Class Projects: A Primer

Hofstra University
Frank G. Zarb School of Business (FGZSB)
“ provide students with a perspective on the integration of the functional areas of business, while maximizing the
use of analytical skills and knowledge for decision making in a contemporary global business environment.”
MGT 215 Multinational Business Management
Spring 2009
Instructor: Dave Flynn, Ph.D.
Office: 50 Weller Hall
Office Hours: Tuesday: 10:40-12:40
Thursday: 11:40-12:40
Phone: 516.463.5030
E-mail: [email protected]
Web access:
(Changes to the syllabus will be communicated through the class Blackboard site.)
General Information
Dr. Mamdouh I. Farid, Chair
Location of Department Office: 228A Weller Hall
Phone: 463-5726
Hofstra University Bulletin Description of the Course
Analysis of fundamental concepts and decision processes. Emphasis on operational and
behavioral distinctions with view toward developing international planning specialization and
regional adaptation skills in the student. Examination of trade patterns and partners. Attention is
paid to the cross-functional influences of global financial, accounting, legal, ethical, marketing,
and information technology decisions.
Prerequisites for the Course
MGT 207; MKT 203. Open only to matriculated graduate students in the Zarb School of Business
and in other Schools at Hofstra where appropriate.
Objectives and Methods of Attaining Objectives:
Students learn to develop practitioner-oriented skills through problem solving in international strategic management.
This will be effected by the development of analytic and research skills for identifying important issues and problems
from a strategic perspective, and the attempt to improve our oral and written communication skills as well as our
interpersonal communication skills necessary for success in organizations.
Specific Objectives:
1. Curriculum Integration. The integration of the various business disciplines is central to the course content
and objectives of MGT 215.
2. Critical thinking. Student involvement in the activities and case analyses fosters and develops critical
3. Oral and written communication. Achieved through a variety of oral and written activities and case analyses.
4. Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility. Many of the cases analyzed involve significant ethical issues,
e.g. child labor issues in Central and South America and parts of Asia.
5. Global Business. All of the topics, activities, and cases involve significant global issues.
Zarb School of Business Policy on Make-up Examinations
To be eligible for a makeup examination, a student must submit to the instructor written documentation of the reason
for missing a scheduled examination due to medical problems or death of an immediate family member. The
instructor determines whether and when a makeup is to be given. If the makeup is given, the instructor will determine
the type of makeup examination. If the student misses, for any reason, the scheduled makeup examination, additional
make-ups are not permissible.
University Policy on Graduate Incomplete Grades
An incomplete grade will be given at the discretion of the instructor in a graduate course and only under unusual
circumstance. Incomplete work must be completed and submitted to the instructor for a final letter grade by the end
of one calendar year from the close of the semester or session in which the course was taken. After this deadline, the
original incomplete remains on record and the only way a graduate student can receive credit for the course is to
register for and pass the course (original incomplete remains on record). In extenuating circumstances, extensions
may be made by the instructor with the approval of the Graduate Program Director, Chairperson of the department
and the Dean of the College/School. Degree, Certificate or Diploma candidates, see Application for Graduation,
certificate and diploma requirements completion deadlines.
Instructor’s and University’s Policy on Academic Honesty
All students are expected to abide by the University’s Policy on Academic Honesty, which appears in the Hofstra
University General Bulletin.
All written assignments, quizzes, examinations, and other course work and activities must be done entirely and
without assistance by only the individual whose name is associated with that work. All team activity must be only
the work of the team members, with no input from non-team-members.
Any violation of this policy will result in a failing grade for the assignment and possibly for the entire course, along
with a formal report conveyed to the Provost’s Office.
Coverage of AACSB Topics
As in all AACSB-accredited schools of business, this course includes a variety of topics that are deemed important in
international graduate business education. These topics are covered in this course in the lectures, case analyses (both
in class and through written assignments), and classroom activities. Specifically, these topics and how they are
included in the total MGT 215 course are as follows:
Computers and Information Technology
Course Coverage
Case analyses (70%)
Oral Communication Skills
Written Communication Skills
Ethics and Social Responsibility
Demographic/Cultural Diversity
Legal/Regulatory/Political Issues
Case Analyses (100%)
Case Analyses & Activities (60%)
Case Analyses (60%)
Case Analyses (30%)
Case Analyses (30%)
Case Analyses (100%)
Class Activities (75%)
Case Analyses (40%)
Required Text
1.Luthans, F. & Doh, J.P. (2009). International Management: Culture, Strategy, Behavior. New York: McGraw HillIrwin
Evaluation: “In the International Spotlight” (13) Choose [email protected] points each - 40 points
“You Be the International Consultant” (9) Choose 4 @ 5 points each – 20 points
“In Depth Cases” ([email protected] 10 points each) - 40 points
Please note: All assignments require at least four references beyond the text, excluding Wikipedia. It is critical that
each assignment also includes chapter references to ensure that there is an understanding of course concepts.
Week 1 (01-29) – Chapter 1- “Globalization and International Linkages”
In the International Spotlight: India (1:34)
You be the International Consultant (1:35)
Week 2 (02-03 to 05) – Chapter 2 “The Political, Legal, and Technological Environment” & Chapter 3 “Ethics and
Social Responsibility”
In the International Spotlight: Vietnam (or Saudi Arabia) (1:56 (or 76)
In Depth Case (1:84)
Week 3 (02-10 to 12) - Chapter 4 “The Meanings and Dimensions of Culture”
In the International Spotlight: Taiwan (1:124)
You be the International Consultant (1:125)
Week 4 (02-17 to 19) – Chapter 5 “Managing Across Cultures”
In the International Spotlight: Mexico (1:152)
You be the International Consultant (1:153)
Week 5 (02-24 to 26) – Chapter 6 “Organizational Cultures and Diversiy”
In the International Spotlight: Japan (1:182)
You be the International Consultant (1:183)
Week 6 (03-03 to 05) – Chapter 7 “Cross Cultural Communication and Negotiation”
In the International Spotlight: China (1:220)
In Depth Case (1:241)
Week 7 (03-10 to 12) – Chapter 8 “Strategy Formulation and Implementation”
In the International Spotlight: Poland (1:278)
You be the International Consultant (1:279)
Week 8 (03-17 to 19) – Chapter 9 “Entry Strategies and Organizational Structures”
In the International Spotlight: Australia (1:310)
You be the International Consultant (1:311)
Week 9 (03-24 to 26) – Chapter 10 “Managing Political Risk, Government Relations, and Alliances”
In the International Spotlight: Brazil (1:334)
You be the International Consultant (1:335)
Week 10 (03-31 to 04-02) – Chapter 11 “Management Decision and Control”
In the International Spotlight: Spain (1:366)
In Depth Case (1:384)
Week 11(04-14 to 16) – Chapter 12 “Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management”
In the International Spotlight: Singapore (1:423)
You be the International Consultant (1:424)
Week 12 (04-21to 23) – Chapter 13 “Leadership Across Cultures”
In the International Spotlight: Germany (1:464)
You be the International Consultant (1:465)
Week 13 (04-28 to 30) – Chapter 14 “Human Resource Selection and Development Across Cultures”
In the International Spotlight: Russia (1:508)
Week 14 (05-05) – Open Class