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Program Highlight
Children’s Integrated Services
 A newborn baby boy who had trouble feeding in his first few days of life is now home with his parents.
He is doing very well with feeding now, but they are worried about whether he is getting enough to eat.
 A couple has just married and joined their two sets of children into one household. The youngest child,
a 4-year-old boy, is having a hard time adjusting. He refuses to do things for himself that he could do
independently before, and he has a lot of trouble falling asleep at bedtime. His father and stepmother
are struggling to learn how to co-parent and aren’t sure what they can do that might help him.
 A woman is visiting her brother at his home, who does not work because of a disability. He is the father
of a 10-month-old girl, and he is her primary caregiver. His sister points out that her children were all
crawling by the time they were his daughter’s age, while she is not. He starts to wonder whether there
are things he can be doing with her at home to help her learn new skills.
 A young woman is pregnant with her first baby and has lots of questions about how she is going to care
for the baby once it’s born. She is worried about everything from breastfeeding to how she is going to
afford everything the baby is going to need.
What do all of these families have in common? All of them have questions about their young children
and their families, and are looking for guidance and support in finding the answers. Every year, hundreds
of families like these have found the help they were looking for by connecting with Children’s Integrated
Services at the Orange County Parent Child Center.
Children’s Integrated Services, otherwise known as CIS, is a collection of services that provide support and
resources to families with young children across Vermont. These services are free, voluntary, and available
to all Vermonters regardless of insurance or length of residence. The name reflects the integration of
several different services who serve the same population: expecting families and those with children 6
years of age and under. The integration of these services allows for greater collaboration between service
providers, which results in better care and support of families. Although CIS is a statewide program, CIS
teams are made up of local providers who make administrative decisions around services on a regional
level. CIS services include Family Support, Nursing, Early Intervention, Early Childhood Mental Health,
Nurse Family Partnership, and Specialized Child Care.
The Orange County
Parent Child Center
Supporting Families…Building Community
We are one of 15 Parent Child Centers in Vermont.
All Parent Child Centers offer eight core services:
Home Visiting
Early Childhood Services
Parent Education
Parent Support
On-site Services
Information & Referral
Community Development
You can find our main office at
359 VT Route 110
Chelsea, VT 05038
Local: 1-802-685-2264
Toll Free: 1-888-685-2264
Updated January 2015
Each of these playgroups is open to children ages birth through age five years.
Playgroups are a wonderful way for parents and children to meet new people,
gain support and be introduced to new ideas in play.
South Royalton
West Fairlee*
9:00 –11:00 am
9:30 - 11:30 am
9:30 – 11:30am
9:30 – 11:00 am
9:00- 11:00 am
Grace Methodist Church/Elizabeth’s Park
First Congregational Church
White River Craft Center
United Church (on the green)
Westshire School, West Fairlee
*West Fairlee playgroup is not held
when school is not in session.
For more information or directions please contact the
Orange County Parent Child Center (OCPCC) at 888-685-2264
or visit
Playgroup updates and cancellations
are usually posted on our Facebook page!!!
Orange County Parent Child Center
Find us on
Children’s Integrated Services can provide many kinds of supports to families, from general parenting
support to specialized therapies. The strong connections between CIS providers result in easier navigation of
those services for families. For families involved with CIS, this means that they have a team of professionals
available to them who are committed to helping them achieve their goals. CIS services can take place in
families’ homes, out in the community, or in an office setting.
 CIS Family Support workers have a broad scope. They focus on helping families connect with their
community, coordinate appointments for complex or intensive needs, and support parents in
participating in the health and development of their children. A Family Support worker can do things
like: support parents in learning and practicing new parenting skills, help them connect with
community resources like playgroups and WIC, and administer developmental screenings to track
young children’s growth.
 CIS Nurses and NFP Nurses can help families who have low-risk medical needs. They can provide many
of the same supports as Family Support workers, and also have specialized medical knowledge to share
with families. CIS Nurses can do things like: help new moms with breastfeeding and nutrition
questions, weigh infants in their homes, and work closely with obstetricians and pediatricians to
monitor the health and growth of pregnant women and young children.
 Early Childhood Mental Health clinicians focus on supporting families whose children have behavioral
and/or social-emotional needs. ECMH clinicians might do things like: visit preschools to help children
whose social skills are preventing them from having positive peer relationships, see clients in their
offices for private therapy sessions, and visit families in their homes to support parents in meeting
their children’s behavioral needs.
 Early Intervention workers focus on educating and supporting families with children ages birth to three
who have a medical condition or developmental delay, or who are at risk for developmental delay.
Early Interventionists provide basic developmental information to parents, as well as specialized
therapies for identified delays. They can also connect parents to other programs to help them access
resources specific to their child’s medical condition or delay.
 Specialized Child Care Services can help families who need extra support in accessing child care for
their children. They can also provide support to early education programs, with the goal of
maintaining a system of high-quality childcare statewide.
In families’ own words:
If you have any questions about your child(ren), or Children’s Integrated Services,
please call OCPCC at 888-685-2264.
“The CIS Nursing services have helped me make sure my daughter is meeting her milestones. It is fun
when the nurse visits and we enjoy having someone to play with!”
All children’s story hours are open to all preschool age children unless otherwise noted.
Please call to confirm story times in advance.
Baldwin Memorial Library, Wells River
Bethel Public Library, Bethel
Blake Memorial Library, East Corinth
Bradford Public Library, Bradford
Chelsea Public Library, Chelsea
Fairlee Public Library, Fairlee
George Peabody Library, Post Mills
Kimball Public Library, Randolph
Kimball Public Library, Randolph
Latham Memorial Library, Thetford
Latham Memorial Library, Thetford
Morrill Memorial & Harris, Strafford
Rochester Public Library, Rochester
South Royalton Memorial Library
Tunbridge Public Library, Tunbridge
Vershire Community Library, Vershire
10:00 am
please call
please call
10:00 am
10:00 am
10:00 am
1 & 3 Tuesdays
10:00 am
Wednesday (school age)
3:30 pm
11:00 am
Friday (toddlers)
10:30 am
10:30& 12:15
Wednesdays (babies/toddlers) 10:00am
1st & 3rd Friday
10:00 am
please call
please call
10:00 am
1 & 3 Thursday
6:15 pm
10:00 am
Are you a home provider or center-based program
who would like to make connections with others in your field?
Check out the list below for a meeting near you…
For: All Orange County, VT early educators and child care providers, home- and center-based
Meets: 1st Wednesday of each month, 6:30-8:30 pm at Valley Cooperative Preschool in Bradford
For more information contact: Meri Saladino at (802) 222-4236
For: All early childhood teachers, providers & parents in Tunbridge, So. Royalton, Strafford, Sharon, Chelsea.
Meets: at Orange/Windsor Supervisory Office in South Royalton
For more information contact: Sue Barnaby at 889-3736 or Karen Johnson at 763-7765
Central Vermont Early Care & Education Network
For: All child care providers around Braintree, Brookfield, Randolph, Bethel,
Chelsea, Corinth, and Tunbridge
Meets: 3rd Monday of each month, 6:30-8:30 pm at the Green Mt. Gospel Chapel in Randolph
For more information, contact: Pam White at (802) 728-9587 or [email protected]
A Parenting, Early Care & Education Calendar…
EXCITING NEWS!!! OCPCC’s GAHC Calendar is online!!!
Check out for up-to-date listings
of workshops and events for parents and caregivers
in Northern Windsor and Orange Counties.
In this newsletter we will now just be giving
descriptions of ongoing and upcoming annual events.
Check the website for accurate dates & times
as well as directions and registration info.
No internet? No worries… Just call 888-685-2264 
Ongoing New Parent Support Group Drop by this informal weekly group for new parents held every
Wednesday from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon in the Family Center building at Gifford Medical Center in
Randolph. Contact Nancy Clark, R.N., at 728-2274 for more information.
Ongoing Kinship Care Support Group This monthly support group brings together “kinship providers,”
who are relatives caring for the children of a family member. This might be a grandparent, aunt or uncle,
or other family member. Gather and connect, share strategies, build community, and learn about the
resources that are available to help you in this important work. Dinner and childcare are provided. Cofacilitated by Cindy Blondin, an area kinship care provider, and Mary Ellen Otis, OCPCC’s Executive Director.
Held at the Orange County Parent Child Center in Chelsea one evening of each month from 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.
For more information call Mary Ellen at 888-685-2264 or [email protected]
Ongoing Nurturing Parenting Program This parenting program is a community based curriculum designed
to focus on family life skills. Meets once a week for 2 hours for 16 weeks with a certificate of completion.
Light refreshments provided. Registration and intake required.
Contact Andrea Herrington at 888-685-2264 [email protected]
Ongoing STARS Application Support Designed for home providers and center staff who are actively
working on their STARS applications or are interested in starting that process– with help! Bring all your
materials and we’ll sit down and go through your specific application, page by page. To schedule a first
meeting, contact Emily Marshia, OCPCC’s STARS Support Project Coordinator, for more information at
888-685-2264 or [email protected]
FAMILY SUGARING DAY This OCPCC classic event is very weather dependent so please check the website
to see if and when it will come! Just like the sap, this event may be returning as a sweet surprise this year!
Contact Emily for more information at 888-685-2264 or [email protected]
April is the National Month of the Young Child!
MUD SEASON MERRIMENT Saturday, April 11: Brave the mud and come out to play to celebrate spring!
Games, crafts, seed planting, muddy handprints station and snacks from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon. This is a
free family fun-day event open to all families with children ages birth to age six and their older siblings
NEW THIS YEAR… TWO LOCATIONS!!! Randolph Elementary School AND Bradford Elementary School.
Contact Andi for more information at 888-685-2264 or [email protected]
19th Annual KIDLINKS DINNER Tuesday, April 28th, 5:30 – 8:30 pm. Tunbridge Town Hall.
KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Scott Noyes on “Successfully Working With Children With Challenging Behaviors”
Co-sponsored by OCPCC and OWSU’s Kidlinks Early Ed group.
This is an opportunity for parents and providers and teachers to have a night out without children!
Hope you can join us! The dinner is free with reservations.
Please call Sue Barnaby for reservations at least a week ahead at (802)-889-3736.
WELCOME BABY TEA in Bradford at Grace United Methodist Church. OCPCC’s Children Integrated
Services staff invites all expecting and new families to join us for some light refreshments. This is an
opportunity to meet other families with babies 6 months and younger in your area as well as get any
questions answered by your local home visiting Family Support team. Want info on development? Local
playgroups? Classes for parents/babies? Seeking childcare? Going back to work? Door prizes and giveaway goodies! RSVP or just drop by and visit and enjoy! For more info contact Andra 888-685-2264
Brookfield Elementary School
Chelsea Public School
Braintree Elementary School
Randolph Elementary School
PAJAMA STORY HOURS A fun story hour for preschool children and their parents to visit their future
elementary schools. Wear your pj’s, enjoy stories & a snack, take home a new book, and get to know your
child’s future school with them! Co-sponsored by the schools and the Orange County Parent Child Center.
Contact Mary Lou at 888-685-2264 or [email protected] for more information. Complete
schedule for the following schools will be posted online!
JUNE & JULY (sneek peek of things to come!)
TEDDY BEAR SOCIAL SUMMER TOUR Coming to your local weekly playgroup! Bring your favorite stuffie!
Bradford at Elizabeth’s Park
South Royalton
Westshire (at the last Westshire playgroup until school restarts in September)
KIDS MUSIC FEST & TEDDY BEAR SOCIAL This rockin' event at the Chelsea Farmer’s Market for children of
all ages will get everyone moving! Join the lively teaching staff from OCPCC's early education program for
dancing, singing, and instrument making. Little ones, bring your favorite stuffed friend so you have a
dancing partner! We'll provide the instruments and the rhythms, you bring your energy.
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The Orange County Parent Child Center
Offers early care & education for children
Ages six weeks – five years
For availability, tours, enrollment packets, or more information,
Contact Nicole at OCPCC at 888-685-2264 or [email protected]
The Role of Developmental Screenings
Reprinted from Let’s Grow Kids
When children are allowed to explore, play, read or share the joy of singing with a trusted adult, these
positive early experiences build the brain, creating a foundation for all learning (development) that
comes afterward. But when children and their families are unable to access these quality early
learning opportunities, early development can be negatively impacted. Additionally, some children
may be born with a developmental disability that--with developmental screening--could be detected
at an early age. However, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), less than half of
children who have developmental challenges are identified before starting school. In Vermont, 4050% of children are not prepared for kindergarten.
What is Developmental Screening?
Developmental screening is a simple and effective tool that has the potential to improve the lives of
children and families by providing a quick snapshot, at set ages, of where a child is
developmentally. These periodic developmental check-ins make sure that typically developing
children are staying on track. Screening tools are by design just a first look, not an in-depth test or
evaluation. However, they do offer a safety net to catch children who may not be reaching all of the
usual milestones and who may need further evaluation.
While some screening tools are designed specifically for professionals—such as healthcare
professionals, social workers, or teachers—to administer, most screening tools are designed to be
completed either by parents or in partnership with parents. Many licensed early education centers
and registered home childcares offer developmental screenings. Teachers and caregivers may
complete these only after spending significant time observing a child, and most ask parents to
complete the questionnaires, too. Home visiting support programs often ask parents to complete
these questionnaires and find that parents enjoy the conversation and being involved as partners. It's
a chance to learn more about their child’s development and behavior, as well as what skills are
coming next.
Language, motor, cognitive and social-emotional skills progress at each child’s unique pace as they
engage with those around them, seeking to make meaning from their experiences. The beauty of this
individual process is that around the world, across cultures, across all languages, we can observe
that all children achieve certain skills or points on this human developmental journey, in roughly the
same timeframes. We call these skills and expected timeframes "milestones."
Just like stepping stones leading across a river, we all need to land on and pass all of these
developmental milestones to get to the other side successfully. For early childhood, the other side of
the river is entry to kindergarten. Some children may land on these stepping stones in slightly
different ways or at slightly different times, and some children may need help to reach certain
milestones. Milestones actually represent a range of ages when we expect to see all children
accomplish these stepping stone skills. For example, people generally know that kids start to talk
around 18 months. How this is actually measured as a milestone is, “6-8 words besides ‘mama’ &
‘dada’ by 18 months.” However, the range of ages when this is usually seen is between 15-18 months
and very often does not happen for many kids until age 2 years. In early intervention services, the
majority of the referrals tend to be children who are 2 years old and “not talking” yet—but who, with a
little support, would quickly master the necessary skills.
Screenings are Preventative
Screenings are designed to be preventative. At their best, they're a team effort between parents and
providers to take a first step in preventing a child’s developmental problems through early
intervention, or to confirm that problems are not present for a child. The advantage of catching
developmental problems early on is that helping the children catch up to their peers is easier and
requires fewer resources while the brain is still rapidly developing. Screenings allow us as a
community to use the period of time when the brain’s foundation is literally being built to make sure all
children enter school ready to learn.
Andrea L. Herrington, MS, CCLS is a mom to 2 children, ages 5y and 10y. She has been providing home based services
to children for 15 years in the Orange-Windsor region of Vermont. These services have included Early Head Start, Early
Intervention, Early Childhood Mental Health, and Family Support, as well as facilitating community playgroups and
parent/provider education. She earned her BS in Human Development & Family Studies from UVM and a MS in Child Life
& Family-Centered Care from Wheelock College. As a Certified Child Life Specialist, she currently provides home-based
expressive therapy and play to children in the Pediatric Palliative Care Program through VNH.
Andi works as part of the team at the Orange County Parent Child Center and can be contacted there at 802-685-2264 or
via email [email protected] for more information on developmental screening.
Contact your local Parent Child Center to request an age appropriate questionnaire for your child.
Do you have a child who will be 5 years old by September 1st, 2015?
Do you have a 3-5 year old who you want to experience preschool?
The 21st Anniversary of Early Childhood Day at the
Legislature is on Wednesday, March 11, 2015,
from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm at the Vermont State House
and Capitol Plaza Hotel in Montpelier, co-hosted by
the Vermont Early Childhood Alliance, Let's Grow Kids
and Building Bright Futures.
Join hundreds of early childhood professionals, parents,
employers, and legislators to:
Take action at the state house
Meet with legislators re early childhood issues
Network and exchange information
Celebrate accomplishments in early childhood
Be inspired by guest speakers, including this year's
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Paul Dworkin,
from the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center,
Help Me Grow National Center
University of Connecticut School of Medicine and
Blue Ribbon Commission on Sustainable Funding
Public and private investments into the early childhood system are necessary to ensure young children and their
families succeed. The Alliance supports Let’s Grow Kids’ proposal to form a Blue Ribbon Commission to provide
recommendations for sustainably funding high quality, affordable childcare.
Improving Child Protection in Vermont
The Administration and legislature will be proposing policy changes to improve protections for vulnerable children.
Voices for Vermont’s Children and other Alliance members will be participating in the review of these proposals. The
Alliance also supports Voices for Vermont’s Children’s proposal to establish public oversight of the state’s child
protection system by creating an Office of Child Advocate.
Earned Sick Days
To ensure that workplace standards in Vermont promote public health and safety and are responsive to the needs of
Vermont's workforce and families, the Alliance supports the proposal by Voices for Vermont’s Children and the
Earned Sick Days Coalition to establish a minimum standard of earned sick days for all Vermont workers.
Child Care Financial Assistance Program (CCFAP) Market Rate and Eligibility Increases
Increased funding for CCFAP will provide working families with more of the financial support they need to obtain
quality child care and rich early learning opportunities for their children. The Alliance supports the proposal by the
Vermont Association for the Education of Young Children, Voices for Vermont’s Children and Vermont Early
Educators United to raise the base tuition payment made on behalf of families to at least the 50th percentile of the
current market rate, and annually adjust the guidelines used to determine payments and eligibility for CCFAP to
keep them current.
Early Childhood Workforce Training
High-quality child care and after-school programs with consistent, educated providers are essential to working
Vermont families who are seeking stable incomes and the ability to provide their children with the supports they
need to succeed in each phase of their life. The Alliance supports VAEYC’s efforts to secure additional, dedicated,
and ongoing funding to support training and professional development for the early childhood and afterschool work
Vermont Association of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies (VACCRRA) Funding
Vermont’s 12 child care resource and referral agencies struggle to provide assistance to the thousands of families
and providers they serve every year. Demand for services has increased and costs have continued to rise, but
Alliance top priorities also include 1) Reach Up reforms and funding increases; and, 2) opposition to state budget
cuts to essential services and support for budgets based on need, not revenue limitations.
levels, a restoration of $223,000.
funding remains at the FY ‘12 level. The Alliance supports VACCRRA’s request to return to pre-FY ’12 funding
Welcome Baby All new babies born in Orange County Parent Child Center’s service area are welcomed into their communities with a
baby bag filled with health and parenting information and gifts to help families connect to early childhood resources. To receive a
free Welcome Baby Bag, please contact your local Parent Child Center.
Families Learning Together An education and life skills program for young parents. Contact Orange County Parent Child Center.
WIC: Woman, Infants, & Children A food supplement program for income eligible families. This service is also available to
families who receive Dr. Dynasaur. Contact the Vermont Department of Health for more information, 1-888-253-8799.
Children’s Integrated Services (CIS) This program brings parents and professionals together to identify areas where your child or
family may need additional support. Your team works with you to coordinate prevention, early intervention, and/or early childhood
mental health services. CIS can also link your family to other community resources. For more information or to make a referral,
contact Andra Daunhauer, Coordinator, at the Orange County Parent Child Center at 888-685-2264. Or [email protected]
Kids Place at the Orange County Parent Child Center Providing supervised visitation, exchanges and parent education classes for
Orange County families. Kids Place provides a safe and comfortable place for children and their extended family to visit and maintain
family ties. Contact Terri at 888-685-2264 or [email protected]
Capstone Head Start and Early Head Start These home visiting and center based programs offer wrap-around services that involve
the whole family. Early Education opportunities for children and support for parents in reaching their own goals. Home Start works
with registered home childcare providers. For information contact 1-800-846-9506.
Building Bright Futures Early Childhood Council Parents, community members, childcare and service providers meet regularly to
discuss early childhood issues. All are welcome! Contact Sarah Buxton, Building Bright Futures Council Coordinator.
Breast Feeding Support Pregnant women and nursing mothers are welcome to contact certified lactation consultant Missy
Carpenter for information and support. Call the VNH at 1-888-300-8853.
Car Seat Safety Over 81% of all children’s car seats are installed incorrectly. There are Child Passenger Safety Technicians at the
Vermont State Police barracks in Bradford and Royalton. To schedule an appointment call your closest barracks. Bradford: 802-2224680. Royalton: 802-234-9933. We also now have a Child Passenger Safety Technician at OCPCC! Call Andrea at 802-685-2264
and we can meet at OCPCC in Chelsea or schedule a home visit for a fitting appointment. Take care of your most precious cargo!
Hearing Outreach Project 50% of all children with permanent hearing loss have no high risk factors. Early detection is available for
children as young as one week of age. Please call the Vermont Department of Health to schedule, 1-800-537-0076.
Good Beginnings of the Upper Valley Free, home-visitor program that relies on trained volunteers to provide support to any family
with a new baby contact Denise toll free at 866-398-8703.
Dr. Dynasaur Health care coverage for children under age 18 and for pregnant women who are income eligible. Benefits for
children include doctor’s visits, dental and prescription coverage. More information and application at 1-800-250-8427.
Anonymous HIV Test Site Good Neighbor Clinic has partnered with ACORN to offer free anonymous HIV testing and counseling
services. Schedule an appointment at 1-802-295-1868.
Guiding Your Child’s Early Learning: A Parent’s Guide to the Vermont Early Learning Standards. May 2006. This is the
third in a series of publications on Vermont’s Early Learning Standards. It was published with support from the Vermont Head Start
State Collaboration Office, in collaboration with the Vermont Department of Education. For a copy of the brochure, contact The
Family Place Parent Child Center at 1-800-639-0039 or Orange County Parent Child Center at 1-888-685-2264.
Child Care Financial Assistance Designed to help families access quality early care and education. The program is for Vermont
parents who meet income guidelines and have a need for care. Families may apply for financial assistance if they are seeking
employment, employed, self-employed, in a training or education program and for certain health needs. Contact, The Family Place at
1-800-639-0039 or apply online at
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