1. Draw a DNA nucleotide, and label the parts. 291 2. Write down

1. Draw a DNA nucleotide, and label the parts. 291
2. Write down the nitrogen bases that DNA and RNA have. (notes)
3. Make a Venn diagram comparing and contrasting DNA to mRNA. (notes)
4. During DNA replication, what is the complementary strand that would form from AATTCGCCG?
5. During transcription, what mRNA strand is formed from this DNA template strand: AATTCGCCG?
6. Find the amino acids from the following template strand of DNA. TACCCCGATATT (303)
7. What is a codon? (302 PICTURE)
8. What is an anticodon? (304)
9. What are the anticodons that bring the amino acids to the mRNA strand AAUCCGGGG?
10. What is a gene?
11. What is produced during transcription? (301)
12. What is translation? (304)
13. What is replication? (299)
14. What are point mutations?
15. What are chromosomal mutations?
16. What are 3 types of point mutations?
17. Which types of point mutations cause frameshift mutations?
18. What is a frameshift mutation?
19. If there is a mutation in this strand of DNA, how would it affect the protein being made? (find the amino acids for
both strands based on the DNA)
Normal strand:
Mutated strand:
20. What kind of mutation is in #19, and how did it affect the protein formed (sequence of amino acids)?
21. Is this a frameshift mutation? Explain.
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