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Sample of Items To Include In A Specifications Sheet
The following is by no means a complete list of items that can be included in a spec
sheet. It is intended to get you thinking about the details of the items you’re
expecting to have installed or work to be performed. Putting everything in writing
helps to clear up any misunderstandings, provides clarification for both parties and
serves to keep the contractor honest.
√ Check with the manufacturers for accurate descriptions.
Appliances: Brand, make, model number, color, finish
A/C Systems: Brand, make, model number, energy efficiency rating, and size
Asphalt: Thickness, brand, type of sealer used
Awnings: Brand, type, model number, color, material, (canvas, aluminum, steel,
wood etc) fixed, operable
Baseboards: Material (wood, vinyl, plastic). If wood, thickness, painted, stained or
Banisters: Material (wood, metal, rod iron, glass etc) Type of finish if wood.
Backsplashes: Brand, material (granite, natural stone, tile, metal or other).
Bathtubs: Brand, make, model number, size, material (cast iron or other), jets
(number of jets), horsepower
Blinds: Make, model number, size, color, material (vinyl, metal, cloth, other), trim
Cabinets: Material (type of wood or other), finish, brand, model number, thickness
of material, number of drawers, interior material, type of glass, frames, hardware,
trim any additional features.
Carpet: Brand, model number, color, density, pile, weight, any identifying feature.
Carpet Padding: Brand, thickness, weight, material type (foam, nylon rubber, etc)
Ceilings: Material (plaster, joint compound, wood etc) finish
(paint, plaster, etc) type (vaulted, pitched, arched, domed, etc).
Ceiling Fans: Make, model number, color, if light kit included, number of blades,
Chimneys: Type of flue material, type of lid and damper, color, any specifics
Counter tops: Maker, model number, material (laminate, natural stone, ceramic
tile, concrete, butcher block, etc) thickness, bull nosed, squared etc.
Doors: Brand, model number, material (wood, metal, glass etc), hardware
descriptions, veneer solid, etc.
Drywall: Type and thickness. Blue board for plastered areas, green board for tiled
areas such as bathrooms, showers.
Driveways: Type (asphalt, concrete, decorative stamped concrete, pavers etc).
Type of underlay if required. Need to do some homework as to the needs for
expansion joints, compaction requirements and any warranty information.
Fixtures: Brand, model number, type, finish, weight
Fences: Type (wood, vinyl, rod iron, chain link, etc) gates, hardware, finish,
Fireplaces: Brand, make, model number. Custom made: specify surface material,
grout, mantel, flue, lid, damper etc. How will it be vented?
Glass: Thickness, type, color or shade, polished, etched, beveled etc
Glass Block: Brand, model number, color, style, size, mortar or silicon application
Grout: Brand, color, sanded / unsanded, cement, other material
Hardware: Brand, model number, color, material, finish
Heating Systems: Brand, model number, type, size
Insulation: Type, brand, thickness, R-value. Do research on R-value, which is the
value of energy the insulation saves.
House Wraps: Brand, material, thickness, weight
Molding: Material type (wood, vinyl, etc) If wood, thickness, painted, stained or
clear? Finger-jointed or all one length?
Paint: Brand, color, quality, type (oil or water based) number of coats
Primer: Brand, color, number, water or oil based, number of coats
Plaster: Brand, texture, color, thickness, type (scratch coat, brown coat). Type of
mounting surface and bonding if required.
Plumbing Fixtures: Brand, type, model number, color, material (aluminum,
porcelain steel, etc) finish
Plumbing Pipes: Material (galvanized, copper, other)
Railings: Material, finish and number of coats, style, size any embellishments or
identifying features
Roof Tiles: Brand, color type (Spanish, barrel, etc), material (shingles, clay, steel,
Shingles: Make, model number, color, size, thickness, weight, fire resistance
rating, any other identifying aspect
Shelving: Material (wood, plastic, other) color, number of coats for finish, number
of shelves, spacing, bracing materials. If pre-packaged, brand and model number
Siding: Material (wood, plastic, veneer, etc), thickness, model number
Sinks: Brand, make, model number, material (stainless steel, porcelain, cast iron,
etc) size, color, fixtures to be used
Stairs: Material (wood, concrete, steel), size of stairs and risers, number of risers,
assembly hardware, finish
Stucco: Cement or synthetic, brand, color, number, type of finish (smooth,
textured etc.), thickness, number of coats
Tar Paper: Type, number of layers. Weight according to building codes.
Tile: Brand, color, thickness, material (ceramic, clay, marble, etc), number, type
(Spanish, Italian, Mexican, etc)
Toilets: Brand, make, model number, color, material (fiberglass, cast iron)
Trim: Material (wood, vinyl, etc) Thickness, painted, stained or clear if applicable.
Wallpaper: Brand, style code number, design, self-stick or paperbacked
Water Systems: Brand, model number, type, filter type (charcoal, salt, reverse
osmosis, etc). Under sink units or whole house.
Windows: Brand, model number, type, insulated, number of panes, tinted glass or
shade, frame material (wood, vinyl, aluminum, etc)
Window Sills: Material (wood, tile, etc) color, size, thickness
Window Treatments: Make, model number, material, size, trim, finish, hardware
Wood or Cork Flooring: Brand, color, part or order number, material (oak, walnut,
etc), planks or tiles, solid, veneer, nail down, inter-locking or self adhering, any
other related descriptions
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