Final Survey Project for AP Statistics

Survey Project for AP Statistics
Step 1: Choose a group of two or three people.
Step 2: You will be conducting a survey or experiment or collecting data
from other sources. You need to choose a topic and a question or questions
that you want to answer. Then you will need to type or hand write a one page
summary on your topic, including why you are interested in this topic,
 Survey: what your survey questions will include (you should have at
least 1 question, though you may want to add categorical questions
such as gender so that you can make comparisons), and how you will
conduct your survey. You should also include a copy of your survey.
 Experiment: How you will go about conducting the experiment.
 Other Data Sources: Where you will find your data.
Your paper should also include three questions you plan on answering and
what types of tests you would use to answer these questions.
Due by May 26th.
Step 3: Conduct your research. You must have all results in by May 22.
The sooner you get this done, the faster your project will go.
Step 4: Write a paper. As a group, you will type a paper at least 2 pages in
length. You should include the following topics:
 Describe your topic and your question of interest.
 Tell why this is of interest to you and why you chose it.
 Describe how you chose to conduct your experiment or survey or
collect your data. What questions you want to answer.
 Give descriptive statistics of your data.
 Interpret your data.
 Describe how you could have made this experiment or study better
and any difficulties you ran into. How else could you extend this
 To be included but not counted in your 2 pages: a table of your data
collected and at least 2 graphs of interest regarding your data.
Your paper is due the first day of presentations.
Step 5: Give your presentation. You will be presenting 5 minutes to the
class information from your survey and your paper. Make this interesting
and be sure that everyone participates!