02a transport intro POGIL

Chapter 7-3: Cell Transport Intro POGIL
Name: __________________
Considering the following scenarios,
and think what you would naturally do.
Scenario 1:
Elevator 1
Elevator 2
1. You are waiting in line for an elevator at your hotel after a day when you’re exhausted
from traveling. You’re carrying 3 bags of luggage and the elevators above arrive at the
exact same time to the lobby. The circles represent people. Logically, which elevator
would you choose to get on? ________Why?_______________________________
2. If you broke down the wall and the 2 elevators formed just one, what would the people in
elevator 1 do? _________________________________________
Scenario 2: Now you’re getting on a train to travel on 4 hour train ride.
3. The
symbol means that the seat is already taken. If you got on the train and all the
rows were exactly the same (same # seats, same amenities, same leg room, etc…)
logically, which row would you choose to sit in? _____________Why? _____________
4. How is this problem scenario similar to the first scenario? ______________________
5. If you sprayed a bottle of perfume in the front of a classroom, what would happen?
6. How is the example of the perfume similar to scenario 1 and 2? __________________
The relationship that you should have seen in these 3 examples (elevator, train, and perfume) is
that it is more comfortable for us to spread out. When we are waiting for an elevator, we would
rather take one that is less crowded (what if you get stuck?!?), when we are getting on a
train/bus we usually look to find an empty row, and when you spray perfume the perfume
particles want to spread out.
7. What does the word “active” mean? Write a definition in your own words.
8. What does the word “passive” mean? Write a definition in your own words.
Under which of these words (active or passive) would you put the word “energy?”
10. Under which of these words (active or passive) would you put the words “go with the
flow?” ________________________
Information Section 1: This relationship of wanting to spread out is an analogy to passive
transport. Passive transport requires no energy and molecules want to move from an area of
high concentration (crowded) to an area of low concentration (less crowded). Molecules
continue to move from areas of high concentration to low but they are even throughout a space
– this is called equilibrium.Using this information and the picture, answer the following
11. Looking at the picture, which direction would
the particles (represented by the small circles)
want to move? Draw an arrow to indicate which
way the dots would want to move.
12. Draw a picture of what this would look like after a
period of time has passed.
13. What part of the cell do the particles have to move
through in order to get from one side to the other?
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