Chapter 10

Persuasion and Rhetoric Chapter 10
DO NOW: List 3-4 issues you feel strongly about, things you think should be changed.
Circle the one you have the most to say about.
Write your topic on the board- it must clearly show what you are in favor of, or opposed
Pick a topic on the board that you will present the opposing side for!
E.g. Someone wrote: SCHOOLS SHOULD USE UNIFORMS--- You would take
1. What are the three types of persuasive speeches?
2. What does Aristotle mean when he asks “speakers to consider the rhetorical context or
3. What are Aristotle’s three modes of persuasion?
4. In relation to Pathos, what are the four types of audience, and what defines each?
5. Give an example of a topic that would most likely produce a positive audience in our
6. Give an example of a topic that would likely hit a neutral audience in our school:
7. What topic would likely meet an apathetic audience in our school?
8. What topic would likely meet with an opposed audience?
9. What are the five levels of Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy? Create a poster with your
randomly assigned partner.
10. What is ETHOS?
11. What is LOGOS?
12. Create a poster for the difference between INDUCTIVE and DEDUCTIVE argument.
13. What are the three main patterns of reasoning for persuasive speeches- Create a visual
chart showing the differences.
14. With a partner create a poster with the different kinds of faulty reasoning.
15. Extract and create a poster with the different methods (6)for organizing a persuasive
16. Which of these do you like best?
17. Make a list of 3 ideas you have learned from this chapter that you will use in your speech.
HOMEWORK: Choose a famous persuasive speech. Find the transcript, and locate a recording
of the speaker giving his/her speech. You don’t have to memorize the speech, but you need to be
able to deliver it in a convincing manner. You may imitate the original speaker, or develop your
own approach.