Chapter 24 Physical Geography of Asia Study Guide

Chapter 24 Physical Geography of Asia Study Guide
Define the following words:
A) Arable Land: Land that can grow crops.
B) Irrigation: Artificially water crops.
C) Cash crops: a crop grown to be sold for money on the world market.
D) Population Density: number of people living in an area.
E) Monsoon: the winds that blow across East Asia at certain times of year.
F) Subcontinent: a large landmass that is a major part of a continent.
G) Commercial Farming: using land to grow crops in large quantities to sell for a
cash crop.
H) Subsistence Farming: raising just enough crops to support one’s family.
1. Where do most people in China live?
In the East
2. Where do most people work who live in Southwest Asia?
On farms
3. What are the two most important rivers of South Asia?
Indus and Ganges
4. What two physical features do most people in Eastern Asia live by?
The coast or lowlands
5. How were the Himalayan Mountains formed?
The collision of the Indian Subcontinent
6. What do most people of Asia eat with every meal?
7. The North China plain in eastern China is one of the most fertile regions of China
because of ?
The rich soil that is deposited by the Huang He River
8. How does petroleum affect the standard of living and lifestyles of some Asian
It brings great wealth to the people and the government of that country
9. How was the island of Japan formed?
Erupting volcanoes and earthquakes
10. Why is the land along the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers so important to Iraq?
Because the flooding provides rich soil which is good for farmers, it makes
the area heavily populated.
11. Where are the majority of the world’s oil reserves located?
Southwest Asia
5 Themes – Mach the correct theme to the example.
A. location
B. Place
C. H.E.I
D. Movement
E. Region
12. People who live in Asia use irrigation to keep their crops alive – H.E.I
13. The “Dry World” consists of countries like Yemen, Oman, and Saudi Arabia –
14. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel – Location
15. The arid weather of Asia makes farming life difficult at times – Place
16. My family moved from India to the United States for better job opportunities Movement