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Leadership Books List
November 2012
Lin Warfel
Arnn, Larry P., “Liberty and Learning”, Hillsdale College Press, 2004
Genesis of education funding/structure in our history
Badaracco, Joseph L. Jr, “Leading Quietly”, Harvard, 2002
Looking at the ‘captains and lieutenants’ who lead
Ibid, “Leadership and the Quest for Integrity”, Harvard, 1989
Integrity a key to productive, lasting leadership
Ibid, “Questions of Character”, Harvard, 2006
Importance of character as a key to productive, lasting leadership
Bastiat, Frederick, “The Law”, The Classic Blueprint for a Free Society, (1850), 2007
Key thought during Lincoln’s time
Bennis, Warren G., “Why Leaders Can’t Lead”, Jossey-Bass 1997
Classic thoughts from a top leadership professor
Ibid, Robert J. Thomas, “Geeks and Geezers”, ibid, 2002
Bennis and a ‘young’ techie try to find how to talk to each other
Ibid, “On Becoming a Leader”ibid, 2009
Good advice from a wise professor!
Chait, Richard P., Ryan, William P, Taylor, Barbara E., “Governance as Leadership”,
Wiley, 2005
Digging into the basic elements of leadership
Collins, James C., Porras, Jerry I, “Built to Last” Harper Collins 1994
A look at companies and good structure, practices, and leadership
Collins, James C.,” Good to Great”, ibid, 2001
What things help move up from good to great
Crissey, Elwell C., “Lincoln’s Lost Speech”, Hawthorn Books, 1987
Excellent background on Lincoln’s speech that propelled him
Into the national spotlight
Davis, Belva, “Never in My Wildest Dreams”,PoliPointPress 2010
A black woman journalist gets to the top
Davis, Adam, and Lynn, Elizabeth, “The Civically Engaged Reader, Great Books
Foundation, 2006
Readings to inspire discussion, used by AmeriCorp
Deutschman, Alan, “Walk the Walk”, Penguin, 2009
The importance of matching words and actions
Farris, Scott, “Almost President”, Globe Pequot Press, 2012
Fascinating book on ‘losers’…who actually won too
Feaver, John, “Into the Light”, YWAM Publishing, 2007
Study of a superlative scientist and university co-founder
Gladwell, Malcolm, “The Tipping Point”, Backbay, 2002
Awareness that at some point, things change rapidly
Goodwin, Doris Kearns, “Team of Rivals”, 2008
A study of Lincoln’s leadership with key cabinet people
Hartley, Robert E., “Paul Simon, The Political Journey of an Illinois Original”,
SIU Press, 2009
A study of the characteristics that made Simon an outstanding leader
Heath, Chip, Heath, Dan, “Made to Stick”, Random House, 2007
A look at characteristics that keep companies going well
Ibid, “Switch”,Random House 2010
The two professors look a change when it is hard
Keith, Kent M., “The Case for Servant Leadership”, Greenleaf Center, 2001
Broad experience in leadership and a style that is lasting
Kidder, Rushworth M., “Moral Courage”, Morrow Books, 2003
Courage as a key component in ‘doing the right thing’
Ibid, “Shared Values for a Troubled World”, Jossey Bass, 1994
Values gleaned from conversations with world leaders
Ibid, “How Good People Make Tough Choices”, Fireside, 1995
Helpful thoughts on tough choices for leaders
King, Martin Luther Jr., “The Autobiography of”, by Clayborne Carson, 1998
A look into key times in a significant leader’s life
Kouzes, James M., Posner, Barry Z., “The Leadership Challenge”, Jossey Bass, 2006
A classic digging into aspects of leadership
Lee, Gus, “Courage, the Backbone of Leadership”, Jossey Bass 2006
A ‘new’ American looks at the importance of courage/leadership
Luntz, Dr. Frank I, “Win”, Harper Collins 2011
Prioritize, define success, focus
Maxwell, John C., “Developing the Leader within You”, Nelson, 1993
Basics for study and action to be a leader
Ibid, “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership”, Nelson, 2002
A list that can serve as good discussion points for a group
Ibid, “There’s No Such Think as Business Ethics”, Warner, 2003
Ethics is ethics! Across the board the same
Malcolm X, “The Autobiography of, as told to Alex Haley”, Ballentine, 1965
Leadership of a leading African American
Mandela, Nelson, “Long Walk to Freedom”, Little Brown, 1994
Incredible and wise leader
Nowlan, James D., Gove, Samuel K., and Winkel, Richard J. Jr., ‘Illinois Politics”
Looking at some individuals, leaders in Illinois politics
Oates, James, “The Radical and the Republican”, 2004
Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln become friends
O’Banion, Terry, “The Rogue Trustee”, League for Innovation, 2009
A community college leader looks at a touch issue
Phillips, Donald T., “Lincoln on Leadership”, Warner 1992
Principles that helped Lincoln
Ibid, “The Founding Fathers on Leadership”, ibid, 1997
Principles the founding fathers used
Ibid, “Martin Luther King on Leadership”, ibid, 1998
Good to read with his autobiography
Ramo, Jonathon Cooper, “The Age of the Unthinkable”,Back Bay Books,2009
Challenging our way of thinking about leadership
Redfield, Kent, “Democratic Renewal”, Midwest Democracy Network, 2008
Processing political change in the midwest
Sample, Steven B. “The Contrarian’s Guide to Leadership”, Jossey Bass 2002
Sherman, Vaugh, “Walking the Board Walk”, Patos Island Press 2012
Distinguished trustee advice for board members
Simon, Paul, “Our Culture of Pandering”, SIU Press, 2003
Simon’s last book; Illinois in particular
Smith, Brett, “Labor’s Millenium”, Princeton 2010
U. of Illinois genesis
Smith, Cindra J., “Trusteeship in Community Colleges”, ACCT, 2000
Classic for community college leaders
Toffler, Heidi, Toffler, Alvin, “Revolutionary Wealth”, Doubleday, 2006
Futuristic professors look backwards and forwards
Preparing leaders for tomorrow
Townsend, Dr. John, “Leadership Beyond Reason”, Thos Nelson 2009
Values, thoughts, emotions, relationships, transformation
Waitley, Denis, “Ten Seeds of Greatness”, Revell, 1983
Another list for potential discussion points
Wangari, Masthai, “Unbowed”, Anchor, 2007
Nobel winner from Kenya shows how leaders can change things
Wheatley, Dr. Margaret J., “Leadership and the New Science”, Berrett-Koehler
Restoring hope and sanity in organizations
Ibid, “Finding Our Way”, ibid, 2005
Very thought provoking personal development/leadership
Wooden, John, “Wooden on Leadership”, McGraw Hill, 2005
One of the world’s most successful coaches
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