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Understanding How to Quit and Stay in Control
What smoking does to you
Nicotine affects the chemicals in your brain, and after just one puff, you may feel good for a moment or two. It
produces different effects on the body at the same time. It may make you feel relaxed or more alert, but this
doesn't last long.
Impact on Blood and Liver
Toxins are not only inhaled by your lungs but also your blood which circulates these toxins around the body
attempting to oxygenate all your cells
The Liver is the “detox factory” and must deal with all substances that are ingested and inhaled so it becomes
overload and sluggish.
Other Health Disorders due to smoking are:
Gangrene and other circulatory problems which can result in:
Heart Disease
Hardening of arteries
To help you Quit Smoking you need to WANT to Quit and understand what smoking does
Smoking kills
Cigarettes are full of poisons
Smoking causes disease – health benefits in quitting
Fertility – babies and children
Affects your appearance, fitness generating confidence
No more smoker’s breath
How much money will you save?
You need to be aware of emotional triggers - wwhat drives you to smoke?
Feeling unhappy/Depressed
Mental Fatigue – poor concentration
Fear of becoming too fat therefore you smoke instead of eating to curb appetite
Feeling lonely and unloved
How does it make you feel?
Example: confident, socially accepted
Enables you to meet people (smoking areas) etc.
If you find you are losing motivation to quit, remind yourself of the many health
and financial benefits of quitting!
Replace a Bad habit with a Good habit!
How the body begins to Heal?
Within three months, cilia (the small hairs inside your lungs) have begun to re grow. This improves your lungs'
ability to clean themselves. Lung function may be increased by up to 30 per cent. Within one year, your risk of a
heart attack is reduced by half. Within 10 years your risk of dying from lung cancer is reduced by half. Within 15
years your risk of dying from a heart attack is equal to a person who has never smoked.
Within hours of quitting smoking the nicotine and carbon monoxide in your blood decreases, while the oxygen
level in your blood increases. Within days your sense of smell and taste begin to improve, breathing and
exercising become easier, even your chances of having a heart attack has been reduced. Within one month your
circulation will improve and your blood pressure and pulse rate will decrease.
I can help you QUIT if you really want to.
Homeopathy and herbal medicine are the prime remedies of choice here. If by chance your diet appears
inadequate in any way dietary changes may be recommended along with supplements if required.
You would not be on the same remedies all the time. Depending on how you improve and how you are dealing
with craving and addiction after a period of time remedies will be changed or deleted from your régime.
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