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Hawaiian leaders prepared for college and a global society
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Speech Communication
Ms. Romero
Persuasive Speech
1. To encourage you to listen carefully and critically to the
speeches of your classmates by requiring you to ask
questions regarding the content of the speeches.
2. To allow you to practice the skills of critical listening.
3. To introduce you to the skills of persuasive speaking.
9.7.1 Summarize a speaker’s purpose and point of view and ask
questions concerning the speaker’s content, delivery, and
attitude toward the subject.
9.7.2 Choose appropriate techniques for developing the
introduction and conclusion in a speech, including the use of
literary quotations, anecdotes (stories about a specific event),
and references to authoritative sources.
9.7.15 Deliver persuasive arguments (including evaluation and
analysis of problems and solutions and causes and effects) that:
 Structure ideas and arguments in a coherent, logical
fashion from the hypothesis to a reasonable conclusion,
based on evidence.
 Contain speech devices that support assertions (such as by
appeal to logic through reasoning; by appeal to emotion or
ethical belief; or by use of personal anecdote, case study,
or analogy).
 Clarify and defend positions with precise and relevant
evidence, including facts, expert opinions, quotations,
expressions of commonly accepted beliefs, and logical
 Anticipate and address the listener’s concerns and
You must deliver a persuasive speech on any issue that is
controversial in nature. It is your job to persuade the audience
to feel the same way about the issue as you. In order to be
convincing, you must talk to the class directly rather than read
your speech. It means involving us in your topic. You should use
logical arguments that are appropriate for your audience. You
also need to properly cite a minimum of 3 sources in your
speech. The speech must last 4-6 minutes.
Hawaiian leaders prepared for college and a global society
As you speak, you may be interrupted up to three times by the
instructor or your classmates asking questions about the content
of your speech. It is your responsibility to stop your speech
and answer the questions to the best of your ability before
moving on. Your grade will depend in part on the quality of your
answers. Thus, to do well in this assignment, you must become an
expert on your topic so that you will be prepared to answer any
question you might face.
General Criteria
Effective organization of information – introduction, body,
Uses one of the prescribed formats (Point-by-point or specificpoint)
Thesis statement clearly stated
3 different types of sources used: book, journal/magazine,
newspaper, website, interview
Fluency—smooth, rehearsed delivery
Uses proper English (no pidgin)
Pitch varies appropriately within presentation
will use
from the
is an important aspect of this particular speech. You
a variety of sources: interview, magazines, books, or
on the internet. Select at least two different choices
list above. You must quote your sources. For example,
Michael Corleone, director of the Virginia Department of
Motor Vehicles, argues in a May 2002 Virginian Pilot
article that "the issuance of Commercial Driver's Licenses
is a waste of taxpayer money and DMV resources."
A 2003 article by Jackie Lambert on the Asian Politics
website argues that "the rise of nuclear weapons on the
Indian subcontinent is the biggest threat to our national
A study by the American Plastics Council shows that between
1998 and 2001, curbside recycling rates rose by an
astounding 49%, as detailed in Alfredo Garcia's 2002
Opposing Viewpoints article.
Hawaiian leaders prepared for college and a global society
1. Everyone must ask questions of at least five speakers. Any
member of the class who does not do so will not fulfill the
requirements of the assignment and will lose points on
their grade.
2. To be recognized by the speaker, you must stand. The
speaker will then call on you and you may then ask your
3. Questions may ask the speaker to clarify a point made in
the speech, require the speaker to defend a point made, or
go beyond the speech by requiring information on the topic
not provided by the speaker.
4. All questions should be asked in a polite, courteous
5. You are not allowed to argue with the speaker. You may only
interrupt if you have a question.
Hawaiian leaders prepared for college and a global society
Day 1 (3/30)
In-class: Introduce Persuasive Speech & Thesis Statement
worksheet. Research topic using the research grid.
Homework: Complete thesis statement. Begin research on topic.
Day 2 (4/2)
In-class: Submit thesis statement worksheet and at the start of
class. Discuss the two organization choices. Continue research.
Begin complete sentence outline.
Homework: Research topic and list, in MLA format, 3 different
sources (journal, article, book, website, etc.) that contain
information on your topic. Work on complete sentence outline.
Day 3 (4/4)
In-class: 3 sources (MLA format) and research summary due at
start of class. Conclusions. Review figurative language and oral
citation of sources.
Homework: Complete sentence outline
Day 4 (4/10)
In-class: Complete sentence outline due at start of class for
peer review.
Homework: Revised complete sentence outline.
Day 5 (4/12)
In-class: Revised complete sentence outline due at start of
class. Discuss the 3 questions that each student is required to
ask. Practice speech in class.
Homework: Practice!
Day 6 & 7 (4/16 & 4/18)
Hawaiian leaders prepared for college and a global society
Hawaiian leaders prepared for college and a global society
Developing a Persuasive Thesis
An effective persuasive thesis consists of three
elements: 1) an "edge" that expresses in general
of your opposition 2) a solution (proposal) that
request for change or action 3) a statement that
general terms your major arguments.
terms the views
acts as a
expresses in
Example: 1) Although many college admissions officials feel that
the Scholastic Aptitude Test is a fair and reliable way to
evaluate applicants, 2) these standardized tests should not be
part of the college admissions process 3) because they are
ineffective, discriminatory and far too narrow in scope to be
considered a viable means of assessment.
Note: Since the persuasive thesis offers a proposed course of
action, it generally includes words such as "must" "should" or
What is the issue?
What is your solution?
Side One-Opposition
List all arguments opposing
your position
Side Two-Your Argument
List all arguments supporting
your position
1. Write a general statement that encompasses all opposing
arguments. This will eventually be the "edge" to your thesis.
2. Write your solution to the issue. What do you propose? What
action should be taken?
3. Write a general statement that encompasses all arguments
supporting your position.
Thesis Statement-Write it below.
Combine all three elements of the thesis into one clear
sentence. State the opposition in a dependent clause and your
position in an independent clause.
Point-by-Point Structure
Specific-Point Structure
Present the opposition's
Your Position
(weakest point)
Your Position
Most important of all…
Your Position
(strongest point)