Exploring Creation with Biology

Parents: I am looking forward to a great year with Veritas Science classes. If you are
visiting for the first time, please print pages 2-6. This is the assignment sheet for our
entire school year and the lab report format. Note: If you did not attend the parents
meeting, you will need to print pages 7-9 which is the science contract that will need to
be signed and returned to me.
Please e-mail me at [email protected] with your contact e-mail. In the subject line
please put you child’s name and the class they will be taking. E-mail is the way I will be
communicating to you all year long so it is vital that I have a working e-mail that you will
check often. Also, please feel free to contact me with any questions via e-mail.
Thank you!
Arrica Hess
Exploring Creation with Biology
Wednesdays Germantown Campus
Instructor: Arrica Hess
[email protected]
Required Text: Exploring Creation with Biology by Dr. Jay L. Wile & Marilyn F. Durnell
Supplies: 2 Notebooks (one for course work and one for lab reports)
Bring 2 pencils to class
Creation Dissection Kit with Specimens (2nd Semester)
A good attitude and readiness to learn and participate
This course is meant to be an introduction to the world of science. We will study the
history of science, what is life, and how your body functions. This will all be taught from
a Christian perspective. My hope is when you leave this course, having seen all of the
intricacies of science and the human body; you will say “How great is our God.”
“For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities—his eternal power and
divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so
that men are without excuse.” Romans 1:20
2010-2011 Tentative Schedule
OYO-On Your Own Questions
Read p.1-6
Complete OYO 1.1 & 1.2
p. 7-11
OYO 1.3-1.5
p. 12-18
Stop and do
OYO 1.6-1.7
Read p. 18-21,2730
OYO 1.8-1.10
Study Guide #1
Write out all
definitions for
Module 1
Lecture Module 1
Exp. 1.1
Study Guide
Module 1 Test
Read p. 37-41
Read p. 41-44
Intro. to Module 2
Read p. 44-47
Read p. 47-49
Read p. 49-51
Read p. 53-56
Lecture Module 2
Read p. 56-61
Study Guide and
Exp. 1.2
Microscope worksheet
Lecture Module 3
Exp. 3.2
Read p. 71-78
Draw Figure 3.4
Read p. 78-83
Test Review
Exp. 3.3
Test Module 3
Intro. Module 4
Exp. 4.1
Read p. 109-112
Read p. 112-116
Exp. 4.3
Exp. 4.3
Aug. 25-27
Week 1
Aug. 30Sept. 3
Week 2
Sept. 6-10
Week 3
Sept. 13-17
Week 4
Test Module 2
Read p.67-70
Read p. 83-86
Read p. 87-end
Sept. 20-24
Week 5
Study Guide
Sept. 27Oct. 1
Week 6
Oct. 4-8
Read p. 97-101
Read p. 102-108
Begin Exp. 4.3
Exp. 4.3
Week 7
Oct. 11-15
Week 8
Read p. 117-end
Study Guide
Module 4 Review
Bring Exp. 4.3 and lab
report to class
Test Module 4
Read p. 125-131
Exp. 4.3
Exp. 4.3
Read p. 132-138
Read p. 139-141
Lecture Module 5
Exp. 5.1
Read p. 142-149
Read p. 149-end
Will be handed out
in class.
Study Guide
Module 5 Review
Exp. 5.3
Module 5 Test
Read p. 164-167
Read p. 168-174
Read p. 182-186
Read p. 186-end
Review Cell Structures and
Exp. 6.1
Lecture- Cellular
Exp. 6.2
Cell Worksheet*
Will be handed
out in class.
Study Guide
Read p. 161-163
*Write out all
definitions in
your course
Read p. 176-181
Module 6 Test
Read p. 195-200
Module 7 Lecture
Exp. 7.1
Read p. 201-204
Oct. 18-22
Week 9
Oct. 25-29
Week 10
Nov. 1-5
Week 11
Nov. 8-12
Week 12
Nov. 15-19
Nov. 22-26
* Pay special
attention to
figure 6.1
Read p. 205-210
Happy Thanksgiving!
Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his
name. Psalms 100:4
Week 13
Nov. 29Dec. 3
Week 14
Study Guide
Pg. 225
# 1-9
Read p. 211-217
Module 7 Review and
Study Guide 10-23
Exp. 7.2
Read p. 218-end
Module 7 Test
Read Genetic
Diseases and
Disorders p. 252255
Introduction to Module 8
Discuss Genetic Disorders
and Diseases Research
Paper- DUE Wed. Jan. 27
Begin Research on
Genetic Paper.
Remember you
should have at
least 3 sources.
E-mail me your
research. Begin
rough draft.
Dec. 6-10
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Dec. 13- Dec. 31
3 “And behold, you will conceive in your womb and bear a son, and you shall name
Him Jesus.
3 “He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High; and the Lord God will
give Him the throne of His father David;
3 and He will reign over the house of Jacob forever, and His kingdom will have no end.”
Luke 1:31-33
Week 15
Jan. 3-7
Week 16
Jan. 10-14
Week 17
Begin putting together your Genetics
Research Paper. Tomorrow in class you
should present to me your research and a
rough draft.
Read p. 238-241
Exp. 8.1Organize research
Exp. 8.1
and write lab
Module 8 Test
Read p. 261-266
Module 8 Lecture
Discuss Exp. 8.1
Read p. 280-285
Read p. 293-294
Research Paper
Read p. 309-315
Research Paper
Read p. 316-end
Quiz Module 9
Research Paper Due
Introduction to Module 10
Module 10 Lecture
Exp. 10.1
Module 10 Test
Read p. 329-335
Review Module 8
Study Guide
Module 9 Discussion
Jan. 17-21
Week 18
Jan. 24-28
Week 19
Jan. 31-Feb.3
Week 20
Feb. 7-11
Module 11 Lecture
Exp. 11.1,11.2, & 11.4
Read p. 227-233
Read p. 233-238
Research Paper
Read p. 242-247
Research Paper
Read p. 247-252
Read p. 267-273
Read p. 273-280
Research Paper
Read p. 299-305
Research Paper
Read p. 305-309
Study guide
Read p. 335-341
Read p. 342-347
Week 21
Read p. 350-352
Exp. 11.3
Pre-lab write-up
Exp. 11.3-Earthworm
Read p. 352-end
Study Guide
Module 11 Test
Module 12 Lecture
Read p. 365-372
Sketch Figure 12.4
and label- Due
with lab report
Exp. 12.1 Pre-lab
Write up
Exp. 12.1- Crayfish
Read p. 361-364
Write out Study
Guide Definitions
Read p. 376-379
Study Guide
Module 12 Test
Read p. 393-396
Read p. 396-402
Study Guide pg.
Read p. 419-422
Read p. 442-449
Read p. 452-end
Module 14 Test
Module 15 Lecture
Read p. 473-478
Read p. 480-484
Module 15 Test
Exp. 16.2
Read p. 507-517
Exp. 16.2
Read p. 518-end
Feb. 14-18
Week 22
Feb. 21-25
Week 23
Feb. 28March 4
Week 24
Read p. 380-end
March 7-11
March 14-18
Week 25
Read p. 403-408
March 21-25
Week 26
March 28April 1
Week 27
Research to find
your own frog
it off or make a
copy (it is due
with your report.)
Read p. 429-435
Spring Break- Have Fun!
Read p. 409-416
Pre-Lab Write Up
for Exp. 13.1
Exp. 13.2-Pre-lab
write up
Exp. 13.1 – Perch
Read p. 436-442
Module 14 Lecture
Exp. 14.2
*Discuss Leaf Structure
April 4-8
Week 28
Study Guide
Read p. 463-469
Leaf Structure
Guidelines will be
handed out in class.
Read p. 469-473
Read p. 485-end
Study Guide
Exp. 15.1 & 15.2
Discuss Exp. 16.2
Read p. 495-499
Read p. 500-506
Module 16 Lecture
Exp. 16.2
Study Guide
Exp. 16.2
Study for your
final test and
finish up anything
left to turn in.
Remember your
lab report for exp.
16.2 is due
Exp. 16.2
Module 16 Test
Exp. 16.2 Lab report due
All work due today!
April 11-15
Week 29
Exp. 13.2-Frog Dissection
Study Guide pg. 427
Module 13 Test
Exp. 14.1 & Exp. 14.3
April 18-22
Week 30
April 25-29
Week 31
May 2-6
Week 32
May 9-13
Exp. 16.2
Exp. 16.2
Exp. 16.2
Have a great Summer!
Notice that the schedule says tentative, this means if changes are necessary, the schedule
will change. I will not do so however, without giving a couple weeks notice by e-mail.
Lab Experiments:
You are expected to keep a separate notebook with all lab data inside. Attached, you will
find a format for how your labs should be written up. I will take up the lab books at each
test which means the labs for each module are due when you turn in that module’s test.
So be sure to stay on top of the labs and WRITE NEAT. Labs will count as 25% of your
grade. Most labs will be done in class. However, some long term lab projects must be
done at home ten points will be taken off for each week your notebook is not turned in on
Course Work:
Course work makes up 25% of the overall grade. You are expected to do all of the on
your own questions and study guides. I will not be grading these things as they are
learning materials to be done at home and also to be used as study aids. However, the
study guide should be turned in with each test and completion grade will be given. If you
have any questions over the material, please e-mail me or ask in class.
Quizzes and worksheets are also included in the course work grade. All worksheets will
be handout in class or sent to the parents via e-mail. Quizzes will be closed book in class.
You will note that several are scheduled on the course calendar. However, this does not
mean we will not have a surprise quiz from time to time that is not listed so you should
always be caught up on reading and your on your own questions. It is also important to be
sure you listen and take good notes in class.
Testing Policies:
Most tests will be passed out the week before they are to be taken or e-mail to the parent
to be taken at home. Take home test will be given on the honor system. You should not
use your book or any outside materials and return it the next Wednesday in class. Unless
you are absent, 10 points will be taken off for each week your test is not turned in on
time. There will be 15 tests and one research paper for a total of 16 test grades which
will count as 50% of you total grade.
Grading Scale:
100% - 90% - A
89% - 80% - B
79% - 70% - C
69% - 60% - D
59% - 0% - F
Biology Lab Report Format
(To be recorded in a Notebook designated solely for lab)
Experiment #
Experiment Name
The purpose or problem states the reason(s) why you are doing the experiment. Write down exactly the
problem that will be investigated or experimented.
What do you think the results of the experiment will be based on information provided by me and the book?
Always begins with “If” stated by what is known and “then” what you think will happen. Example: If I
List all materials used to complete the experiment. Don’t forget to record quantities and measures.
This is where you tell exactly step by step (in your own words, not copied from the book) what was done to
complete the experiment.
Observations and Data:
The observations tell exactly what happened when you did the lab. (An observation is measurable
information that comes to you through your senses.) Place your observations and data in this section
without discussion or comment.
Results include experimental (raw) data in the form of well-labeled tables, graphs, drawings and other
observations. This is where you include any calculations made during the experiment. Answer any
questions here.
Conclusions explain your observations and describe how your data relates to the problem. It is written in
paragraph/essay form and should include why you did this experiment (restate the purpose/problem). You
should explain in your own words what you found out or discovered. Your conclusion should state whether
or not the data collected confirms or rejects your hypothesis. Discuss any errors as well as any patterns
you see.
Teacher-Parent-Student Science Contract
This contract is designed to communicate to the at home teacher (parent) and student the
expectations of this science class as well as what they can expect of the Veritas teacher.
Most of the information is repeated on the class schedule as a reminder to the student of
what is expected. So, this copy is mainly for the parent’s reference. This contract should
be printed, read in its entirety and returned no later than the first test. The teacher will
keep the original and return a signed copy to the student which should be kept all year.
Any student returning this signed contract the first day of class will be given five
bonus points on the first test.
Course Requirements
Science is the study of God’s creation. These apologia science courses are meant to teach
the student about the world around them as well as teaching them the biblical basis for
what we know. The book is set up in modules designed to be completed in two weeks
(We may take less or more time depending on the complexity of material and lab time).
Each module has a study or review guide as well as on your own questions. I expect the
student to read each module, do the on your own questions and study guides as they read
through the material, and bring them to class for discussion. This not only helps the
student learn the material better but also allows me to see their progress. The student will
be expected to bring the following items to class each week:
1) Text book
2) Paper
3) A pencil and an ink pen
4) A notebook designated solely for lab experiments
5) Creation Dissection Kit with specimens
You may expect me to lecture to reinforce learning, spend time answering questions and
reviewing, as well as making science come to life for your student through videos, class
projects, and labs. I will be available during class time and Monday-Friday (excludes
holidays) by e-mail to answer parent or student questions.
Class Projects and Research Papers
Critical thinking and student group projects are vital to prepare the student for college
courses. I will from time to time have the students work together on worksheets or group
projects in class. This may require at home preparation. Also, each class will be required
to write at least one research paper. This is expected to be done at home and is on the
class schedule. The specific instructions will be outlined in class and sent home with the
student. It should be noted that Veritas does not tolerate plagiarism or turning in work
that does not belong to the student.
Since lab is an essential part of any science course and crucial to learning, we will be
learning hands on with lab and critical thinking exercises mostly done in class. The
student will be expected to keep a lab notebook to record experiments and follow the
report outline I have designed for the individual course. A few lab experiments and class
projects will be done at home due to time or resources. This is outlined fully in the course
NOTE: If you miss a lab that requires a lab report or group presentation, you will be
expected to make it up at home to replace the missed grade. I will be flexible on working
with you on a replacement lab if the materials are not common household items.
We will have a test after each module to measure the student’s knowledge of the material.
Most all tests will be taken at home. Tests done in class will be noted on the schedule
and will typically be over lab specimens or microscope slides. Tests should be done the
day noted on the schedule and will be due the following class time. I will take ten points
for each week the test has not been turned in unless prior arrangements have been made.
If you child is not in class, they will have one extra week to turn the test in with no
Grades will be calculated in the following way:
50% for module tests
25% for labs (participation and lab notebook/report completion)
25% for course work
I will grade all materials and a progress report will be e-mailed to the parents every 8
weeks. No work turned in 2 weeks past a designated 8 week period will be graded and no
work will be accepted after the last day of classes.
I do hope the expectations of the course are made clear here and I will hold the student
and parent to them. Veritas students are held to a higher standard because we expect them
to reach their full potential and be prepared for college by the time they graduate. Most
importantly however, I hope the student will reach their full potential in Christ and have a
since of appreciation for God’s wonderful creation. Please contact me with any questions
or concerns. This will be a great year!
Teacher signature____________________________
(Arrica Hess) e-mail: [email protected]
By signing this, I as the parent understand that it is my responsibility to see that my
student completes the required reading and assignments at home as well as
communicating with the Veritas teacher through out the year concerning my student’s
science education.
Parent signature_____________________________
Dated __________________
By signing this contract, I as the student understand what is expected of me in my science
course this year and will with all integrity; complete the assigned reading, course work,
and tests.
Student signature____________________________
Dated __________________
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