RUAYA, Rhobie A. III- Newton Differentiate science from technology

RUAYA, Rhobie A.
III- Newton
1. Differentiate science from technology.
Science is a systematized body of knowledge that is based on facts gathered
through observations and experiments. It also serves as basis of technology for the
benefit of man and his environment. While, Technology refers to the practice of any
or all of the applied sciences which have practical value and industrial use.
2. Are the processes of scientific investigation similar to technological design?
No they don’t have the same processes because..
1. Selecting a General Topic
2. Literature Review
3. Problem Definition and Question Selection
4. Statement of Hypothesis
5. Selecting a Research Plan
6. Data Collection
7. Data Reduction and Analysis
8. Data Reduction and Analysis
And TECHNOLOGICAL DESIGN uses these steps:
1. Define the design strategy
2. Identify requirements
3. Design and develop the necessary technology
4. Implementation and training
5. Maintenance of the technology
But although they don’t have the same processes, the similarity between the two of
them is that they both use the SCIENTIFIC METHOD.
3. Cite a technological innovation/ invention/ product and evaluate it on the basis of:
a. Cost
Cellular Phone or Cell phones cost a lot of money especially the updated and
latest ones. But there are some cell phones that are cheaper and less expensive.
The important thing is you can communicate to other people using it.
b. Efficiency
Nowadays, cell phones do a lot of things. From the simple text and call
abilities, now you can play games, listen to music, capture and record pictures or
videos and even surf the net. The degree of efficiency of cell phones has truly
c. Materials
Usually, the reason why other cell phones cost a lot of money is because the
materials used to invent it also costs a lot of money and are updated. Some
materials are harmful to the environment and to the one using it. That’s why we
should buy cell phones that are original made by a true brand with quality use.
4. Benefits and Harms of Technology
1. It helps us humans do work faster and easier
2. It helped improved the life of man through medicinal benefits
3. It helped improved the way of people to communicate
1. Technology adds pollution to the air, water and even on land.
2. Research has shown that prolonged periods of gadget usage (ex. Laptop) are
associated with upper limb and spinal problems.
In that way, technology not only affects our environment, but also our
3. Newspapers and local agencies and music stores have been forced to shut
down since items are available online.