50 Suggested Websites for Homework

50 Suggested Websites for Homework
Homework Help Resources
1. Fact Monster
This site offers help on topics like geography, maths, science, history, language
and social studies. It also has a Skills area that helps with writing, studying and
revision techniques.
2. PATH – Pupils Ask Teachers Help
PATH is a non-profit organization founded in 2005 to offer homework help to
students in grades 1 - College via Live Help Rooms, Message Boards, Email and
a knowledge Bank. You can get access to help with English, MFL, Math’s,
Geography, History, Science and Special Needs.
3. Study Success
Study Success hosts the Exam Genie, an extremely powerful mental tool that will
enable you to remember a huge amount of information quickly and accurately. It
has been developed specifically for students and pupils to achieve the best
possible results in their exams, and will take only a matter of a few hours to learn.
4. Carnegie Library
A contemporary and vibrant institution, the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh will be
recognized as the region's best information resource.
5. Exam Tutor
Examstutor.com, combines the subject knowledge of qualified lecturers, teachers,
tutors and examiners, with the technical know how of professional web
developers, to produce a site which we intend to be a quality leader in the
provision of on-line education.
6. Oz Projects
The OzProjects website assists you to find suitable online curriculum projects and
provides access to a host of resources to support your involvement. Search and
browse the range of online projects in the project registry. Find a project of
interest, visit the project's website and contact the project coordinator to begin
your involvement.
7. Homework Tips
This website offers tip for helping with homework, helping your child with
homework will benefit both your child's school work and self-esteem.
8. Zip Through Homework
Some students seem to spend more time on their homework than they would like
to. They feel that homework is a drag and takes much more time from life than it
should. Instead, their philosophy should be that they zip through their homework,
so they can go out and have fun but still learn the material and get good grades.
This website does just that.
9. Any Questions Answered
This site is a text service. Simply text a question to 63336, wait a couple of
minutes or so and we'll get back to you with your answer. You receive a good
answer, an answer from intelligent human beings with a bank of knowledge and
insight at their disposal.
10. Skoool – Homework Notes
This website has brought together a collection of homework resources for Maths
and Science at Key Stage 4, including comprehensive Homework Notes.
11. Maths Goodies
With over 63,000 essays and courseworks, Coursework.Info offers a collective project with a
mission to act as learning resource for the benefit of students everywhere.
Math Goodies is a free math help site featuring interactive lessons, puzzles and
12. Maths and Reading Help
This site is created by a cooperative of concerned individuals dedicated to helping
children; parents and teachers find appropriate educational information on the
World Wide Web. The main aim of the creation of this website is to offer a
destination portal for all publics looking for children's educational information and
13. Worksheets @ Bargo Bush School
These Maths worksheets have been created to support the parents and students
of Bargo PS. They have been organised into categories for faster downloading
14. Coursework Info
15. The Teacher
Teaching and Revision notes for GCSE and AS/A2. This site list the requirments
for all the examination boards and syllabus’ in ICT.
16. Revision Aid
This site has three main sections that have different functionality. The Books
section enables you to search for revision guides and books for different subjects
and levels such as KS3, KS4 (GCSE). The Revision Aid Directory enables you to
browse selected sites by category as well as search for sites. The Revision Aid
Tutoring Section enables you to search for online tutors as well as tutors near
17. Maths Revision
MathsRevision.net provides comprehensive, free mathematics revision notes and
help for GCSE and A-Level students.
18. Math Nerds
MathNerds provides free, discovery-based, mathematical guidance via an
international, volunteer network of mathematicians. MathNerds does not supply
answers to homework, take home tests and the like; rather, we provide hints,
suggestions, and references to help our clients understand and solve their
mathematical problems.
19. Cosmeo
Cosmeo is a subscription site that offers a unique homework help tool brought to
you by Discovery Channel. It facilitates learning with a constantly updated video
library, including more than 30,000 video clips across all age and grade levels, it
can match videos to your state's curriculum standards, it can make learning fun
with a wide variety of interactive games, and homework help tools.
20. National Geographic
This site has a search engine that will bring up information on nearly everything
you type in. You can decide whether you need images, written information, maps,
and there is also a help wizard if you get stuck.
21. BJ Pinchbeck’s Homework Helper
This website was created to provide resources and information to help users with
homework and research. The site has more than 500 links to information on the
Internet covering subjects such as math, science, social studies, languages,
history, music, art, and computers.
22. BBC - SOS Teacher
SOS Teacher brought to you by the BBC answers your homework, coursework
and revision questions. Look through the archive of questions that have been
answered on GCSE, AS and A2 levels.
23. Homework High – C4
This site is a fun and easy to navigate tool in helping with homework. Two
animated characters buzz around the screen and help with searches and
questions. If you’re a student aged 11-16 we’re here to help with your homework.
24. Education Guardian – Homework Help
This website hosts lots of links to other homework help sites.
25. Homework Help
This site creates an effective Internet learning environment accessible to
educators, teachers, tutors, parents, and students. The Homeworkhelp.com
makes it easy for parents and students to view important information about our
tutors; likewise, tutors receive support and are connected with students through
our website.
26. Scholastic – Homework Hub
Scholastic, the global children’s publishing and media company, has a Homework
Hub which offers practical tips like techniques on how to write an essay, advice on
research reporting, Tip of the week and everyday essentials.
27. Kid Info
There's information here for students of all ages, the homework help features nine
subject areas, reference resources, search engines and fun sites. There are also
resources for teachers and parents.
28. Kids Homework Help
This site is to assist with school children’s homework. It includes great resources
for helping with grammar, essay writing, math homework, science homework, and
lots of great links to other sites.
29. Web Math
This website offers help on all math’s areas. You'll find over 100 instant-answer,
self-help, and math’s solvers, ready to provide you with instant help on your math
problem. You can find a problem that's similar to yours by browsing through over
2,200 completely solved math problems or you can ask a math expert about your
math problem
30. Homework Elephant
Homework Elephant - your first stop for Internet resources to help complete your
homework assignments. There are over 5000 carefully selected resources to
assist with your homework problems.
31. Chalk Face
The aim of this site is to make the best teaching ideas available to every teacher
in the most practical way. Combining new technology with old, they produce
detailed lesson plans complemented by photocopy-master worksheets across the
secondary curriculum.
Practical Tips/Parents
32. Helping with Homework
This site has some helpful hints for Parents helping to encourage their children
with their homework.
33. Educational Gateway
Find out how to motivate your child to do homework and create the right
environment for studying. The site also provide tips on fun summer homework
ideas that will keep your child learning even after school lets out.
34. About – Homework Tips
This site offers practical tips on how to go about completing a homework tasks
and tips on how you can do it.
35. AQA Exam Advice
AQA – the examination board, have a new strand to their website which gives tips
and advice to student about to undertake their GCSE’s, A-Levels or any other
qualification with AQA.
36. MapZone – Homework Help
Homework Help is an interactive section to help your map reading skills, games to
play and map resources for teachers.
37. BBC Jam
This website is new from the BBC. Combining homework help with ways of
exploring, learning and creating fun.
38. Time for Kids
Learn about many different parts of the world through games, timelines, photo
galleries, maps, and get homework help.
39. Class Brain
Offers homework resources, printouts and games for kids and teens.
40. What 2 Learn
Your resource for interactive learning resources and revision games for a range of
Key Stage 3 - Key Stage 5 subjects.
Search Engines
41. Ask for Kids
Ask for Kids is a fast, easy and kid-friendly way for kids to search online. Ask for
Kids uses natural-language technology that allows kids to ask questions and
perform web searches, in the same way they would ask a parent, friend or
42. Kids Click
Web search guide for kids by librarians
43. Exam Shop
This site is designed to act as a portal enabling you to find the revision guides and
educational books you need. You can browse by level (KS3, KS4, AS, A2-Level
etc) or by publisher to find the book you need.
Chat Forums
44. Jiskha Homework Help
This site is great for posting messages and questions on the message boards.
You can have a live chat with experts/teachers and you can search for topics.
There’s a hot topics section and news headlines for kids.
45. DfEs Standards – Homework
This site features articles on good practice, parental support with homework, case
studies and a feedback forum.
46. Student Dump
Studentdump is a fast growing community of college, university and high school
students. We discuss many different topics here including tech, sports, news and
more. Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free so please join our
community today.
47. Chat Mag
A Comprehensive List of Homework Help, Chat Rooms on IRC and The Internet.
48. Chat Avenue
Need help with your homework or a school project? Ask away at the #1
Chat Avenue - Free chat rooms for adults, kids, singles, teens and more.
49. Lazy Students
Lazy student's goal is to make it easy for students and educators to integrate the
Internet into the classroom. The need for a complete online educational guide is
evident. Lazy student is designed to be that resource for students and educators.
50. Ask a Teacher
Ask a Teacher is the ultimate online destination for homework help. We'll try to help
you improve your grades and ace your tests. Join Ask a Teacher's Chat Rooms and
get one-on-one help with your homework, from a real teacher in real time. Our tutors
might not give you the answers, but they will guide you to them. The Chat Rooms are
open 4 hours a night, from
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