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Swim Cap Brain Labeling Activity
Honors Anatomy and Physiology
76 Points
Directions: In this activity, you and a partner will use a swim cap to label the major areas
of the brain.
Note: Write small and neatly to ensure you have enough room for all labels! Also, do
your best to draw the various areas of the brain in the correct proportions.
Using Figure 8-19 on pp. 271, label the following:
1) Longitudinal fissure
2) Central sulcus
3) Frontal lobe
4) Lateral cerebral sulcus
5) Temporal lobe
6) Occipital lobe
7) Parietal lobe
8) Cerebellum
9) Precentral gyrus (primary motor cortex)
10) Premotor cortex (somatic motor association area)
11) Broca area (speech center) - left hemisphere
12) Postcentral gyrus (primary sensory cortex)
13) Somatic sensory association area
14) Auditory cortex
15) Auditory association area
16) Wernicke’s area (general interpretive center) -left hemisphere
17) Visual association area
18) Visual cortex
In addition, define/describe each of the above areas on a separate sheet of paper.
Label (on the frontal lobe) the right hemisphere as the “representational”
hemisphere. This hemisphere controls artistic, musical, and creative types of
Label the left hemisphere the “categorical” hemisphere. This hemisphere is more
concerned with mathematical skill, reasoning, and problem solving.
P.S. Just because they are swim caps does not imply that you should get your head
wet….do I really need to say this??? 

Swim Cap Brain Labeling Activity