Math 125 Chapter 6 Test - Minneota Public School

Math 125 Chapter 6 Test
1. Which of the following is NOT coterminal with an angle of -300 degrees?
a. 60 degrees
c. – 60 degrees
d. 420 degrees
2. Convert 240 degrees to radians
3. Write 42.32 degrees into degrees/minutes/seconds.
4. If sin  > 0 and tan  < 0, which quadrant is  in?
Verify: cot x + tan x = csc x sec x
6. Convert 3.21 radians into degrees in decimal form, and in minutes and seconds.
7. You are standing 200 ft. away from a building. The angle of elevation to the top of the building is
10 degrees. The angle of elevation to the top of an antenna attached to the building is 15 degrees.
How tall is the antenna?
8. Find the exact values of the following trig functions.
a. sin -300 degrees
b. cos
c. tan 210 degrees
9. Find the amplitude, period, and phase shift and sketch the graph of
y  sin( 2 x   )
10. A circular arc subtends a central angle of 35 degrees on the center of a circle with radius 50 cm.
Find the length of the arc and the area of the sector.
11. Given angle C =90 degrees, angle B=30 degrees, and c=10. Find the remaining parts of the
triangle ABC.
12. From a tower, point A, a forest ranger sights a fire in the direction S50 degrees W. From a point B,
10 miles due west of A, another ranger sights the same fire in the direction S 40 degrees E. Approximate
to the nearest mile, the distance to the fire from A and B.(set up using a picture, unknowns, equations, and
then solve.)