Media –Rich Lesson Plan
Teacher Training Institute
Prairie Public
Name: Verlene “Beanie “ Stotts
Introducing the Instruments of the Band
Grade 4, 5, 6
TIME ALLOTMENT: 2-3 Class periods. The glogs are separated by Woodwind
family, Brass family, and Percussion family with the class period in mind. The
instructor can do one unit a day or combine them as they see fit for their individual
OVERVIEW: This lesson is educating the incoming students of the instrument
choices to play in band. This can be done in the elementary classroom OR through
the evening instrument fitting process that many band programs use to help
students find a good fit for success in Band. The students will be expected to look
through the entire Glogs and then select 2-3 different instruments to complete a
provided questionnaire.
SUBJECT MATTER: Subject areas will include Music, Reading/Language Arts,
LEARNING OBJECTIVES: This lesson is intended to give the students an overview
on all of the instruments available to play in the band program. This overview is
provided through reading, watching and listening to video clips. Each student is
asked to select two or three instruments that they want a better understanding
about. It also shows the students and what is involved with playing the certain
instruments they may be interested in learning to play. The students are asked to
fill out a questionnaire about the information they accessed and draw conclusions
about their favorites. This will help the student begin the process of identifying the
type and sound of instrument that he/she may ultimately play. The questionnaire
will help the fitting specialist with the student’s interest as well.
Fargo Public Schools Band Standards
6.6.1 Understand appropriate terminology to describe specific music events.
8.6.2 Know how principles and concepts of other disciplines are related to those of
9.6.3 Know the functions of music, the roles of musicians, and the conditions of
performance in several cultures of the world.
10.6.1 Understanding of care and maintenance procedures specific to their
Fargo Public Schools Library Media Standards:
1.6.1 Student will use resources and tools to inquire, think critically, and gain
2.6.2 Students will use resources and tools to draw conclusions, make informed
decisions, apply knowledge to new situations, and create new knowledge.
4.6.1 Students will use resources and tools to pursue personal and aesthetic
21st Century Skills –
Critical Thinking
-Identifies and presents the student’s own perspective and position as it is
important to the analysis of the issue.
-Identifies and considers other salient perspectives and positions that are
important to the analysis of the issue.
-Identifies and assesses the quality of supporting data/evidence.
-Identifies and assesses conclusions, implications and consequences.
Problem Solving/Research
-Define the Problem or Task (Inquire)
-Access & Evaluate Information
-Develop & share a solution
Glogster EDU: A complete educational solution
Youtube clips:
Sing a song of songs performed by the Hard-Bop Sax Quartet
Various pieces by The Concordia Percussion Ensemble
Army Field Band Trombone Quartet - Super Mario Brothers -SRU Trombone Day at
the Rock (2009)
Music & Instruments : How Does a Saxophone Work?
Bill Clinton Saxophone 1992
Prairie Public Resources//Our Minnesota Legacy Programs
Jazz Arts Group of Fargo Moorhead
Fargo Moorhead Symphony Young Peoples Concert
Fargo Moorhead Symphony Woodwind Quartet
Musical Concepts
For the class to view this lesson on Glogster EDU, you will need a projector hooked
up to your computer and a screen or whiteboard to project it on. You also want your
audio hooked up for the presentation. You can view the each glog by clicking on the
following url:
If you do not have an EDUcator Premium account on Glogster EDU, you can register
for an EDUcator Free account by going to and clicking on the
green “I WANT IT” button. This will take you to their pricing page. I strongly
recommend the purchase, as there truly is not a similar tool available at their prices.
To sign up for a free 30 day trial scroll down towards the bottom and click on the
words “Free Version PLUS a 30 Day Premium Trial.”
Ideally each student should have their own computer, laptop, or device with ear
buds. They also need a pencil and the questionnaire to fill out. I would recommend
that they do not get the questionnaire until they have navigated through the entire
This is the student glog questionnaire:
Be familiar with the glogs and their purpose. The glogs are interactive, so the
students should click on all components to access all of the information. Allow each
student time to surf throughout the glog before giving them their questionnaire.
1. Before introducing this lesson, the students will have
already had their introduction on the woodwind, brass, and
percussion families of instruments.
2. Give the students a notecard or half sheet of paper
to record their initial instrument in the woodwind and brass
family they would like to play as a band member. Collect and
discuss what they will be doing for the remainder of the class
1. Go through the Glog on the presenter with the students
observing. Start with video right by the woodwind, brass or
percussion family text. This is a whole overview with all the
instruments in that family. Now, introduce one of the instruments, explaining that this is how they need to do it. Read through
the Did you know … portion, then click on the picture(s) to enlarge
it, click on the video(s), then go to the small arrowed square in the
lower right-hand corner of the screen to enlarge the viewing screen.
2. Now instruct the students to do the same for each of the
instruments on the glog. They need to know enough information about each instrument to make a decision which they
are interested in learning more about.
3. After the students have spent the majority of the class
period researching the instruments, pass out the questionnaire
and ask them to fill out the information, using the glog.
4. Continue the activity with the other family of instrument
2. Notecard/
half sheet of
paper and a
1. Glog
projected on
their attention to each
portion as
you discuss.
2. Computer,
laptop, or
3. Questionnaire and
1. After the activity, explain to the students that they will
be presenting to the class their top instrument and use their
questionnaire to support their choice.
2. It would be fun to come back after the instrument selection process to see if the instrument selected from the activity
is the same as the selection from the instrument fitting process.
3. Refer to the initial notecard/half sheet of paper to see if
the choice remained the same throughout the process.
4. The students can make a chart with the initial choice, their
presentation choice, and the final choice.
1. completed
1. Allow the students to find one more research piece that
they would like to add to the glog for the instrument that they
selected to learn more about or that was their final choice.
2. The students could draw the instrument they selected
to learn more about or that was their final choice.
3. The students could write a research type project for the
instrument selected to learn more about or that was their final
1. Computer,
laptop, or device.
4. Tag board
and marker
This Glog uses much local talents like the Fargo Moorhead Symphony, The Jazz Arts
Group of Fargo Moorhead, Concordia Percussion Ensemble, Hard Bob Saxophone
Quartet. This gives the potential for the students to have the opportunity to see
these groups live multiple times throughout the year.
The students will need a pencil and then a computer, laptop, or device to access the
glogs and do the activities in the lesson.

Introducing the Instruments of the Band