MEP Jamaica: STRAND A UNIT 1 Decimals and Fractions: Lesson Plans


UNIT 1: Decimals and Fractions Lesson 1.6 Estimating Answers

CSEC Objective : Estimate answers to numerical calculations

Lessons Aims : After this lesson, the student should be able to: i) understand how to give numbers to a specified number of significant figures and/or decimal places ii) make sensible estimates of number calculations by making suitable approximations.

Prerequisite Knowledge : Basic number work, including decimals; significant figures, decimal places

Key Vocabulary :

Challenges :

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Estimation, approximation

Able students should have no difficulty here.

Less able students will struggle with understanding what approximations to make when estimating answers. They need guided practice to master this important skill so as to ensure that they will know, in the future, when their answers obtained from a calculator, are obviously incorrect.


Lesson Plan : Review homework

Revise significant figures and decimal places

Estimating answers (interactive)

Exercises (some of)


Closing activity (some of)


Relevant CSEC Questions :

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ST 1.6, WE2

ST 1.6, Q3

Activity 1.6

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Glossary of terms : Estimation ; this is where you make suitable approximations to numbers in a calculation in order to find an approximation of the final answer.

Approximation ; this is where numbers are approximated in calculations (useful when estimating), e.g. 97  100, 52  50

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