Test 2 - Al Akhawayn University

School of Science and Engineering
Al Akhawayn University
Test 2
Egr3402, Fall 2004
Instructor: Dr. H. Darhmaoui
Duration: 80 min.
Problem 1: (40 marks)
A Pratt roof truss is loaded as shown.
Using the method of sections, determine
the force in members FH, FI and GI
Problem 2: (30 marks)
Determine the moment of inertia and the radius
of gyration of the shaded are shown with
respect to the x and y axes.
Problem 3: (30 marks)
Block B starts from rest and moves downward with a
constant acceleration. Knowing that after slider block A has
moved 400 mm its velocity is 4 m/s, determine (a) the
acceleration of A and B, (b) the velocity and the change in
position of B after 2s
Date: November 19, 2004