Group Games Resource Assignment
Name of Game: Olympic Bean-Bag Bacci
Purpose: To develop the underhand throw.
Equipment: 5 hula hoops, 4 bean bags per person, 10 pylons (5 Blue, 5 Red)
Description of how to play the game:
Overall Objective: Acquire the 5 territories
4 people, 2 people per team (Team Blue – Team Red)
5 hula hoops are taped together like the Olympic rings
The throwing line is 25 feet from the hula hoops
Team Blue throws all there bean-bags first, if
Two or more bean bags land in one ring (hula),
Then Team Blue has a chance to claim that territory
(25 Feet)
To successfully claim a territory, Team Blue has to
answer a question about the Olympics correctly
from the Question Cards (which will be read by Team
Red). Here is a sample of some of the Olympic questions Team Blue can
answer (they can answer this collaboratively);
Who is the Canadian representative on the International Olympic Committee? (Ans Dick Pound)
What Canadian won a gold medal at the 1996 Olympics Summer Games in Atlanta, USA
in Men’s 100 metre and set a new world record in doing so? (Ans – Donavon Bailey)
Where were the first ever Olympics held? (Ans – Greece)
The 1988 Winter Olympic Games were held in what Canadian City? (Ans - Calgary)
Where will the 2010 Winter Olympic Games be held? (Ans - Vancouver)
How often are the winter (or summer) Olympic Games? (Ans - Every four years)
This American swimmer won 8 gold medals at the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in
Beijing, China? (Ans – Michael Phelps)
Why were the summer and Winter Olympic Games cancelled in 1940 and 1944? (Ans –
World War 2)
T/F – Badminton is a summer Olympic Sport? (Ans - True)
T/F- Women softball is a summer Olympic Sport? (Ans - False)
If Team Blue successfully answers the question, they can put a blue pylon in
that ring and claim that territory. If they get the question incorrect, then they
will not get that territory
After Team Blue has gone, it will be Team Red’s turn to try and gain some
territory (alternate)
The game is over when all 5 rings are obtained by the fasted team.
Refinement: keep your eyes on your intended target and follow through in line with that
move throwing distance closer
Extension –
eyes closed, non dominant hand, make throwing
distance further, throw overhand
Modify to make more inclusive- students who have a mobile disability would be able to
Participate because there is little moving involved.
Age group intended- 8-12 year-olds
Main skills- underhand throw
Movement ConceptsBody Awareness- Actions (Bend), Body Parts (hands, arms)
Effort- Weight (Strong, Light)
Spatial Awareness- Directions (Forward), Levels (low, medium, high), Extension
(Near, Far)

Group Games Resource Assignment