AP Physics Unit 1 Review

AP Physics Unit 1 Review Make sure you know the definitions of the following terms: Base unit – give an example also of the base unit for time, length, mass, volume Derived unit – give 3 examples Scalar – list 2 scalar quantities Vector – list 3 vector quantities Know the following formulas and when to use them c2 = a2 + b2 tan, sin, and cos x = (cos θ) x hypotenuse c2 = a2 + b2 – 2 a b (cos θ) y = (sin θ) x hypotenuse Know the basic conversion factors: km, cm, dm, mm, um, nm Problems: How many significant figures in each of the following: 32154 60.0800 801
.000534 .00500780 8000000000001 1.000000100 8000
.00000001 1.010 For each of the following perform the calculation and round using sig fig rules correctly: (1.6x 102) + (3.7 x 103) (1.1 x 10‐4) – 5.8 (5 x 108)(5.27 x 107) (6.38 x 108)(5.53 x 10‐3) (3.69 x 10‐2) / (2.38 x 10‐1) Do the following conversions: 42 cm2 to km2 19.2 cm/s to km/hr 55 m/hr to dm/min 3435 km to micrometers 50 cg3 to dg3 36.7 g/L to cg/mL Solve the following problems, make sure to draw a picture first then solve 1. A car is being driven wildly by Jordan Bickle, he heads west for 80 meters then turns and travels north for 40 m. What is the magnitude and direction of his displacement? 2.
What are the x and y components of a line that is 50 m in length and makes a 28° angle with the positive x‐axis? 3. The directions to locate a buried treasure containing 5 quadrabillion dollars tells you to walk 50 paces east from Taylor Bockelman’s front door. Then make a 70° turn to the left and walk another 20 paces, then start digging. What is the magnitude of your displacement from his front door? 4. A boat is traveling south at 50 m/s and is hit by a wind blowing west at 20 m/s. What is the magnitude and direction of the boat’s resultant velocity? 5. Alaina Rhoades is hopelessly lost , she walks 6 km in one direction, makes a 30 degree turn to the right, and walks another 7 km. What is the magnitude of her displacement?