when you just step off of it. Take notice of the ground. You have to avoid
all the light small patches of dirt on the ground. Make your way carefully to the northwest corner and loot
the shield key. It is hidden well in that corner so look until you get it. Next, head down the alley east until
you can go up the set of stairs to the right. Go up the stairs and head west until you teleport across to the
other stairs. Head down to the ground and use the shield key on the shield hanging on the wall. The
following riddle plays “The four horsemen rode in together as one, to defeat the two headed argul with three
gigantic flaming swords. Unfortunately, only one was left standing…”. Taking the clues from the riddle,
you come up with sequential numbers of (4, 1, 2, 3, and 1). Assuming 1 equals far left pressure plate and 4
equals the far right one, cross the pressure plates in this exact order. Be exactly center over them as you
cross each one. Make it across to the code rune on the ground. Refer to the journal on the correct code and
enter the Dark Alliance Headquarters. Once there speak with Jimmy “Quick” Hands and then take the return
portal back to the entrance. Go back and speak with Prince Valian on your accomplishments.
The Great Arena Challenge
After delivering the Dark Alliance agreement to Prince Valian, he gives you the Great Arena Challenge.
Make sure you stock up on plenty of healing and buff potions. 10 moderate and 10 serious potions is a good
starting point, but based on your skills, you may need more.
Head to the northeast corner of HeavensGate to the large gates of the Great Arena, and speak with
Commander Wilks. He will approve you to enter the Great Arena and speak with Judge Grumble. Do a
back-up save before you enter the arena and call it “Before Trials”. This way, if you were not prepared
enough on potions you can come back to this point and get better prepared.
Great Arena Secret Token: Before you head into the Great Arena, head back behind it to the right and look
for a pile of stones called, “Pile of Brittle Stones”. Once you loot it, bash it to reveal the crawl hole into a
cavern. Climb down and head across until you can go back up with your rope. Once outside, loot the chest
to get the Great Arena secret token. Now that you have all of your tokens, put them into the bag and head
over to Merrit the Game Guide back in your master bedroom.
Turning in the Secret Tokens / Merrit the Game Guide: Head back and talk to Merrit the Game Guide. He
will accept your bag of eight secret tokens and give you an Enchanted Orvium Bar. You have three options
now: 1. Take it to any vendor and sell it for gold. Then use the gold how you want to. 2. Take it over to the
Armory / Barracks and go upstairs and talk with Arthur about making you special Orvium Armor (Make sure
that you are proficient in that armor type first, before having Arthur make it for you). 3. Take it over to
Korrin Dane the Weapon Master and talk with him about making you a special weapon (Make sure you are
proficient in that weapon first, before having him make it for you.
The Great Arena Trial Challenge: Head to the Great Arena and talk to Judge Grumble. There will be twelve
trials you will have to pass, each with their own unique challenge. After you defeat each challenge, Judge
Grumble will come back out and you will have plenty of time to rest up for your next challenge. These trials
mark the end of the first half of the game before you leave to St. Lorion Island. The second half of the game
is longer and gets tougher and more complex with dungeons etc. The first half of the game is to get you
warmed up and playing your character well. So here is how each trial challenge can be won:
*SPOILER ALERT* Do not read past this if you don’t want to know how to solve ALL the Great
Arena trials. I hope most people give this an honest chance and figure some of it out on your own.
1st Challenge – Wetlands Great Bear: Pretty straight forward here, just a mass of a great bear to defeat. Kill
him and win the trial.
2nd Challenge – Trial of Feathers: At first, a single War Raven will come out. Kill it as quick as you can.
Once you kill him, the Black Death will spawn and a lot of his little Hatchlings. Try and stay to a far edge
and kill off the Hatchlings without them ganging up on you. Lastly, kill the Black Death to win the trial.
3rd Challenge – The Armored Beast: An Armored Beast will spawn at one of the gates. You should also
notice a pillar device that has spawned inside the arena. The trick here is to lure the Armored Beast over to
the pillar, but do not let him get too close to you, his hits are fatal. Click on the pillar which will stun the
beast and reduce his armor temporarily. Run up to his side and only take two or three battle turns, hopefully
you will hit him. Run over to the other newly spawned pillar and repeat the process. On the fourth pillar
that is spawned, a smaller beast will spawn, helping the Armored Beast kill you. This is where it gets
trickier. You have to keep the Armored Beast stunned while you take out the little beast. But you must do it
fairly quickly because every fourth pillar that spawns will bring forth another mini beast to help. Do not get
impatient and attempt to take too many swings at the Armored Beast when it is stunned. Take your two or
three swings and head to the next pillar and wait for him to run at you. Repeat these steps until you kill him.
His death also causes the mini beasts to die.
4th Challenge – Trial of the Crimson Gang: Three Crimson Gang members will spawn together. Stand by
them all so that your cleave skill can do some extra damage. Take out the bard first, then the fighter, then
lastly the mage. Killing the mage will spawn the head boss, Putrid the Crimson Lord. When Putrid spawns,
fight him as normal until he lets out his toxic gas. When the gas erupts make sure to get out of it as soon as
possible. If you get dazed simply walk around (away from the gas) until the effect comes off then resume
fighting. Repeat until he is dead.
5th Challenge – Trial of the of the Mighty Hunter: In this trial a hunter named, Kaston the Mighty Hunter
will spawn with a Beast of Kaston. Position the Beast of Kaston next to Kaston himself, that way, your
cleave hits Kaston. Beasts will continue to spawn, just stay by Kaston and fight them as they come into you.
Eventually your cleave hits, mixed with attacks in between against the beast spawns, will kill Kaston. Trial is
6th Challenge – Trial of the Great Leader: In this trial, you are asked to take stance on the leadership mark
for the Alliance army. When the trial begins, you are to lead the Alliance against the Crimson Army. Help
kill off the enemy and then kill their leader when he spawns named, Adgarr the Crimson King. Beat him and
the trial is won. One trick to winning this battle, you must target the Crimson Army’s rogues. This way,
they will not sneak attack you or your troops which can bring a quick death. Take them out and it becomes a
tad easier.
7th Challenge – Trial of the Bothrat: There is nothing simple about this one, so do not give up. Get to the
center of the arena and wait for Bothrat to spawn. When he does, tease him, and make him cast his initial
spells on you. If you do not do this he will use them later in the fight and your chances of winning diminish
greatly. He will cast paralyze, slow, knockdown and a daze effect. Get through those spells and try to do
some damage on him but stay in the center of the arena. When you see one of his electrified bombs spawn in
the center of the arena, make sure you are ¾ to full health (take a potion if you need to). Kill the electrified
bombs right away once you are at full health. They will explode with electricity and do damage but it is
better than their constant electric stuns if you don’t. Stay close enough to where the bombs spawn where
your cleave damage will still hit Bothrat. Each time you see an Electrified Bomb spawn, make sure you are
¾ to full health. This is no time to be stingy about taking potions, you need to do this. Rinse and repeat until
Bothrat is dead and this will win the trial.
8th Challenge – Trial of Reep: Reep is a giant gelatin that will spawn on the west gate. He is really simple if
you go over by the gate and wait against the wall. The trick with this fight is to attack him right when he
spawns so that he pins you against the wall and does melee attacks. If you let him fear you, your chances to
win diminish greatly. He will cast a series of nasty poison arrows into your back as you run from fear. So
do not let this happen. So let him pin you against the wall and beat him down. Once you kill him, the trial is
9th Challenge – Trial of the Great Twins: Two giant elementals will spawn at opposite ends of the arena.
One named Aeries the Pure and one name Ferno the Bright. You will also notice a lever called a “Fire
Crystal” will have spawned in the center of the arena as well. The trick is to click on this lever as soon as
you see the two spawn. This will give you a 30 second fire resistance buffer. So when you get the buffer,
run over to Ferno quickly and do as much damage to him as possible. When you see your buffer flashing
(meaning your fire buff is about to come off) take a haste potion if you have one, then run over to the other
Fire Crystal and click it for a new fire resistance buffer. Do this until Ferno is dead but do NOT let Aeries
near you. He will stun you fast. Rinse and repeat until Ferno is dead. As soon as he is dead, loot the Ring
of the Blazing Gaze off of him and equip it on your finger. This will now allow you to avoid Aerie’s
constant stuns. Attack Aeries and use potions until he is dead. Trial won.
10th Challenge – Trial of “Dem Bones”: On the west gate, a series of Rotting Warriors will spawn in several
intervals. On the 5th wave, a Rotting Warrior and a Rotting Lord will spawn. Kill the Rotting Warrior first,
then the Rotting Lord. On the death of the Rotting Lord, Marrow the Bone Captain will spawn. Get on him
right away so you get inside his aura of fear before it goes off. Start your attack on him until you see a
Power Infused Skeleton spawn in the arena. Make sure you are at ¾ to full health again. Kill the Power
Infused Skeleton right away and do not hesitate. They have little hit-points but have major power. Keep
doing this cycle and letting your cleave do damage to Marrow. Once Marrow is dead, the trial is won.
11th Challenge – Trial of the Shadow Lord: The Shadow Lord will spawn at the east gate. When he does,
simply go attack him and do as much damage as possible. He will lower your strength badly to where you
can not move very well. Hopefully you have at least one antidote potion on you for this trial. As soon as
you see the Dark Spectre spawn, take the antidote and go attack them. The Shadow Lord will go away until
the Dark Spectre is killed. As soon as you kill the Dark Spectre, loot the antidote off his corpse and then
start fighting the Shadow Lord again when he spawns. After a bit, a Horrid Mummy will spawn. Take your
antidote potion again and run up to him fast before he can get off his fear aura. Kill him off and loot the
antidote from his corpse. Go back to killing the Shadow Lord until you see a Haunted and a Cursed Rogue
spawn. Kill off the Cursed Rogue first, then the Haunted Rogue. Loot their corpses and get the antidote
potion. All you have to do now is kill the Shadow Lord. At this point it is easy, just stand there and attack
and let him bring your strength down. He will die eventually and when he does, use an antidote potion.
Trial won.
12th Challenge – The Big Surprise: As your Trial is about to begin, a Grand Master Lich named, Zrodd the
Lich King enters the arena and comes over to you. He threatens to kill everyone in the city, starting with the
arena, on behalf of an organization known as the “Undead Legion”. He also mentions the name Lothor as a
part of that organization.
When Zrodd attacks, he blinds everyone in the arena. Run away from where he was standing. Wait until the
blindness wears off then cautiously help attack him. I say cautiously, because you have to be careful when
he casts spells your direction. Avoid the area-of-effect spells that can cause damage to you. Avoid the direct
path of the spray spells that he uses. You must do damage to help out though or he will eventually kill the
strongest ally you have in the arena, Commander Wilks. Kill the Lich King and loot the Secta Scroll on his
This will end your Arena Trials. Consider it won at this point and you did a very good job. Next, go see
Prince Valian about preparing to go travel to the distant island, St. Lorion.
Prince Valian / Leaving for St. Lorion
When you talk to the Prince, he will praise you for you efforts on helping to kill the Lich King, and then
promote you to an official Protector of HeavensGate. In return he gives you a nice Protector’s Badge to
wear and prove you are an official Protector while you are out on your adventures. Eventually, he will ask
Captain Korg to sail you over to St. Lorion. Head over to the dock next to the Royal Chambers and Captain
Korg and his men will escort you to St. Lorion safely.
St. Lorion Island – First Arrival
Royal Chambers – Lord Arameth: When you first arrive on the island, it is best to just go talk with Lord
Arameth at this point. Head up the mountain and Captain Baird will greet you and explain how to get to the
St. Lorion Royal Chambers. Head through the cavern and out into the City of St. Lorion. Stay straight until
you reach the Royal Chambers. Head inside and speak with Lord Arameth. He will ask you to fetch him the
Magic Strands in the oak chest in the quarters behind him, then you are to come back and talk to him. At this
point you are to do two things.
First, go see Geoffry at the Wonderful Wizardry (northwest from the Royal Chambers up on the upper tier)
and ask to start your “building your own recall stone” quest. After you talk with Geoffry and get the quest
(see below about quest details under Mini Quests), head due east from Wonderful Wizardry and visit Father
Agusta in the Temple of Holy Sanctity. After you talk with him, he will magically seal the Secta Scroll in
place. This is where you will take each scroll once you find them so he can seal them in place. From here,
complete the mini-quests down below:
St. Lorion Mini Quests:
Buying Cheap from Horbe the Herb Doctor: Horbe is located amongst the vendors. Talk to him and agree
to find 5 Vera Flowers for him. If you find the 5 flowers for him, he will agree to sell you his items for sale,
which is a LOT cheaper than vendors elsewhere. The flowers are found in the following areas:
1. St. Lorion South Island on the upper cliff by all the mushrooms.
2. and 3. St. Lorion North Island in two spots along the water’s edge.
4. St. Lorion Cavern behind the rock. (Cavern between South Island and St. Lorion)
5. St. Lorion by the Plant Vendor. (Its tricky but get inside his tent area and loot the plant)
What Unique Items Horbe Sells: Dar Fish Oil (same as an antidote), Vera Flower Juice (critical potion),
Super Vera Juice (heal potion), Dust of Appearance.
Finding Your First Clue About Your Missing Father: When in St. Lorion, head over to “A Good Knights
Rest’ which is an office that rents out rooms for the day. Go inside and speak to Manlow Davis. He claims
he remembers your Father staying in his rooms every time he came to St. Lorion. He ends up giving you a
key to go explore one of his rooms called the “Vista Terrace Room”. This is the room your Father last
stayed in while he visited St. Lorion. Head outside and go southeast to the far end of the waterway. You
will notice a map pin showing up in the exact location of the room. Go inside and look for the bookshelf.
Click on the bookshelf and slide it over. Underneath it is a small hole in the ground. When your Father
stayed here last, he decided to stash away his valuables and write a desperate letter. There was a mysterious
man following him and he was going to report it the next day. But when nighttime came, he felt it was best
to hide his valuables and write the letter in case something happened to him. Loot his letter and his stash.
Head over and talk to Lord Arameth about what you have found.
When talking with Lord Arameth, he realizes that one of the Defenders, named Defender Tate, had seen a
similar being as the one described by your Father. Lord Arameth wants you to head to the East Guard Tower
and talk to Defender Tate about the incident. Head toward the north island exit and make a right, heading
east until you see the guard tower.
When you talk to Defender Tate, he realizes that the person your Father described is most likely the same
person he chased on foot before. He was not able to catch up to this person and he got away. You end your
conversation feeling something strange has definitely happened to your Father. You must push on and find
more clues about your Father’s disappearance.
Collecting Culpis Seeds for Extra Cash – Flooded Plains: Talk to the Plant Vendor and he will make you an
offer to buy illegal Culpis Seeds for a good price. Don’t worry, you won’t get arrested. Loot the seeds off
any Culpis Plants that you find. Always look around fresh water lakes or rivers on St. Lorion and
surrounding islands. On the St. Lorion North Island, there is a place called the Flooded Plains. The guards
will not let you enter because the seeds are highly illegal and grow like wild there. Simply use an invisible
potion and walk on by the guards. Once you are in the Flooded Plains, loot as many seeds as you want.
There are a bunch of initial plants there but the more you walk around, more plants will spawn for the
picking. This is a nice place to go to if you run out of resources or need a little more gold. Nothing wrong
with a good days work to get more.
When you are in the Flooded Plains, make sure to look for all the extra loot. There are rare seashells by the
water and things to find or dig up. There is also a buried treasure chest that is locked. To find the buried
key, head north along the beach and look for two pieces of driftwood lying together. In between them is the
only green plant on the beach. Pull up that plant to reveal a small hole. In the hole is the treasure chest key.
Finding the Gloves of the Gardener: Toward the southern end of St. Lorion, look for a garden with a crow.
Once you are there, take a shovel (bought from a Traveling Merchant) and dig up the dirt pile. Inside you
will find a loot bag with the Gloves of the Gardener inside.
Aldon the Excavator – Dig Game: If you head to the St. Lorion North Island, you will see someone to the
east named Aldon the Excavator. (You need a shovel or he won’t let you play the game) Before you speak
with him, do a back-up save. Speak to Aldon and agree to pay 500 gold to play is dig game. When the game
starts, the giant boulder will disappear, and you can walk inside the canyon and start digging up dirt piles.
You have one minute to dig up as many as you can. After a minute you will be ported back out and all dirt
piles with valuables will disappear.
What you are after in this game is an epic cloak called Cloak of the Ancients. It is found in a buried armor
bag along the left side of the cliff, all the way down. Make sure you get this cloak before saving past this dig
game. It is a very nice cloak.
Lighthouse – Boots of the Eagle: On the St. Lorion North Island, there is a Lighthouse on the waters edge.
To gain access inside you have to kill Battlecrusk, King of the Hill. Battlecrusk can be located on the upper
cliffs by heading through the canyons. Once you kill Battlecrusk, loot the key and head over to the
lighthouse. Once inside, use your pry bar (bought off of the Traveling Merchant) to move the barricade over
and head down stairs to the cavern. Once in the cavern, just fight your way around until you see a chest.
Inside will be the Boots of the Eagle, a really nice haste item.
One trick you can do is use an invisible potion, then travel all the way to the chest. Loot the Boots of the
Eagle and head to a safe spot. Clear all the mobs from there, being a LOT meaner with your faster damage
and ability to run faster. I would not pass up killing the mobs as experience and loot are much needed.
Building Your Own Stone of Recall: In order to get this quest, you must first talk with Lord Arameth, and he
will send you over to Wonderful Wizardry to start the quest. It starts in the Wonderful Wizardry Shop,
located northwest of the St. Lorion Royal Chambers on the upper tier. Geoffry will give you a list of
ingredients which you must find and bring back to him. Here is a bread-down on where to get the items:
Empty Potion Flask (bought at Wonderful Wizardry)
Empty Juice Extractor (bought at Wonderful Wizardry
Flask of Binding (bought at Wonderful Wizardry)
Flask of Soul Portation (bought at Wonderful Wizardry)
5. Flask of Octulus Plant Juice: You need to head over to St. Lorion south island cut through the barricade.
Head up the cliff until you see a bunch of mushrooms and flowers. Off in the corner is an Octulus plant. As
long as you have an Empty Juice Extractor, it will fill your flask with the Octulus Juice.
6. Flask of Holy Water: Head over to the Temple of Holy Sanctity. Inside the same room that Father
Agusta is in, there is a fountain. Look for the puddle of water on the floor and step into it. This will fill your
Empty Flask with Holy Water.
7. Perfect Soul Stone: This is found on the North Island in the same area where Battlecrusk, King of the
Hill is located. You have to make your way through the canyons until you get to the upper cliffs. This stone
can be found in a stone pile tucked away behind some rocks and trees. It will say Perfect Soul Stone.
Take all of these ingredients back to Geoffry at Wonderful Wizardry and he will magically create your own
stone and bind it to your soul. After this is complete, and you have finished all of the mini quests above, go
speak with Lord Arameth again. He will now put you officially in charge of the investigations, and send you
sailing to a secret island where the Undead Legion may be based.
Mysterious Island – In Search of the Scrolls and Your Missing Father
* Before you head over and confront the Undead Legion, it is best to purchase the Ring of Bravery from the
Wonderful Wizardry shop to avoid all the fear abilities. (You have been warned…)
Captain Lohan, on the St. Lorion North Island Post, will sail you to a recently discovered island. The island
is very mysterious and evil. Once you arrive, you need to hop from island to island until you find the
mainland. You will have to use your compass on the screen to stay orientated. Just keep walking around the
islands until you find the right spot which will port you to the next one etc. Your main direction will be
heading west.
Once you find the main beach, be cautious. You will want to run ahead and encounter the first Vile Hunter
that you see. Hunters along the channel will try and rip you apart with arrows. Ignore them and run to the
first Vile Hunter. Attack until he switches to melee attacks. Then drag him over to the rock in the water.
You now can stage from this area and make your way to the northeast or northwest around the island.
Explore and kill carefully no matter what direction you go. For simplicity, we will go to the northeast on this
walk-through. So head northeast and you will come to a gate. Go through this gate and make a right and
loot the chest that is over there. Turn back around and head north until you come to two gates. The one
straight ahead is “locked” and the one to the left you can go through. Note: The locked gate has some nice
treasure behind it and the key is held by the boss mob named, The Guardian of the Dark Portal.
Continue through the west gate and stay left along the fence, heading west. Make your way to the opening in
the fence to the left, and walk through. You should see a platform and it will have three mobs standing on it.
Carefully eliminate them and loot the Black Crate. Next, head south to the small lake and loot the Culpis
seeds (Always be on the lookout for Culpis Seeds around lakes or rivers). Head south until running into the
ocean, then head west along the water, looting everything you see along the way. You will run into a half
buried chest. Loot the chest and then head back up and around through the main entrance by the platform
Head northwest along the fence until you come to the west gate. Go through that and loot the chest on the
south end. Go back out the gate and head northeast along the water. Travel along the water until you get
right behind the three crypts. Slowly clear the mobs around the crypts until you can see the named mob, The
Guardian of the Dark Portal. Get his attention and pull him back by the water.
Guardian of the Dark Portal: He is not that hard of a fight, however, you must stay out of reach of his death
spray. He will only fire it three times at the beginning and gives a small sign when he is ready to cast it. Just
time it to where once he stops walking to cast, you need to be running the opposite direction quickly. If it
misses you, just start attacking him until he is dead. He has one of the Secta Scrolls on him as well so make
sure to loot that. * Remember that he drops the key to the locked gate on the East side of the island with
some good loot in it.
Now make your way into each of the three crypts. There is a Crimson one, a Cobalt one, and a White or
“Light” one.
The Crimson Crypt: Make your way into the small room left and loot the chest. Next, head into the main
room with the Nightmare standing on the platform. It is best to stand by the doorway and lure the Nightmare
away from the two Night Screamers. You will need to kill the Nightmare in order to get the key to the Jewel
Case. Loot the entire room, including on top of the platform and across the bridge. To get the Red Crystal
from this crypt, take the key and open the Jewel Case on the back side of the platform.
The Cobalt Crypt: When you first zone in, immediately make your way around the back of the platform you
are standing on to avoid all the mobs attacking on you directly. Keep in back and finish them off until you
have some breathing room. Make your way to the platform with the Nightmare on it. Kill the first Night
Screamer quickly, then pull the Nightmare back behind a wall. Kill the last Night Screamer and then loot the
Jewel Case for you Blue Crystal.
The Crypt of Light: When you first zone in, immediately make your way around the back of the platform
you are standing on to avoid all the mobs attacking on you directly. Keep in back and finish the mobs off
one by one at you own pace. Look around the whole crypt for loot because there is a decent amount
scattered around the floors. Make your way to the Platform with the Nightmare on it again. This time, run
up and grab the attention of the Haunted Rogue that is standing on the south side. Pull him back with the
Nightmare if you can, and finish them off. Clear the Night Screamers next and loot the Jewel Case for the
White Crystal.
Head back outside and head northeast, looting the Culpis Plants, buried chest, and anything else you see.
Make your way around the locked gate on the eastern part of the island. Use the key from the Guardian and
open it. Go inside and loot the chest in there for the decent treasure. Now, head back to the Strange Device
in the center of the island. Save your game. Click on the Strange Device and a Dark Portal will be activated.
Only problem is, four Portal Protectors will spawn, ready to kill anyone not supposed to be using it. Kill off
the four Protectors the best you can. You can attack one until they switch to a melee weapon, then pull them
away from the others. This works best and saves on potions. As soon as you kill them off, use your Stone of
Recall and go sell your loot. You can visit the Temple of Holy Sanctity as well to turn in your new Scroll. It
is also a good idea to buy an invisible potion, upgrade your armor, and weapons, if you think you need to.
Once you are done, recall yourself back using the Recall Portal in front of Wonderful Wizardry (Just
remember that using it costs one Portal Tablet which can be bought at Wonderful Wizardry).
The Dark Sanctum
There are two options when you port in to the Dark Sanctum. One is, you use an invisible potion, use portal,
then run until you get behind the spiral staircase where it is safe. Kill the Evil Blademaster by the stairs and
stage from here until you clear all the mobs you ran past (I never suggest leaving mobs alive because you do
not get the extra experience or loot they may have). Two is, you can port in, run like crazy until you can go
up the spiral staircase and zone into the next area. Then stage from here. Either way, it is a matter of
Once you clear all entry mobs, head up the staircase and into the next zone. Pulling the mobs here can be
tricky but if you cleared the previous mobs, it is not bad because if you get into too much trouble, you can
zone out and rest yourself to full health again. The mobs will not follow through the transition door. To pull
these mobs without trouble, inch your wall up the side of the wall until you grab the attention of one of the
Evil Blademasters. Then pull him down to the bottom of the stairs and fight them there. Nothing else should
agro on you if you are down by the stairs. Repeat until the Sanctum Guardian comes from around the wall.
Kill the Essence of Darkness and the two Sanctum Guardians at the end of the bridge to clear the room.
The next room will have two Evil Blademasters at either end. Fight them down until you get low on health,
then just zone back. Heal up and repeat until both are dead. Next, wait by the door until you see the
wandering Essence of Darkness come down the bridge. When he gets to the middle of it, rush attack him
and kill them. Next, head across the bridge and stop before the door. You want to grab the attention of the
two wandering Evil Blademasters as he approaches your end of the next room. Pull them solo, taking them
through the doorway and fight him on the bridge.
The next room can be very tricky. Take note of the giant warrior statue to the left with a locked door. That
is a large treasure room. The key is in the next room straight ahead. Kill the rest of the mobs in this room
(Essence of Darkness and two Sanctum Guardians).
The next room has a spiral staircase in the center again. Wait until the Evil Bladmaster wanders by and pull
him into the room you are in. Go inside next room again, but hang a left and look for the red rune mark on
the floor. Save your game. Step on the red rune symbol and get ported into the secret room. At the end is
the Reanimated Keymaster. Kill him and loot his Treasure Key.
Giant Warrior Statue: Head back into the previous room to the giant warrior statue and open the door. Be
ready though, because about eight Reanimated Flesh Seekers guard the treasure. Kill them one by one with
the best strategy that you can. Repeat this until you can kill all of them in the room (They can get tricky
because once they stop their casting and go to melee attack-mode, they can stun you a lot. There is a ring
you can buy at Wonderful Wizardry in St. Lorion that allows you to resist stuns). Loot the treasure chest and
enjoy the nice helmet inside, Helmet of the Lost Paladin.
Next room, clear the mobs around the staircase and then enter the transition door to the last room. You have
to find a way to clear the regular mobs in the room. The best thing to do is hang a right or a left and hug the
wall tightly. Walk until you can pull either of the two Evil Blademasters. Kill them off in this method and
that leaves you with one Essence of Darkness and two Sanctum Guardians. Next, rush attack the Essence of
Darkness and attack it. As soon as one or both of the Sanctum Guardians run toward you, run back to door
and fight them off there. Hopefully the Essence of Darkness will not follow. Kill the Essence of Darkness
and that leaves just the Dark Sanctum Boss, Droth, the Sanctum Master.
Droth, the Sanctum Master: Load up on potions (Barkskin, Bless, Cat’s Grace, Ironguts) then rush in…
Kill off Droth’s hounds first, then attack Droth. He can be nasty depending on whether or not he can land
certain spells on you. That is why you want your stats high with the right potions. If he lands his poison on
you, use an antidote right away, then a heal potion if low on health. Also stay out of the fire and attack on
open, safe floor space if that option is available. Unlike most Boss rooms, this one does not lock behind you,
so feel free to run out and heal up, regroup, or whatever you need to do. Once Droth is dead, loot the scroll
and the Devil’s Key which will open the door to the Dead Cliffs.
* A trick here is to buy a Dust of Appearance off of Horbe the Herb Doctor and put that on yourself when
Droth conceals himself. It will make him reappear and he will be much easier to attack. This works on all
mobs that conceal themselves but can get expensive to buy.
The Dead Cliffs
Make your way around the castle to the north side of the Dead Cliffs. There is a path to the northeast that
leads down onto the sands below. Find that path and head down. Head south, and loot the chest along the
way. Keep heading south until you come across a cave in the wall up a small path.
Haunted Sea Cave: Inside the cave are a bunch of Reanimated Flesh Seekers again that you will have to deal
with. The hard part about them (if you do not have a stun immunity item which you can buy at Wonderful
Wizardry in St. Lorion) is that when they are done casting, the do melee attacks that can stun you. Too many
of them on you doing melee is certain death. So take your time and single them out the best that you can. If
you have built up your skills and weapons enough, you can tear through these at this point. Make sure to
loot the chest and the diamond before opening door to next room. Open the door and head into the next
room. Kill off the Flesh Seekers, and loot the bag of gold behind the seaweed in one of the long corridors.
Next head down the main hall and loot the chest at the end. Inside is the Artifact called, “Blade of Sultan”.
Without this blade, you can not beat the main boss in The Rotting Crypt.
Make your way back up to the castle, this time head south past the caste. Look for loot along the way or
Culpis Plants. Make your way southwest until you see a path down to the sand. Take this path down to the
sand and make your way north until you see a cave. The cave will take you back up on top of the other side
of Dead Cliffs. Once on the top, make your way north again until you see the Rotting Crypt. Head inside.
The Rotting Crypt
Inside here you will face Diseased Cobras, Deatheaters, and Vampire Bats. Head north over the bridge, pull
the Deatheater, and bring him back a bit and kill him. Go over the bridge again and pull the first Diseased
Cobra on the platform and let him come all the way back to the bridge. Work your way, clearing the mobs,
until you can climb the stairs to the platform and loot the chest. Inside the chest will be loot, and an
adventurers note. It describes that beating the Lord can not be done by mortal means, you need a special
weapon. That is why you went on found the Blade of Sultan first. Loot the hidden basket behind the
The door to the west is locked and requires a key. It is found in a chest to the east. So head east down the
halls until you come across the big room with all of the Diseased Cobras in it. Kill them all and loot the
chest, getting the door key you need for the previously locked door. Head back to the locked door.
Open the locked door and carefully kill the Vampire Bats (because you found the Helmet of the Lost Paladin,
the numerous small hits of the Vampire Bats and Diseased Cobras will not kill you fast because the helmets
stats absorb that damage. This dungeon becomes much easier because of that helmet). Make your way west
until you come to the large room with all of the mobs in it. Pull the Diseased Cobra first, then run in and
make a sharp left, which will pull the two Vampire Bats. Kill those off. Next, if you have a bow, crossbow
etc., (and ammo) you can stand by the door and wear down the two Reanimated Flesh Seekers to where you
can kill them faster when it is time to do so. This way, their annoying stuns won’t get the best of you. Head
through the next door, and stand before the Maze of the Mummy.
Maze of the Mummy: Head out onto the bridge and kill the two Vampire Bats. Next, walk to the first
square (when you have the option to go either straight or right). Next, move straight one square. Now go
right one square. Then right again one square. Walk left one square. Take a left again and go one square.
Now go straight two squares. Make a left and go two squares and loot the treasure. Head back one square
and go north two squares. Go right twice and then take a left into the big room.
Lord Lichen’s Room: Kill the two Diseased Cobras and the two Deatheaters. Next you will fight Lord
Lichen himself. To do this, use a barkskin potion and equip your Blade of Sultan. Start the attack! With the
Blade of Sultan you can actually do fire damage to him and be able to kill him. He is immune to all other
forms of attack. Once he is dead, loot the Portal Stone, Lord’s Key and Secta Scroll. Take the key and open
the Lord’s Crate. Inside is a very nice ring. Next, head around to the back of the platform and loot the
hidden treasure. Go inside the door and loot the chest. Inside will be a couple of nice weapons to sell and a
Portal Gate Key to open the portal gate outside. The Portal Stone activates the portal beyond the gate. So at
this time, head back out and open up the gate. Stand before the portal and use your Stone of Recall to buy
and sell what you need. Next stop is the Eroded Cliffs of Uggnawt.
Eroded Cliffs of Uggnawt
In this zone you will find Spectral Wolves, Wereboars and Water Widows (a trick when fighting the Water
Windows is to make sure and keep clicking on them to attack when you see the webs envelop you. Their
webs entangle you and make you stop attacking. This will eliminate any wasted time). Make your way to
the first bridge. There you will see a Transporter device. Click on it once to activate it, then again, and it
will port you across the canyon. Once across, keep wandering your way around until you see a path that
leads down to the sand. Once you are at the bottom, make your way south around the cliffs first, because
there is a hidden chest that direction. Kill the two Water Widows by the chest and loot it. Head back to
where you came down the path and head north. Take the path all the way around until you see the named
spider, Tidal, the War Widow.
Tidal the War Widow: Load up on potions and go to war. Nothing super tricky about Tidal, she is like a
regular Water Widow on steroids.
The Great Tower
Once you are at the top of the cliff, look to see if you are close to leveling. If you are close, hang a right and
finish off the Spectral Wolves and Wereboars to the south. Otherwise, take every buff potion you have, save
the game, and head east to The Great Tower. Outside the Great Tower is the Guardian of the Great Tower, a
nasty black dragon of evil.
Guardian of the Great Tower: Load up on potions and do as much damage to him as you can while he casts
spells. He will cast a lot of spells at first and then switch to melee attacks. He is a lot meaner when he
switches to melee attacks. He also has a ton of hit-points so keep hacking away. When you finally kill him,
loot the Great Tower Rod (which lets you into the tower), and the Secta Scroll. Before you head into the
Great Tower though, head around to the back of it and loot the hidden chest. Once that is done, head inside
the Great Tower.
When you first enter the tower, move forward and step into the portal. You will come to the Room of the
Room of the Moth: The Room of the Moth is fairly simple, when the lights go out, walk toward the closest
light you see until you reach the other side of the room, completing the puzzle. Look for hard to find loot as
you move around in the dark though for the extra challenge. When you reach the other side, you will head
up the stairs and go into the Blind Man’s Maze.
Blind Man’s Maze: When you move forward, the lights are going to go out on you. Make your way left
(south) and grab the treasure first. Then make you way back to the beginning and head north to the wall,
then west along the wall. Find your way from here, you can do it. When you reach the goal, you should see
a small flame on the floor. Step into it and the lights will come back on. Head up the stairs into the Room of
Room of Lights: SAVE GAME before you enter. Just when you thought it was easy, this room proves that
theory all wrong. I strongly urge you to try and figure this room out on your own. Come on, a treasure this
good in the end can’t be that easy to get right? Look for patterns, look for things that happen before you very
eyes and solve the puzzle. But unfortunately once you set the trap in motion, you will have limited time to
get it right.
If you still can not figure it out, nor want to put in the effort, here is what to do. Step into the solid beam of
light and watch how the sparkling lights disappear. Take note of what order they disappear in and what color
they are. When the lights are all gone, wait a moment until you see the other lights appear out on the floor.
Now QUICKLY move forward and step into the lights on the floor in the same order in which they
disappeared. When you step into the last light, (pink one by the door), General Uggnawt will spawn by the
gate. If you are still stuck, here is the order that you need to step into the second set of lights: Yellow, White,
Green, Orange, and Pink.
General Uggnawt: He is a tough one. As soon as he spawns you need to charge him so that he does not cast
on you. If he casts on you he could kill you in seconds flat. So rush in and force him to melee attack. If you
did not do so before the lights puzzle, make sure to load up on beneficial potions. Hack away and take
potions as needed. He has a ton of hit-points but with persistency, he will drop dead. Once he does, loot the
two keys, the Armor of the General, and the Secta Scroll. Head inside the little room and loot Uggnawt’s
chest. Do not be worried, this is not all you will get.
Golden Wyverns: Go through the second door and you will come to a room with two wyverns statues. Well
you guessed it, if you did not discover this for yourself, it is not as heart-pounding. The statues come to life
and you have two Golden Wyverns attacking you. Position yourself quickly around the back of one of the
obelisks, and only one of the Golden Wyverns can attack you. Kill them as quick as you can. It is a good to
use an antidote idea if you get too much poison stacked on you or it will greatly reduce your hit-points. Or
you can use Horbe the Herb Doctor’s value priced Dar Fish Oil (antidote). Once you kill the two Golden
Wyverns, head inside and lick your chops..! The treasure in this room is NICE…!
Lord Arameth – War Plans
Head back to talk with Lord Arameth. He will discuss with you a plan to build a militia to help you fight the
army that Lord Lothor is assembling in a few weeks in Darkmoore Plains. You are to push on and
eventually make your way to Darkmoore Plains. Before you head back out, it might be a good idea to turn in
your Secta Scrolls and sell your loot. At this point, hopefully you have studied what armor or weapons you
really want and are saving up for them. You have to decide what items you can use and what items you are
better off selling so far. If you are disciplined, you can save up quite a bit and get some Godly items to help
in your quest. When you are done messing around in St. Lorion, take the Recall Portal back to where you
last used it. Make your way away from the Great Tower heading west until you see a bridge on the right.
Take the bridge heading north and make your way to the east until you come to the Crypt of Nightmares.
Crypt of Nightmares
In the Crypt of Nightmares you will encounter the following types of mobs: Vampiric Savage, Mistress of
Death, Nightmare, and Freshly Summoned Bones. (Remember to use you anti-fear equipment when
approaching the Nightmares)
Make your way to the first door over the bridge. Pull the Vampiric Savage that is standing in the hall back to
the bridge and kill him. Next, wait until the Mistress of Death walks down to the end of the hall and surprise
attack her. Keep heading down the long hall north until you come to a door on the right. Pull the Vampiric
Savage from behind the wall and kill him. Next, rush down the hall quickly and kill the Nightmare standing
on the center wall. You will see a door on the left and the right. The right is locked, and that is the last door
you will go through to fight the named boss later. So open the left door into the Summoning Room.
Summoning Room: This is a tough room to clear, so be patient. Remember to save when you are able to kill
off s few mobs in this room. This will test your positioning and pulling skills.
Stand on the right side of the door, against the right wall and open the door. This way, the mobs inside will
not have a direct line of sight on you when you open it. Step back and away toward the locked door, and
come back up to the left side of the door you opened. Next, slowly step into the line of sight of only one of
the Freshly Summoned Bones and try to pull them into the hallway one or two at a time. When you do get
one or two to come, take them all the way down the hallway and through the open door. This way the other
mobs in that room do not run to their aid when one dies. Clear all of the Freshly Summoned bones straight
ahead. Now, clear the Vampiric Savages along the inside walls. The best method is to walk straight out into
the room slightly left or right and stand there until they make a move toward you. You can position yourself
so that you only pull the Vampiric Savages while the Mistress of Death casts on you. Leave the Mistress of
Death mobs last. Again, they will try and cast on you but just pull the other mobs back in the hallway and
they will stop and not follow most of the time. If they do follow, it is best to attack them first. Take potions
if you absolutely need to take on three mobs, sometimes it is worth just clearing them out of there.
Make sure to loot the bag of gold at the far west end of the Summoning Room. Once the room is clear
(remember this may take a bit as there are a lot of mobs in this room), step somewhere on the red floor
symbol on the ground toward the north end of the room. This will port you to a secret room. Loot both
chests then head down the hallway to the door at the end of the hall. This is a one way door and can only be
opened with the key that you get from the inside.
Four –Way Bridge: When you get to the Four-Way Bridge, it can get confusing. Here is what to do.
Stepping on the left side of the big square will cause you to make a right turn. Stepping on the right side of
the big square will cause you to go straight ahead. So let’s go straight ahead. Walk on the right side of the
big square and it will take you straight across to the east. Kill the one Mistress of Death at the right corner.
The door here you can not open yet so come back to it later. Head back to the big square and step on to the
left side, which will take you right going north. Kill the one Vampiric Savage in the right corner and then
head through the door.
Hall of Flames: When you first enter the hall, wait until the wandering Vampiric Savage walka to the end in
front of you. Get his attention and pull him back to the other room and kill him. Head back in and do the
same thing to the second Vampiric Savage that wanders the hall. Next thing will be navigating the Hall of
Flames. Carefully avoid the flames on the floor and make your way down to the west end of the hall. When
you get near the end of the flames, there will be one Nightmare toward the end of the hall that will attack
you. Quickly navigate the last few flames and get to the Nightmare in the corner away from the flames. Do
everything in your power to kill this Nightmare. Once you do, most of your headache is over.
Next, head into the next open room and rush the Mistress of Death in the left corner. Now take out the
Nightmare at the end of the room. * Remember that if you get dazed, you can still walk around and avoid
being attacked so do this if the Nightmare dazes you. Save your game in case you die going back through
the flames. Loot the chest, then make your way carefully back through the Hall of Flames and to the FourWay Bridge again. Step on the right side of the big square so that you head straight to the south. Do not
approach the door yet. Rush the Mistress of Death in the left corner. Head back to the bridge and get the
attention of the Vampiric Savage and kill him. Next head toward the door and try to open it. Before you do,
a trap will spring and port you into Nightmare Hall.
Nightmare Hall: This room is tough, scary, and somewhat confusing to navigate. As soon as you step
forward, the lights are going to go out. And when you are blind, you tend to miss a lot of attacks. One trick
here is to get the attention of one mob, run it back to the entrance wall and use your stone of recall. Rest up,
port back and fight the mob in the light. Rinse and repeat until the two front mobs are dead.
Make your way up to the Black Crate. You can not open it yet until you get the key. Head up the path east
and run past the Mistress of Death. Run until you see a wall then run around to the glowing portal. Do not
step use the portal yet but stand in front of it. The lights will come back on. Now head back and kill the
Mistress of Death on the other side of the wall. Loot the key on her and go open the Black Crate. There is a
nice shield inside called Shield of the Death Knight. Now go use the portal which will take you back to the
Four-Way Bridge room.
Head south and open that door. This time, you will not trigger a trap that ports you away. Head left down
the hall and kill the Vampiric Savage. Then enter the Room of Lights.
Room of Lights: The trick to this puzzle is noticing what color is shining on the chest across the room.
When you first look at the chest, the color is green. So looking at the colors ahead of you, yellow and blue
make green, so step into the red light. You will now get ported on the other side of the wall. Notice this
time that the color on the chest is orange. Red and yellow make orange, so step into the blue light. This will
port you across the deep chasm. Now notice that the chest is purple. Blue and red make purple, so step into
the yellow light. Now notice that the chest is light blue. Blue and white make light blue, so step in between
the blue and white light. Bingo, you can loot the chest! Take the portal out.
*if you get ported out the the slow hall, just remember what color you took to get back where you were…
Now, head down the hall all the way to the west. This is where you would port to if you were wrong about
the lights. The reason we want to go this way is to loot the treasure and kill the Mistress of Death. Do not
head toward the blocked hallway as your run speed will drop by 50 to 75%. Head back to the Four-Way
Bridge. This time, step on the left side of the big square to make a right turn. Head east and unlock that
door. Loot the chest. Inside is the final key you need to open the main boss’s door. Head back past the
Summoning Room and open that locked door. Head forward down the hall to the last door.
At this point, use your Stone of Recall and sell your loot. To save you time of figuring it out on your own,
buy a Ring of Knockdown from the Wonderful Wizardry shop. Also load up on every beneficial potion. If
you have the gold, spend the 14k on the Belt of the Stable Mind from Voltair’s Armor Shop (if you do not
have the ring). Use the Recall Portal to port back where you stoned out.
Octuleye, the Nighmare: SAVE GAME. This monster will truly test your perseverance. You have to load
up on every potion imaginable. As soon as you run inside the room, the door will shut and lock behind you.
Open the door, run in, and attack Octuleye. Take a speed potion right away to get as much damage as you
can on him. If he petrifies you, unfortunately it is all over. That is the one major nasty skill he can do to you
so roll your lucky dice he does not land that. Attack, attack, attack as much as you can and keep using speed
potions when it wears off, for maximum melee attacks. Eventually the statues will come to life, one by one
around the room. If Octuleye is near death or low on health, forget the statues. Kill Octuleye at all costs.
But if Octuleye is badly wounded or higher, kill the statue then focus your attacks back on Octuleye.
Eventually, the big eye will fall. And this is worth rejoicing! Kill off remaining statues that may still spawn.
When all is clear in the room, loot Octuleye and grab the scroll. Also loot the chest in the room. The chest
will have the Burrowwood Bridge Key in it, which you will need to advance. Head back to the Great Tower
and head south along the road. Eventually you will see a transporter on the bridge. Click it to activate it,
click it again to port to Burrowwood.
Once you are in Burrowwood, pray that the sun is not going down. When the sun goes down, Burrowwood
gets very dark and it makes it a lot harder to see the mobs or position your character correctly. Here you will
face the Soul Draining Mantis and the fierce Protector of the Forlorn mobs.
Head to the bridge and use your gate key. Make you way west until you come to a wall. Following it around
to the right, be careful of the Protectors of the Forlorns. They guard the temple entrance and the ruins there.
You basically want to carefully clear out all the Protectors of the Forlorn in the ruins. Once you do, look for
Bodfly’s Residence. Do not go in it yet, because you will not be able to, however, stand in the stone circle
and face southeast. Head southeast until you run into a small ruin. Lying on the ground inside of it will be a
Rusty Tower Key.
Storage Tower: Now that you have the key, make your way to the northeast section of this zone and look for
a small storage tower. Open the door and enjoy some of the fine loot (make sure you see the +3 Handaxe on
the ground). Now head back to the Temple of Forlorn (by Bodfly’s Residence) and head inside. If you have
not done so already, clear all of the Burrowwood zone and look for all the hidden treasures. You also might
want to use your Stone of Recall and go sell, upgrade etc. at this point.
Temple of the Forlorn
Here you will face the mobs called Ashes of Sarrow, Risen Ashes, Solitary Archers, and Moltorr the Mad.
If you want a challenge, the break-in to the first part of this dungeon will test you. You will have to use your
bow / crossbow perhaps and strategically make your way across the main bridge into the center of the
temple. This will take some time to clear and for some will be quite fun. Those wanting less of a challenge
should do this… Take an invisible potion and run all the way north until you see the tower with the force
field. Get behind that and start killing mobs from there. It makes it a LOT easier to start there than from the
entrance. Ignore the Force Field Mechanism for you if you happen to see it. You do not have what you need
yet to activate it.
The first area you want to go is over to the southeast. You need to get inside the first lightning condenser
room in the southeast corner. To do so, you will have to open the main gate to get there. Kill the mobs in
the way until you see a gate on the other side of the lava. This gate will be locked and you have to find the
Gate Lever that will unlock it. Head southwest until you see the fence that has the gate in the center. You
have to go through that gate and head south. Against the wall there will be a Gate Lever. Push the Gate
Lever and head back to the main gate to the southeast lightning condenser room. Open the gate and head
into the room. (Doing all of this will be trickier if you do not clear the mobs from the entrance first)
Lightning Condenser Room 1: Kill the one Solitary Archer that occupies this room. Next, head down into
the pit where the Lightning Condenser is located. This is where it gets interesting. Once you go down
inside, you will be sucked in by the vacuum of the condenser. The only way out is to destroy the Lightning
Condenser. This will alert some Risen Ashes to come and stop you. Kill the Risen Ashes as they appear
then return to killing the condenser until it is destroyed. This will stop the lightning from being harnessed.
You will see a rune case on the floor. Loot the Charged Condenser Crystal inside of it and then head out of
the pit.
Next, look for the Door Lever on the floor in the northwest corner. That will open the door on the north
wall. Go inside this small room and you will notice a Miniature Dragon Statue. Did you notice the giant
dragon statue out on the main floor? You can not get by or destroy the large dragon statue. But if you
destroy the small dragon statue, it destroys the giant dragon statue out on the main floor, and now you can
get by it. So destroy the Miniature Dragon Statue! And then head back out to the main floor.
Lightning Condenser Room 2: Head northeast and go through where the giant dragon statue was into the
next lightning condenser room. Kill the Solitary Archer in the room. Next, go down into the pit and repeat
what you did in the first lightning condenser room (this room will have one more Risen Ashes attacking you
than the first condenser pit had). Once the Lightning condenser is destroyed, open the rune case and grab the
Charged Condenser Crystal.
Next, head to the southwest corner of this room, and activate the Door Lever on the ground. This will unlock
the door that is on the north wall of this room. Go inside and loot the chest. Grab the nice treasure and the
Ring of the Obelisk.
Lightning Condenser Room 3: From condenser room 2, head west back past the Force Field Tower into the
northwest corner. You should see a large obelisk blocking your path into the next room. Equip the Ring of
the Obelisk in the bottom ring slot and go stand right in front of the obelisk. The ring’s magic will cause the
obelisk to explode and clear the path for you to get into the next condenser room.
Enter the room and kill the Solitary Archer to the right side of the room. Enter the pit with the lightning
condenser in it and repeat the steps the same as the previous rooms (this room will have two more Risen
Ashes attacking you than the first condenser pit had). When the Lightning Condenser is destroyed, loot the
rune case and grab the Charged Condenser Crystal. Get out of the pit and head to the south side of the room.
Loot the chest that is against the upper pit wall. Inside will be a Condenser Room Key. This key will fit the
locked door going into the last lightning condenser room toward the southwest corner.
Lightning Condenser Room 4: Take your new key and head southwest until you see the same gate situation
as you did before. You have to go through the fence gate by the lava and find the Gate Lever toward the
back wall. Flip the Gate Lever and then head back to the condenser room gate, and it will be unlocked.
Make your way to the locked door and use your key.
Once inside the last condenser room, kill the Solitary Archer. Move down inside the pit and repeat as in all
the rooms prior to this. You will have a total of 5 Risen Ashes to deal with this time so make sure you potion
up before going into the pit, and have plenty of heal potions. When the Lightning Condenser is destroyed,
head back out of the pit and loot the chest at the north side of the room. Loot the Lava Boots.
Put on the Lava Boots and head over to where the giant dragon statue was, and you should see a red arrow on
the floor next to the lava. If you have the Lava Boots on, you will run across the lava to the other side. Loot
the chest and grab the Ring of Fire. Head back out to the Force Field Mechanism.
Force Field Mechanism: Now that you have the four Charged Condenser Crystals you can use the Force
Field Mechanism. Click on it and the force field at the tower door will disappear and you will be able to
enter now. Head inside the tower door and you will be on the upper floor.
Moltorr the Mad: Equip the Lava Boots and the Ring of Fire. Use all beneficial potions. When you go
through the gate, the door will close behind you. The only way it will open back up is if you have the Secta
Scroll on Moltorr the Mad.
Attack Moltorr and prepare to use potions. With your fire resistance gear on, he is not nearly as bad as
without it on. He will throw a special attack on you called Fire Tornado. Without fire resistance, this will
eat you up fast. Once he is dead, loot the scroll. Also make sure to loot his chest in the back of the room.
Inside the chest will be Bodfly’s Back-up House Key. You will need this key to get inside Bodfly’s
residence. Head back outside of the Temple of the Forlorn and head to Bodfly’s Residence.
Bodfly’s Residence
Enter Bodfly’s Residence and go open his desk. Inside you will loot a letter that explains his mastery in
poisons that affect the mind. Matter of fact, Bodfly played a vital role in the success of the Undead Army’s
invasion over St. Lorion because of his poisons that affect the mind. You also get confirmation that Bodly
did in fact kidnap your Father from St. Lorion.
Loot the crate and grab the Armor of the Hidden. Go click on the throw rug to reveal the large crawl hole
that was underneath. Read your journal and learn that you better get well prepared before going after
Bodfly. Take your Recall Stone back and go talk to Lord Arameth. He will educate you that the Voltair’s
Armor and Wonderful Wizardry have been working on items for sale for the militia, and you can go
purchase one of the items at those two places. The Belt of the Stable Mind at Voltair’s shop is a lot cheaper
than the ring that Geoffry sells at Wonderful Wizardry and they both do the same thing. I would stick to the
belt because it also has +1 constitution on as a bonus.
After you talk with Lord Arameth and have purchased one of the mind magic immunity items, use the Recall
Portal and Head back. Enter the large crawl hole and make your way to the gate. Open the gate and load up
on beneficial potions. As you step in, Bodfly will run up to you and start a conversation. After learning
Bodfly plays a major role for the Undead Legion, you two go to battle.
Bodfly has some serious sneak attack so as you take potions or try and reposition yourself during the fight,
remember that. Now that you have mind immunity gear equipped, it is not a bad battle at all. Just stand toe
to toe with him and take healing potions as needed. When he is dead, loot the scroll on him and make sure to
loot the chest and crate within that room. There are some valuable items to grab. Lastly, for some extra
experience and good deeds, destroy the rune casing on the floor and release the poor tortured souls trapped
inside. You will gain 550 experience for doing it, and you can set the souls free.
Head back to Burrowwood and head north until you come to the bridge. Use the key you looted from
Bodfly’s Hideout to open the bridge gate. Head into the next area called Darkmoore Plains.
Darkmoore Plains
Once you are in Darkmoore Plains, you are supposed to scout the area and see if you can find anything of
importance for Lord Arameth. The first thing to do is head northeast along the cliffs and look for the dead
tree. Click on the dead tree and head down to the beach below (you need a rope to do this, purchased off a
Traveling Merchant in either city). Once you are on the beach, head north until you see an old sea cave and
head inside.
Old Pirate Cave: Hopefully you still have your metal detector. Start running over the piles of sand until you
find the Old Rusty Pirate Chest Key. Go up on the platform and loot the chest. There is a really nice pirate
sword called the Scimitar of Pearlbeard. You can either use this or sell it for some very nice gold. Next,
head south by the door and activate the Floor Lever. Now head to the far north side of the room, behind the
platform, and loot the Old Explosive Barrel. Now go to the small platform of ribcage bones and stand in the
middle of it, where you see the dusty mist. This will port you to the secret room
Head east down the tiled hall first and loot the second Old Explosive Barrel. Next head back to the other
iron door and open it (the lever you flipped earlier unlocks this door). Go inside and loot the gold. Now
head back outside and head to where the dead tree was again. You will climb back up to the upper cliffs.
Next, head west into the open area until you come to the road, then cautiously, make your way to the north.
Your journal should be triggered and you should see a huge Undead Army assembling outside the Citadel.
You quickly write up the structure and makeup of their army. Head back to the bridge to Burrowwood and
use your Recall Stone again. Go talk to Lord Arameth immediately about a plan of action against the
Undead Legion Army.
Lord Arameth – Discussing Battle Plans
Head over and discuss the battle plans with Lord Arameth. You soon learn he has the army equipped and
ready to leave at any time. As long as you left the portals open along the way to Darkmoore Plains, (which
you did) the militia can make their way there. He also gives you a key to head into the Royal Room and loot
the Battle Chest. There is a REALLY nice bracer inside called the Bracer of the Golden Knight. Not to
mention a lot of nice treasure to sell.
Turn in any scrolls you have while you are here and make any armor or weapon adjustments if needed. Sell
any unneeded loot and stock up on potions.
Now head back and use the Recall Portal to go back to Darkmoore Plains.
Darkmoore Plains – The War
Stand on the bridge and walk out to the north. A very pleasant surprise happens where Commander Wilks
greets you on the battle field. After a short discussion with him, your militia shows up to help you defeat the
Undead Legion Army. Once you give the command, you see your golden army start to march down the
plains heading toward the Citadel. Take the time to use beneficial potions as you all walk toward battle.
As you and Commander Wilks discuss the battle plans, take note as to what is said. This information is very
important in winning the war. Stick to the battle plan and you can win. If you deviate from the plans, it is
uncertain if your outcome will be a positive one.
So when the battle happens, you need to eliminate some of their Skeletal Warriors. Take out as many of the
Soldiers as you can in the beginning, they are the easiest to kill. The more blades swinging that you can
eliminate can swing the battle in your favor because less of your troops will die. Once you eliminate a few
of their soldiers and archers, find War Master Arragus.
War Master Arragus: You need to try and kill a few troops to gain the edge for you men, but then you need
to pick up War Master Arragus until he is dead. He hits much harder than the others and has a ton of hitpoints. Once he is dead, look around for seriously wounded Legion first and kill those off. Then the next
most wounded etc. and help kill those off.
About 5 minutes into the war, you will see four HeavensGate militia show up to the fight. Lord Arameth
released them from St. Lorion to help out just in case. And it is much needed help. When they show up, and
you feel you have the edge, do a save game but make sure it is not over the save before you started the war.
Eventually you will eliminate all their troops and almost always, the nasty General Korrash will be left
killing your troops. Now is the time to all gang up on him and kill him. Once he is dead, save the game.
Before you talk to Commander Wilks, go around and loot ALL dead corpses. This will add up to a LOT of
valuables. Make sure to get the scrolls on General Korrash and War Master Arragus. When you are done
with looting all corpses, talk with Commander Wilks.
In talking with Commander Wilks, you realize that you have to find another way into the Citadel. The front
entrance is heavily secured and trapped. You found a key on General Korrash which will open the gate to
the northwest. Head through the gate and down onto the beach. Make your way north until you see a cave.
Go inside and you will be in the transition area into the Citadel Sewers.
Citadel Sewers
Here you will encounter the following mobs: Toxic Rats, Bats, and Sludge Fiends.
Walk up to the first debris pile you see ahead of you. Now that you have already found the explosive charge
in the Old Pirate Cave, set it in front of the debris pile and light the fuse (this is all done for you, just walk up
to the debris pile). Now walk up to the next debris pile and do the same. This will lead to a metal gate that
leads into the Citadel Sewers.
When you first enter the sewers, determine if you want to use your Stone of Recall to head back to St. Lorion
and sell all of that loot. Make sure you have potions for the large layout of the Citadel. Do any armor or
weapon upgrades that you have wanted to and may have saved up gold for. You might as well turn in your
scrolls as well since you are in St. Lorion. When done, use the Recall Portal and head back to the Sewers.
Citadel Sewers: Come up the stairs and make your way northeast. Head into the pump room and eliminate
the mobs in there. Go up on the platform and activate the floor lever. This will unlock the door we need to
use to go forward. Open the door and head east down the long hallway.
Bridge of Lights:
South Room- The first thing you want to do is get to the south room. From the beginning, step into this
sequence of lights: White / Blue / Red (north) / White (walk around to the west) and this will get you to the
room on the south. Kill the wandering Sludge Fiend and Noxious Bats. Head west, and loot the chest with
the red light beam coming out of it. Next head back to the lights and step into the Blue Light.
East Room- From taking the Blue light, now do this sequence: White (north) / Blue (west) / Blue (east) /
Walk around wall to the east and step into the Red light. This will get you into the East Room. Kill the
Sludge Fiends and Toxic Rats (be careful here because they can really gang up on you). Once they are
killed, head to the north and activate the door lever at the far end. Now head back and step into the Green
North Room- You are now at the beginning again. Here is how to get to the North Room now in the
following sequence: White / around wall to the Blue (east) / White (north) / Blue (west) / Blue (east) / This
time, walk east and stay on the inside of the wall to the White light. Now you are in the North Room. From
here, kill the two Sludge Fiends guarding the door. This is the door you unlocked with the Door Lever
earlier. Make your way through the door and into the hall.
From here, head east and open the door to the room on the right and go inside. Loot the chest and grab the
Explosive Charge. Head back out and to the bridge.
When on the bridge, make your way to the far west end first, do not take the first right yet. When you get to
the far end, pull on the Pull Chain hanging from the ceiling. This will trigger the wall barricade up ahead to
disappear and now you can move forward. Head back down the bridge and take the left turn on the bridge,
heading north, then east down to the end. From here follow the hall around until you get to a few rooms.
Clear those and then use your Explosive Charge on the debris pile at the end. This will gain you access to
the first floor of the Citadel of Anguish.
Citadel of Anguish – Lower Level
Here you will encounter Undead Workers, Undead Guardsman, Furious Jailors, Undead Bowman, and
Lieutenant Gorn.
Make your way to the carefully to the north (just be careful not to allow too many of the mobs to gang up on
you when you move north. Strategically pull them one at a time). Make sure to be patient and single-pull the
Guardsman that pace up and down the halls. Make your way to the north and take the stairs up that lead into
the Jail Cells.
Jail Cells: Be very careful to pull the Furious Jailors one at a time. If you let two of the Furious Jailors gang
up on you, the one you are not attacking will constantly sneak attack you and that will mean a quick death.
So use some skill and patience here to get them single. There is a trade off with these mobs, they will eat
you up if you allow them to sneak attack you, but you also get to have critical strikes against them. Make
your way around the jail cells until you encounter Lieutenant Gorn.
Lieutenant Gorn: Kill him and loot his corpse. Read the letter on him from Lord Lothor. You will discover
that Lord Lothor realizes the only way you can reach him in the Citadel is through the sewers. He has
Lieutenant Gorn and his men on alert if you were to enter through the jail cells. Lord Lothor greatly
underestimates your power. You also realize that when you reach the main floor of the Citadel of Anguish,
that there is some kind of Red Army that Lord Lothor brags about. You better be cautious when time comes
to enter the main floor.
Loot the chest where Lieutenant Gorn was standing (it is located inside one of the jail cells). Next, activate
the Electric Gate Lever in the last jail cell and then make your way into the large training room with all of
the Undead Bowman in it.
Undead Training Room: This can be a tricky room to clear. You can not just run in and stay there because
the Undead Bowman will eat you alive. Grab the attention of the Undead Legion Warrior standing toward
the middle left of the room. Pull him back and finish him off. Then head back to the doorway. Next,
quickly run in to the left and hug the wall and turn into the first doorway you see to the left side. Open the
door and run inside, turn right around the corner. If any of the Undead Bowman followed, kill them off and
then heal up to full health. Head north down this hallway and open the door at the end.
Carefully kill the mobs in this room and the look for the Electric Gate Lever. Activate that lever and then
make sure to loot the chest at the other end of the room. Inside will be the key you need to access the middle
level of the Citadel. Next head back to the Undead Training Room and clear all the mobs in there. Loot the
weapon rack and the head down into the south hallway.
From here make your way around to the barracks. Take a right into the first barracks room. Kill the Undead
Worker. Take note of a “locked” chest in the far corner. The key is in another room, so when you get the
key, note where this chest was located (a helpful tip is to use a map pin on your map screen. On your map,
click on the “Add Map Pin” feature at the upper left and place a map pin in the location of where the chest is.
Name it what you want). Head back out and go right down the hall. Take a right into the next barracks
room. Stand back and away and grab the attention of the Undead Guardsman, pulling him out to the hall
single. Then go in the room and fight the Undead Legion Warrior and kill him. Loot the Hallway Key from
him which will gain access to the first door leading to the middle floor of the Citadel.
Next go to the third room on the right and kill the two Undead Legion Warriors. Look for the Barracks
Chest Key lying on the ground between the beds. Take that key and head back to the first room and open the
Continue down the hall to the north. The next shut door that you see on the right, is the main hallway to the
Citadel’s middle level. If you open the door with your key, you will notice that there is still one wall that has
not been triggered open yet. So head back into the hallway and head north until you see the first door on the
right. Go inside and kill the Undead Guardsman. There is nothing else in this room, so head back out to the
hallway, head north, and open the next door to the right. Kill the two Undead Workers in this room and flip
the Electric Gate Lever in the northeast corner. Do not forget to loot the bag of gold either.
At this point you can technically head back down the main hallway and enter the Citadel of Anguish, Middle
Level, however, go to the last barracks room and grab the Potion of Heal lying on the ground behind the
dresser. After that is done, head to the Citadel’s middle level. Kill the Undead Guardsman in the way.
Citadel of Anguish – Middle Level
Here you will face the following mobs: Angry Armorsmith, Undead Guardsman, Undead Butcher, Undead
Chef, Undead Worker, Undead Bowman and Freshly Animated Skeletons and the Grand Summoner.
When you first enter this level, you will be attacked quickly. You must attack the Angry Armorsmith first or
he will sneak attack you and kill you quickly. Loot all the weapon racks because there are some nice
weapons to sell. Next, destroy the bookcase and go through the crawl space to the secret room. Flip the
Gate Lever and go back to the main room. The wall will now be open. Make your way north into the
armorsmith rooms.
The Undead Armorsmith Rooms: Carefully clear all of the armorsmith rooms until the last one. You must
pull the Angry Armorsmiths one at a time because the sneak attacks will kill you fast. Activate the Gate
Lever in the second room and loot the Kitchen Key in the far room. Next head back to the hallway and head
The Undead Kitchens: Make you way through the all of the small kitchens. Kill the mobs in the way you
find best works for you. Keep in mind that the Undead Chefs will cast because they are wizards, so kill them
first or stay out of their line of sight. Eventually you will come to a long hallway which leads to a large
Carefully kill all of the mobs in this room, the head around to the other side of the large debris pile you see to
the right. Loot the Treasure Key that is on the ground. Next, head to the doorway of the next room and grab
the attention of the Undead Worker in the center. Pull him out and kill him. Next, walk just into the room
and grab the attention of the Undead Legion Warrior in the inside left corner and take him a ways backwards
and kill him. The next part is a little tricky and it is best to plan on using some heal potions. The last mob in
the middle section of the room is an Undead Bowman. He will stand there and just shoot arrows at you. So
you can shoot arrows at him or run up and attack him. When you do however, an Undead Guardsman and an
Undead Legion Warrior will come to his aid from the next room. Pull those two far back and kill them off,
taking as many potions as needed. If the Undead Bowman comes, kill him first, then the Undead
Guardsman, the leave the Undead Legion Warrior last. You always want to kill the easiest mobs first so you
do not take extra attacks. The final step involving this large room, is to go into the last segment and use your
key to open the Treasure Chest. There is some nice loot in there. Next, head through the final doorway to
the bridges.
Water Bridges: When you are at the Water Bridges, run out quickly until you see the first Undead Bowman
and kill him quickly. As soon as he is dead, run forward and grab the attention of the Undead Guardsman in
the next room. Pull him all the way back to the prior, segmented room, and kill him.
Now run over the first bridge and into the next covered area and keep out of sight of the Undead Bowman.
This requires you to stand just inside the first hallway. You will encounter an Undead Guardsman there and
a wandering Undead Legion Warrior. Kill those two and the head down the hall and kill the Undead
Guardsman standing at the end. If the Undead Bowman have followed you, and are behind the fence by the
hall, you can kill them through the fence. Continue forward around the halls until you come to another
bridge. Grab the Heal Potion in the corner. Head out onto the bridge and take the first left. Make your way
to the small room and activate the Floor Lever there. Go back along the bridges heading north and then hang
a right until you see the door. Because you activated the floor lever earlier, this door is now unlocked.
Reanimation Room: The next large room has a bunch of mobs in it so take your time and kill them off with
methods of your own. There is a chest to loot in this room but you must first deal with a little trap that they
created for you. Head into the hallway to the right side of this room, heading south, and open the iron gate.
Trap Room: Once you step inside this room, the door will shut behind you and there are five mobs in this
room. At first only the two Undead Workers and an Undead Guardsman should attack you. So kill them and
use potions as needed to survive. Kill the last Undead Bowman in the far right corner. Then kill the Undead
Guardsman that is probably attacking you, who came from the far left corner. Once the mobs are dead make
sure to do all of the following: activate the floor lever in the small room to the south, activate the floor lever
in the center of the room (this one can be tricky, keep walking toward it until you get it to move), and grab
the Treasure Key on the floor in the round room to the northeast. Head back out to the main room. Loot the
treasure chest and make sure to loot the +3 sword in the far left corner of this room.
Reanimation Chamber: Next, head over to the door to the southeast part of the room, to the right of the exit
to the Citadel Main Level. Inside is the Reanimation chamber and have a blast killing all the Freshly
Animated Skeletons. End them now before they morph into something more powerful. Kill the Grand
Summoner, ending their role in helping the Undead Legion build more army troops. This can be trickier
than it sounds, as all the Freshly Animated Skeletons will try and stop you from reaching the Grand
Summoner. Try to rush in and hug the right wall, head around the wall and get to the Grand Summoner
before all of the Freshly Summoned Skeletons interfere. Once you are done, head to the main exit and stop
before taking the stairs up.
You are about to enter the main floor to the Citadel of Anguish. At this point, go back and sell, upgrade to
your final dream weapon or armor, etc. Then stone back and get ready to face Lothor’s Red Army.
Citadel of Anguish – Final Floor
* Before you enter, you should have saved enough gold to buy some of the epic rings or helmets available
for sale. So if you have not done so already, make sure you equip yourself well for this final drive for
Here you will encounter the following mobs: Soulstone Warrior, Elite Soulstone Warrior, Insane Undead
Rogues, and Lord Lothor.
Take an invisible potion and enter the main floor of the Citadel of Anguish. Turn left and hug the wall and
run all the way into the southwest corner. The door will shut and lock behind you (there is a trick to open it
though, trigger the floor lever in the small round room to the northeast then head back through the small
beam of red light on the floor. Hug the wall until you get to the door and it should now be open). Kill the
first Soulstone Warrior along the wall and you will probably get another one attacking. There is another
Soulstone Warrior that will patrol that corner so either wait for him to leave or plan on fighting three in a
row. Use potions to stay alive until these first two or three are dead. You can now stage your battle plan
from this corner.
Clear this first room entirely, you will also notice some Elite Soulstone Warriors wandering up and down the
main hall. Kill them as well. Make your way to the Halls of the Elite, which is the long hallway with
sections in it. Each section contains an Elite Soulstone Warrior that you must kill. Clear the entire hall,
grabbing one Elite Soulstone Warrior at a time, until they are all dead.
Opening the Main Door: Next you will come to the main Citadel entrance, which is the same entrance that
you tried to get into outside in Darkmoore Plains. You must now work to open this main door so that your
army can get inside and help kill Lord Lothor. Clear the room, pulling mobs carefully back into the hall and
killing them. Once the room is clear, go to each corner and activate the Wall Levers. Next, shut down each
of the Electro Static Condensers by clicking on them twice, once to open the panel and a second time to
power them down. This will shut down the electro static trap and the force field. You must now find a way
to unlock the main door and open that last wall blocking the way.
Head down the hallway to the southeast and kill the Elite Soulstone Warrior wandering the hall. Make your
way down the hall until you see the giant soul stone room.
Saving your Father: You discover your Father lying hopeless on the ground with almost his entire life
essence drained from his body. You quickly move him out of the soul crystal’s draining abilities to stop his
slow death. You must find a way to open the main Citadel entrance to get your Father to safety and to make
sure that you have help on the way. You must act fast because moving your Father might have signaled Lord
Lothor and made him aware of your presence in the Citadel.
The Insane Rogues: Do not head north from the soul crystal, which is the way to Lord Lothor’s chamber.
Activate the Door Lever to the east in the small room. Now, head south down the halls into the rogues
quarters. Very carefully pull the Insane Undead Rogues single or the will tear you apart with their sneak
attacks. Use you skills and go any direction you want to clear their chambers. The other thing to consider is
not to kill them too close to the other hidden rogues or they will come to aid their fallen comrade. The
aggression range of a dying mob is rather large so it is best to pull the rogues somewhere out of range of the
Find the circular room and flip the Wall Lever there (this will open that last wall blocking the main
entrance). Find the chest in the northwest hall and loot the Citadel Main Entrance Key. Head back to the
main Citadel Entrance.
Assembling Your Army: Open the door to the Citadel’s main entrance and head outside. You are relieved to
see Commander Wilks and some troops waiting for you to open the door. Speak with Commander Wilks
and he will send two of his men to go inside and take your Father back to St. Lorion and tend to his heath.
Once the conversation is done, Commander Wilks and his troops will head in to Lothor’s Chamber and meet
you there for the final war against the Undead Legion.
Eliminating the Powerful Lord Lothor: Go back inside the Citadel of Anguish, and head back to the giant
soul crystal room again. This time, take the stairs up upward to the north and into the first room. Eliminate
the Elite Soulstone Warriors along the way. Use the portal door on the platform. Now you will face two
Elite Soulstone Warriors at the same time. Kill one down and simply port back until and heal up. Repeat the
process until both are dead. Now, head into Lord Lothor’s Chamber.
Lord Lothor’s Chamber: Use you Stone of Recall and make sure you have everything you need for this final
battle. Bring healing potions (to be safe have a stack of 10 to 15), although if done correctly, you will not
have to use that many. The final battle can go many ways and it is best to be fully prepared.
Head inside to where Lord Lothor is standing. You will also see your army along with Commander Wilks
ready to do battle. Use all the beneficial potions you can and then speak to Lord Lothor. When the
conversation is over, the battle to eliminate the Undead Legion has begun. If you fail, Lord Lothor will
rebuild and the living as we know it will eventually be eliminated.
The Final Battle – Lord Lothor
* Put on as much fire resistance gear as you can before this fight begins. It will help tremendously on Phase
two of the fight. Once you cross the Lothor’s Bridges you are stuck inside his statue room.
Phase 1: When Lord Lothor attacks, he will summon his statues alive into eight Elite Soulstone Warriors.
At this point you MUST help kill a few of the Elite Soulstone Warriors on each side so that they do not
overwhelm your troops. Failing to do this part means you will not win. Once you feel you have helped your
troops enough, and that they have control of the final Elite Soulstone Warriors, start helping attack Lord
Phase 2: You have to do a certain amount of damage to Lord Lothor in order to knock out a soul barrier on
his armor. When you see Lord Lothor cast the Time Stop spell, get away from his as soon as you can and
plan on using a potion right away when the damage hits you. Once you eliminate the soul barrier on his
armor, the two walls in the corners will disappear and expose the two Soul Encasings on the ground. As
soon as you see these walls disappear, you must head to each Soul Encasing and destroy them. Lord Lothor
gets extra power from those and each one you destroy will reduce his hit-points by 1000. He will also
experience a great amount of pain so it is well worth doing it. (This part can be a LOT trickier if he blinds
you at the right time because you will have to guess when the walls come down or run over to check
Phase 3: Now it comes down to who can kill who faster. Hopefully Commander Wilks is not Petrified or
taking out of the fight at this point. You have to kill Lord Lothor as fast as you can. Take out his summoned
creatures every time you see one as that will cause him to cast a new one and not melee attack with his soul
dagger. Eventually, Lord Lothor will fall and the Undead Legion will be no more. Congratulations!
* To be truly honorable, you should beat Lord Lothor with Commander Wilks still alive. But if by chance
you scrape by and kill him on your own, Commander Wilks will wake up from consciousness and be able to
speak with you.
Loot the Secta Srcoll and Lord Lothor’s Key. This will open his treasure vault in the back of his chamber.
Go loot the treasure and then talk to Commander Wilks. Take your Stone back to St. Lorion and then head
into the Temple of Holy Sanctity for the last Sectra Scroll ceremony.
Final Ceremonies
Handing in the last Secta Scroll to Father Agusta will cause him to secure it in place with the magic
encasing. From here he will rejoice about it and give you some compliments. Then he magically seals them
all together for one last security measure. At this point he will ask if you are ready to join the master
ceremony in your honor that Lord Arameth and Prince Valian have assembled.
You will then be ported into the Ceremony Auditorium for your honorary celebration. You will get
promoted to Master Protector of the Militia!
Congratulations on beating HeavensGate 2: Islands of the Undead Legion! This concludes the walk-through.
Secret Tokens
There are eight secret tokens to find. There is a token map found in the desk in your master bedroom,
explaining which zones the tokens can be found. There is a secret token bag, found in the desk in your
master bedroom, which should be used to store the tokens in. You will need the bag on turn in to Merrit the
Game Guide once you find all eight of them. When you find all eight of the tokens, turn them in to Merrit
the Game Guide for a special prize. Finding each token is also written in the specific zone in which it is
City Sewers: Head right down the hall, then another right until you see a crate. Look right on the floor and
you will see a small crawl hole. Head into the secret room and you will find this token in the chest.
HeavensGate: Head along the western wall until you see some stairs leading up to a platform. On top of the
platform will be a bunch of crates. Behind the crates will be a small, hidden transition, leading down into a
hidden room. You will need to purchase a “rope” from the Traveling Merchant in order to climb down this
hole. The token is down in this room.
Residential District: You have to do the Faldo the Fun hide and seek game. In the north wall area, look for
something called Faldo’s Box. You can only move the box if you are playing Faldo’s game. Click on
Faldo’s Box twice and it will magically slide backward, allowing you to enter that area. Enter the small
crawl hole and enter the secret room. Loot the chest and get your first gold Faldo ring. Head over to the
corner where the Cracked Urn is. Break it to reveal another crawl hole. Go inside there and loot the axe
called The Tree Cutter. Head back out to the Residential District.
Head west again and look for the Hollow Tree to the left. Take the axe and chop the tree down to a trunk.
Loot the Hollow Trunk for the secret token of the Residential District.
Wind Crest Island: On Wind Crest Island, head around to the Eastern side until you see a few large boulders
along the cliff. Around the corner from these boulders you should see a small crawl hole on the ground.
Head inside to the secret cave. Once in the secret cave, pick through the fungus patches until you find the
chest key. Find the key and then open the chest to find your secret token for Wind Crest Island.
Flooded Caverns: Inside the Flooded Caverns, make your way to the second set of bridges until you see the
giant Dragon Guardian Statue. Head east to the small door leading into the room. Do a back-up save at this
point. Once inside the room, the door will shut and lock behind you. You have now entered the domain of
the Construct of Elements and he is not happy. The trick to this fight is avoiding his floating eye coming
near you at all, anytime during the fight. The eye is slower, so you CAN avoid it but it is tricky. Sometime
during the fight quickly loot the Dead Adventurer on the ground and gain an extra critical potion, it will
come in handy. Basically run around the room in a big circle, gauging the distance that his Eye is from you
at all times. Don’t get greedy, take one or two swings on the Construct, then move on again, distancing you
from the Eye. Eventually you will kill the Construct and that will also kill his Eye. If you are blind during
the fight, hang in there and keep a slow, wide circle going around the edge until light comes back on. Loot
the Dragon Crown off of the Construct and head back out to the golden light beam.
Now if you messed with the Dragon Guardian Statue before this, you probably noticed you can not do
anything to it. Matter of fact, if you try to bash it, you will take some serious electrical damage. The trick
here is to put on the Dragon Crown, then walk into the solid beam of golden light. When you hear the
energy come to life around you, take notice all of the new gold beams of light now visible because of the
Crown’s magic. Now that you can see the light beams, step into each one until the lightning gets discharged
from the Dragon Guardian Statue. When you discharge enough electricity, the Dragon Statue will explode
and disintegrate. Step beyond and into the little cove. Loot the secret token of the Flooded Caverns.
Shipping Docks / Warehouse: Head into the warehouse in the Shipping Docks district and look for the desk
with the papers on it. Behind there is a concealed crawl hole. Climb through to enter the secret room. Loot
your secret token Shipping Docks.
The Dark Alley: At the docks area, southwest of the bridge, take the ramp down into the water and swim
around the buildings until you come up on to another dock. Loot the chest and get your secret token Dark
The Great Arena: Head around to the back side of the Great Arena and look for a stone pile called, “Pile of
Brittle Stones”. Loot the stones and then break them apart to reveal a small crawl hole underneath. Crawl
through the cavern and up to the other side. Loot the chest and get your secret token Great Arena.
Brad W Bartram
December 1, 2011
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