Spring 2012
K. Asher
English 213
Tues. Jan 17-Introduction
Thurs. Jan 19-Defoe Moll Flanders, pp. 37-108.
Tues. Jan 24-Moll Flanders, pp. 109-238
Thurs. Jan 26-Moll Flanders, pp. 239-311
Tues. Jan 31-Moll Flanders, finish
Thurs. Feb 2 Sheridan School for Scandal
Tues. Feb 7- The Age of Romanticism (B) pp. 1-29
Poems of Wordsworth (B) “Expostulation and Reply” (118);
“Tables Turned” (118); Preface to the Lyrical Ballads (121-128);
“Resolution and Independence” (139); “Westminster Bridge”
Thurs. Feb 9- Poems of Wordsworth, con’t. “The World is Too Much With Us” (142);
“Beauteous Evening” (142); “Intimations of Immortality” (147); Excerpts from
The Prelude (MyCourses).
Tues. Feb 14-Poems of Keats: “La Belle Dame Sans Merci” (438); “Ode on a Grecian
Urn” (442); Letter to Benjamin Bailey (455); Letter to George and T. Keats (456).
Thur Feb 16-Poems of Keats: “Ode to a Nightingale” (441); “Ode to Autumn” (445);
“Eve of St. Agnes” (432).
Tues. Feb 21-The Victorian Era (B) (497-517).
Tennyson “The Lady of Shallot” (B) (640)
Bronte: Wuthering Heights, Editor’s Preface + pp. 3-106 (chapters I-X).
Thurs. Feb 23-Wuthering Heights, pp. 107-186 (through part 2, chapter III).
Tues. Feb 28--Midterm exam
Thurs. March 1- finish Wuthering Heights.
Tues. March 6-The Victorian Era (B) (517-537)
Dickens: Great Expectations, chpts. 1-16.
Thurs. March 8-Great Expectations, chpts. 17-24
Tues. March 20-Great Expectations, chpts. 25-42.
Thurs. March 22- evening showing of David Lean’s film of Great Expectations
Tues. March 27-finish Great Expectations
Tennyson In Memoriam (B) sections 54-56 (674-75).
Arnold Dover Beach (B) (785).
Thurs. March 29-Early 20th Century (B) (1003-1032).
Conrad: Secret Sharer (B) (1087-1107).
Tues. April 3-Shaw Mrs. Warren’s Profession (B) (1034-1070).
Thurs. April 5-Joyce The Dead (B) (1227-1248).
WWI poem: Owen “Dulce et Decorum” (B) (1118).
Tues. April 10-Modernist Poetry (B)
Yeats: “Easter 1916” (1144) ; “A Prayer for My Daughter” (1149); “Second
Coming” (1151);“ Leda and the Swan” (1154); “Among School Children” (1155);
“Sailing to Byzantium” (1156).
Thurs. April 12-Eliot: “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” (1316);
“Preludes” (1319); “Journey of the Magi” (1333).
Tues. April 17-Great Day
Thurs. April 19-The Late 20th Century and Beyond (B) (1400-1416).
Heaney (B): “Digging” (1445); “Punishment” (1447); “Casualty (1448);
“Limbo”; “Bye-Child”; “Alphabets” (These last three on Mycourses).
Tues. April 24-Some reflections on language and literature: (B)
Orwell: “Politics and the English Language” (1366-73)
Rushdie: “Is Nothing Sacred” (1512-1519)
Thurs. April 26-Amis The Rachel Papers, 3-85
Tues. May 1-The Rachael Papers, finish
Course Objective and Outcome:
This course is intended to familiarize students with representative works of British
literature from 1700 to the present. Selections will include novels, lyric poems, essays,
and a play. We will endeavor to come to an understanding of individual works through
close analysis and by placing each in its intellectual and social context. Apart from short
lectures to introduce the various authors and periods, the class will be given over to
discussion. By the end of the course, you should have a substantial overview of the
development of British literature of the last three centuries.
Grades will be determined on the following basis:
Two 5-page papers 25% each
Midterm 15%
Class participation 10%
Final 25%
Late papers will be penalized 5 points per calendar day. If you don’t hand a late paper to
me personally, give it to the dept. secretary who will date it and leave it in my mailbox.
Office hours are Thurs. 3:45-4:45 Office: Welles 221 Ph: 5513
Please use e-mail judiciously.
The final exam will be held in our classroom on Monday May 7 from 8:00-11:00 A.M..
Make sure you don’t have any conflicts or travel plans since this is the only time I can
offer the exam.
Dickens-Great Expectations
The Broadview Anthology Of British Literature
Defoe-The Fortunes And Misfortunes Of The Famous Moll Flanders
M. Amis- The Rachel Papers
Sheridan- The Rivals ; The Critic ; The School For Scandal
Bronte- Wuthering Heights

ENGL 213 Asher Sp12 syllabus