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CENTRAL LOCO Project No. 015914
D.1.2. Publishing conference materials on the web sites
Project no. 015914
Central European Network for Logistics Competence
Instrument: Specific Support Action
Thematic Priority: Sustainable development, Global Change and Ecosystems
Sustainable Surface Transport
Deliverable D.1.2
Publishing conference materials on the web sites
Due date of deliverable: month 12
Actual submission date: month 12
Start date of project: 01/06/2005
Duration: 24 months
Organisation name of lead contractor for this deliverable:
Institute of Logistics and Warehousing, Poznań, Poland
Project co-funded by the European Commission within the Sixth Framework Programme
Dissemination Level
Restricted to other programme participants (including the Commission Services)
Restricted to a group specified by the consortium (including the Commission Services)
Confidential, only for members of the consortium (including the Commission Services)
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CENTRAL LOCO Project No. 015914
D.1.2. Publishing conference materials on the web sites
A summary of the Polish Logistics Congress LOGISTICS 2006
Title of the congress: Best practices in logistics
Main organiser: Institute of Logistics and Warehousing
Co-organiser: Polish Logistics Association
Organisational partner: Poznań International Fairs
Venue: Poznań International Fairs
Date: 10-12.05.2006
The Polish Logistics Congress LOGISTICS 2006, which was held on 10th-12th May 2006
in Poznań, was the eighth in a series of bi-annual logistics conferences, organised by the
Institute of Logistics and Warehousing since 1992. This time the event was devoted to “Best
practices in Logistics”.
About 600 participants representing the whole logistics community registered, among them
representatives of science, business and local authorities. There were also foreigners among
the guests, both from the EU countries as well as from Central and Eastern Europe.
The congress program comprised one plenary and twelve thematic sessions, focused on
best practices within transportation, distribution, controlling, warehousing, e-logistics,
logistics centers and many more.
Among the others, CENTRAL LOCO three thematic sessions - B1, B2 and B3 – were to
find the answers for the following questions:
what is the state-of-the-art and best practice in different fields of logistics?
how to use best practices to improve activities?
what are the results of projects conducted by European research consortia as well as
international logistics organisations with respect to implementation of best practices?
Programme of the CENTRAL LOCO sessions:
SESSION B1 Improvements in transport logistics - modernity, reliability, effectiveness
1. Directions of support of intermodal transport development in selected EU countries Leszek Mindur, SGH, Poland
2. Elements of European policy within logistics’ results of the EULOC project - Lassi Hilska,
Finland's Ministry of Transport and Communication, Finland
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CENTRAL LOCO Project No. 015914
D.1.2. Publishing conference materials on the web sites
3. Synergy between logistics services and intermodal transport - Laszlo Ruppert, KTI,
4. ECO4LOG - challenges and opportunities of intermodal transport in Central-Eastern
Europe - Piotr Nowak, ILIM, PL; Bertram Meimbresse, TFH Wildau, Germany
5. Best practices in urban freight transport - Ales Krejza, CDV, Czech Republic
6. Legislative, economic and technology issues of electronic fee collection in Slovakia - Karol
Hrudkay - VUD, Slovakia
SESSION B2 Logistics centres as a chance for growth in effectiveness of supply
1. Logistics centres as a factor of growth in effectiveness of supply chains - Ireneusz
Fechner, ILIM, Poland
2. Creation of the Bratislava-Pálenisko Logistics Centre - Juraj Dubovec, University of Zilina,
3. The role of intermodal logistics centres and services in Hungarian transport policy - Lajos
SZŰCS, Ministry of Economics and Transport, Hungary
4. Stinnes Railport System - H.H. Enders, KLOK / F. Schuhholz, Stinnes AG, Germany
5. Logisticsnet Berlin Brandenburg - provided services and projects - Herbert Sonntag, TFH
Wildau, Germany
SESSION B3 Modern warehouse - still an important element in a supply chain
1. Supply chains influence on changes in warehouses - Aleksander Niemczyk, ILIM, Poland
2. Warehouse developer & 3PL company cooperation - best practices - Michael de JongDouglas, ProLogis Poland Management Sp. z o.o. / Tomasz Oczkowski - Wincanton Trans
European Polska Sp. z o.o., Poland
3. The extension or lease of the warehouse or the warehouse services outsourcing? Dariusz Grądys, Avon Operations Polska Sp. z o.o., Poland
4. The warehouse as the key element of the supply chain and its influence on the level of
consumer response Adam Ryguła, Przemysław Turski - Żywiec Zdrój S.A., Poland
5. Multifunctional Pharmaceutical Warehouse - Polfa Piabianice Case Study - Dariusz
Stępień, Polfa Pabianice S.A. / Tomasz Grabiak, EMAX S.A., Poland
The congress was accompanied by several events:
Marketplace „Logistics services market” (38 exhibitors), 10-12th May 2006
Logisticians’ Gala (banquet and concert) at the Opera House, 10th May 2006
Economic debate, 11th May 2006
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CENTRAL LOCO Project No. 015914
D.1.2. Publishing conference materials on the web sites
Working visits to 9 leading companies based in Poznan such as Volkswagen,
Panopa, Kuehne&Nagel, Nivea, DHL, Prologis, Schenker, Bertelsmann, Submiller
The third day was devoted to thematic workshops on Controlling in logistics
management, Logistics projects management, Warehouse management and
Inventory management – 12th May 2006
Number of registered participants: 624 (83 foreigners)
Number of exhibitors – 38 companies
The event was generally evaluated by all the partners as a great success and the project’s
sessions were evaluated very interesting and useful. The partners agreed with the results of
the questionnaire evaluation that were carried out during the conference.
Evaluation of the event according to the received questionnaires (scale 1 – 6; 6 as the
best mark):
(90% of examined units)
Selection of venue
(90% of examined units)
(70% of examined units)
Conference materials -
(60% of examined units)
General evaluation
(90% of examined units)
A post-conference publication including programme, photos, video, comments etc. were
prepared, provided to the administrator and posted on the website of the project and some
materials also on the conference website in Polish and English (
Presentations and abstracts from the CENTRAL LOCO sessions were provided and placed
on the project website as well.
1. A conference publication (+ CD with presentations).
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