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Qualifications and skills
Juris Doctor Degree and Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with
twenty five years combined professional experience.
Thirteen years full time college level teaching experience
including curriculum development, service on college wide
committees, community liaison/recruitment, budgetary planning,
coordination of complex tasks and working with people from
diverse cultures and backgrounds.
Ten years legal experience, including the positions of paralegal,
law clerk, associate attorney and senior supervising attorney.
Legal Specialties: Federal Court administrative appeals, State
and Federal Government entitlement, eligibility, and policy.
Five years experience as an owner of a Honeybee business with
emphasis on the cross breeding of Africanized bees for
commercial production.
Leadership and supervisory experience in legal, commercial, and
collegiate settings.
University of Utah 1981-1983, Juris Doctor conferred
University of Oregon 1972-1975, Bachelor of Arts, Psychology
Treasure Valley Community College 1972
Honors and Awards
Member #4120 (admitted 1983)
Member #990493 (admitted 1993)
Manatee Bar Association
Certificate for Participation in
Pro Bono Legal Clinics
American Association for Paralegal Education
Runner up,
National Teaching Competition, 2002,
American Association for Paralegal Education
Coordinator for LEX Scholarships 2003
American Association for Paralegal Education
Southeast Representative,
LEX Scholarship Committee 2004-7
Southwest Florida Paralegal Association
Honorary Member
College Teaching Experience
August 1994 - Present Program Manager of Paralegal/Legal
Assisting A.A.S Degrees, Manatee Community College.
Full time academic faculty position with Program Manager
Directs a program with an average enrollment of 125 students.
Coordinates and supervises lawyers and judges employed as
adjunct professors, selects textbooks,
Schedules 12 – 20 classes per semester, carries a teaching load of
five Law classes per semester.
Prepares and teaches classes in all areas of substantive and
procedural law.
Coordinates internship placements for students in law offices and
carries out other duties of full time academic faculty as assigned
by the Department Chair.
Promoted to full Professor in 2002.
November 1985 – August 1987 Coordinator and Trainer.
Appointed adjunct professor to coordinate and train up to ten
law students placed at Utah Legal Services as interns each
Taught Constitutional Due Process principles, as they apply to
administrative denials and hearing procedures,
Instructed oral advocacy, case handling, law office procedures,
Taught substantive Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare,
Landlord and Tenant Laws.
Sailing instructor, University of Oregon,
Undergraduate position- 1974
Supervisory Experience
Senior Supervising Attorney, Utah Legal Services, Inc.
Program Manager of Manatee Community College
Paralegal/ Legal Assisting Associate in Applied Sciences
Degree Program, Bradenton, Florida
Law Student Field Placement Supervisor
Utah Legal Services, Inc.
Supervisor of Grafting and Royal Jelly Production
Apiario Palpites,
Teresopolis, Rio De Janiero and
City of Martins, Rio Grande de Norte
Professional Legal
January 1978 – July 1988
Utah Legal Services, Inc.
December 1985 – February 1987
Senior Attorney.
Supervised attorneys responsible for all Public Benefits and
Health Law cases.
Federal District Court appeals from administrative agencies.
State Court appeals from administrative agencies.
Represented clients in all aspects of eligibility for public
entitlement programs
Met with senior citizen advocacy groups to recommend and
develop state policies.
Supervised the training of new legal staff and law student interns.
Supervised full time paralegals in casework.
Held public lectures on eligibility for a number of Federal and State
entitlement programs, Medicaid and Medicare eligibility.
Wrote practice manuals for private attorneys and community
advocates on administrative advocacy in particular programs.
Acted as liason to State Human Service Agency.
January 1984 – December 1985
Staff Attorney.
Practiced in Family, Consumer, Tort, and Contract defenses.
Handled public assistance administrative cases
Federal Court Appeals.
Assisted in legal training of new staff and law student interns.
Represented the firm in negotiations with state officials on issues
affecting the poor.
Supervised paralegals and law student interns on casework.
August 1980 – July 1983
Law Clerk.
Performed all paralegal functions.
Completed legal research and writing assignments.
Assisted in the training of new legal staff and law student interns in
agency procedures, case handling, oral advocacy, and Federal
Entitlement programs.
November 1978 – August 1980
Assisted in Involuntary Mental Hospital Commitment defense work
by interviewing proposed patients being involuntary hospitalized
and recommending statutory defenses.
Provided direct representation of clients in administrative hearings.
Assisted in litigation.
Participated in National Legal Services Corporation trainings on
Federal Entitlement Programs and Administrative Advocacy.
Other Experience
Total of 8 years experience as a Honeybee keeper (1987-92):
Worked in Hawaii for three years, propagating Queen Honey
Received training on the natural and artificial insemination and
propagation of queen honeybees from Steve Taber, in California.
Spent five years in Brazil working as a Honeybee Queen
Breeder and in commercial Royal jelly production 1988-1992.
Employed by The Oregon Research Institute assisting on grants in
Behavioral Psychology (1973-75):
Assisted in the study of the parenting skills of families with out
of control children and assisted in treatment. 1973-1975.
Assisted in observation and tracking of behavior in homes.
Assisted in creation of instructional films of correct parenting
Employed by the University of Oregon School of Psychology:
Assisted Doctoral Candidates in clinical studies of interactional
Assisted Doctoral Candidates in the treatment of inorgasmic
Assisted Doctoral Candidate compile statistics on the American
gynecological uses of female circumcision in America.
Publications and Films
Paralegal Internship Syllabus
Manatee Community College (2007)
The Workable Africanized Honeybee
The American Bee Journal (1990)
The Africanized Honeybee (film)
Copyright (1991)
Social Security Practice Manual
Published by Utah Legal Services, Inc. (1988)
Medicaid Eligibility Manual
Published by Utah Legal Services, Inc. (1987)
Landlord and Tenant Consumer Manual
Published by Utah Legal Services, Inc. (1987)
Southwest Florida Paralegal Association
Continuing Education Speaker
Topic: Ethical Conflicts of Interest
American Association for Paralegal Education
National Conference in Orlando, Florida
Topic: Tracking Students after Graduation
Sarasota Manatee Association of Legal Support Specialists
Continuing Education Speaker
Topic: Proposed Florida Paralegal Regulation Rules
American Association for Paralegal Education
National Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico,
Topic: How to Choose good adjunct faculty
Presenter and host for tour of Apiario Palpites at
International Beekeeping Federation Convention,
Rio de Janiero, Brazil.
Topic: Cross breeding the Africanized Honeybee for
commercial production.
Circuit riding Presenter for Medicare eligibility, Medicaid
Medically Needy Program and Medicare Supplemental Insurance
Policies to Senior Citizen Centers throughout Utah.
Recent/Current Research
Paralegal Unauthorized Practice of Law
Broker Liability in home sales
Wrongful Death Law in Florida
Long Arm jurisdiction in Florida
Florida libel and defamation causes of action
Paralegal billing practices
Institutional Service
Enrollment Management Cross Functional Team, 2007
Strategic Planning Committee, 2007
Curriculum Development and Review Committee, 2001-2004
Phi Theta Kappa Advisor, 2000-2002
Honors Program Study, 2001
Committee to plan future of ARC, 2005
Paralegal Program Manager, 1994-2008
Paralegal/Legal Assisting Club, 1994-2008
Leadership Training, USF, 1997-98
Courses Taught
Introduction to Legal Systems,
Legal Research and Writing I & II,
Real Property I & II,
Co-Op Work Experience
Legal Internships,
General Law (Torts and Contracts),
Civil Procedures
Introduction to Criminal Law,
Introduction to Criminal Procedures,
Corporations and Business Organizations,
Wills, Trusts, and Probate Administration,
Law Office Management,
Introduction to Family Law,
Employment Skills for Legal Environments,
Internship in Paralegal/Legal Assisting,
Professional Responsibilities.
Community Involvement
Member, Florida Association of Women Attorneys
Participant in regular Pro Bono Legal Advice Clinics
High School Mock Trial attorney coach and judge
Manatee County Bar Association Lawyer Speakers Bureau
Chamber of Commerce Youth activities
Volunteer at Gulfcoast Legal Services, Inc.,
Bradenton office 1993
Community Action Program,
Salt Lake City, Utah 1980-1985
Rural Health Services Board of Directors,
Salt Lake County, 1982-84
Big Brother and Big Sister Volunteer 1970-71
Educational Travel
Brazil, resided in three states in Northern and Central Brazil
Tour of Western Europe,
Visits to most major cities in America
Cynthia Reynolds,
Department Chair,
Social and Behavioral Sciences
Manatee Community College
Idelia Phillips,
Director of Technical and Occupational Programs
Manatee Community College
Anne Milne, Director, Utah Legal Services, Inc.
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