Covenant World Relief Project Grant Request

Community Development Grant Request
Covenant World Relief
Community Development Grant Requests can be submitted at any time and are
evaluated at least every four months. To ensure grants are reviewed in a timely
manner, please submit requests by January 15, May 15, and September 15. Please
refer to the CWR values and grant request guidelines for more information.
Project Title:
Name of Organization Requesting Project:
Date of Submission:
Anticipated Project Start Date:
Anticipated Project Completion Date:
Project Summary
In one short paragraph, please describe the project, goals and objectives, key
strategies and methods that will be used to achieve the objectives, the project target
area, and the total budget including the amount requested from CWR. You will have
space to elaborate on these themes in other sections, so be brief here.
Project Design
1. Community Assessment
How was this project chosen? Why was it chosen? Who will be the primary
beneficiaries of this project? How and why were they chosen to be the
2. Project Goals and Objectives
Please list the major goals and objectives of the project. How will this project
address the needs of individuals, families and the community?
3. Anticipated Outcomes
What are the long-term desired outcomes of this project, including how
individuals, families, and the community will be transformed?
4. How does this project align with the values of CWR?
Project Implementation
1. In one paragraph, please describe the strategies and methods that will be used
to achieve the project goals and objectives. Include how local resources will be
utilized and how local people will be involved and empowered.
2. What is the timetable for this project?
3. What are the greatest risks of this project? Briefly describe the actions
planned to minimize them. Also include possible risks of success of the project.
4. How will the Good News of the Kingdom be demonstrated?
Project Management and Accountability
1. If you have received funds from CWR in the past, please note that here and
briefly describe the outcomes of your prior projects with CWR, including
successes and challenges.
2. Who will be managing the project? What experience do they have with similar
3. How will progress be monitored? How will the project be evaluated? Please
include a timeline for monitoring and evaluation and indicate who will be
responsible for this.
4. Please provide an itemized project budget. Include how much is requested
from CWR and how the CWR funds will be used. If needed, the budget can be sent
via email as an attachment.
Project Contact Information
Principal Contact Person Name:
Phone (include all phone types):
Blogs, websites, other information:
Preferred contact method:
Contact information for others involved with the project:
Any additional contact information:
By submitting this request, we agree that we are willing and able to follow the CWR
guidelines including providing timely communication updates and report(s).
Please refer to the CWR values and grant request guidelines as you complete this
application. All grant request applications must be submitted electronically to both and It is expected
that all grant recipients will provide regular communication and updates.