Life's Greatest Miracle Vide

Life’s Greatest Miracle Video Questions
1. DNA has run the show because it is very good at ____________.
2. If humans were all clones, everyone would have the same _________ and one
successful parasite could wipe us all out.
3. When there is sex, there is _________.
4. True or False Each and every sperm is the same.
5. __________ is the process the makes it possible for all the sperm to have unique
6. Melinda produced all of her eggs when she was a __________.
7. Cells called ____________cells help nourish the selected egg.
8. One teaspoon of semen can contain _____________ sperm.
9. Underneath the thick layer of support cells, the egg is protected by a protein layer
called the __________.
10. When the egg cell first divides, _________hours have passed.
11. When the embryo finally lands on the uterus wall, the blastocyst can be attacked
by woman’s _______________.
12. At the beginning of gastrulation, the cells form _______ layers.
13. Different cells look different because certain genes are _____________.
14. Melinda and Sergio did a ____________ test to try to figure out what the sex of
the baby was.
15. Around ________ weeks, a doctor can sometimes make out the sex of a baby.
16. True or False
In the first month, boys and girls look exactly alike.
17. SRY is a gene on the Y chromosome that functions in one place, the
18. If there are two x chromosomes, that baby becomes a ___________.
19. Two months after fertilization the embryo is called a _________.
20. The _______is one of the only organs that function early in development.
21. The fetus starts to hear at ________ months.
22. The man in the video made ________ noises to his wife’s stomach.
23. At Week 9, the baby is _______inches long.
24. Very importantly, fat is getting laid down in the __________.
25. Giving birth can be one of the most amazing experiences a woman can have,
and the most__________.
26. Humans are far more dangerous than other primates because of ___________.