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Welcome to the University of South Australia
What’s great about...
The University of South Australia
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Deputy Vice Chancellor
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What’s great about...
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Accept your offer
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Begin your journey
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Adelaide’s climate
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Start your new life in Adelaide
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What’s great about...
The University of South Australia
Experience the best of what the University has
to offer with modern facilities and teachers
who blend academic expertise with real-life
professional experience. Here is a sample of
some of our achievements;
We’ve been awarded 5 Stars
The 2013 QS World University Rankings has
recognised us as a Five Star university which
distinguishes a university as being world class,
with a high reputation, cutting edge facilities
and is an internationally renowned research and
teaching faculty.
Our teachers are award winning
Almost 70 per cent of our academic staff
holds doctorates, which puts us in the top ten
universities in Australia on this measure. In 2012,
six University staff members were recognised
with a Citation for Outstanding Contributions to
Student Learning, through the Australian Awards
for University Teaching program and two of our
academics have won the Prime Minister’s Award
for University Teacher of the Year.
Our research is world class
The 2012 round of the Excellence in Research
for Australia (ERA) evaluation, which assesses
the research quality of Australia’s higher
education institutions against national and world
benchmarks, rated more than 86 per cent of our
assessed research as world-class standard or
Our learning environments are modern
and connected
Our campuses are spacious and well-equipped
and we’re making them even better by spending
almost AUD$1 billion on new teaching and
research initiatives and creating new student
International accreditation
Our Business School is accredited by the
European Quality Improvement System (EQUIS),
the most prestigious international accreditation
for business schools. The School is one of only
8 Australian business schools accredited by
EQUIS. All EQUIS-accredited institutions must
demonstrate high quality in all their activities,
including research, teaching, student services,
internationalisation and connections with the
corporate world.
Experience Plus
You will benefit from our modern research
facilities and our commitment to excellence
in teaching and learning. Take a look at our
campuses via a virtual tour to discover the worldclass facilities that make the University of South
Australia a great place to study and research.
We want you to have the best possible
experience so that you graduate ready to
take on the world. There are lots of different
opportunities during your studies, both within
your academic program and through social and
personal development activities.
We’ll support you during your studies
With Experience Plus you can boost your
employability through leadership opportunities,
volunteering or meeting new and interesting
people in a fun and social environment.
Our dedicated support services are designed
to help you succeed. We have offices and staff
on each campus to answer your questions and
help make your life at university easier. There are
personal, academic and social support services as
well as 24/7 online support.
What you learn can be put to work
The University of South Australia is amongst the
world’s top 100 universities for smart, work ready
graduates (source: the Employer Reputation
Indicator). In 2011, 79 per cent of our graduates
were in full-time employment, which is above
the national average. With strong industry links
you get the experience and expertise you need
to succeed in your career. Two recent studies by
Australian Education International have revealed
that Australian degrees are giving a competitive
edge to international students joining the
workforce in their home country.
Number of
Chinese students
educated Korean
% students % employers that
employed would recommend
Source: Australian Education International research snapshots
Student exchange
The University offers a range of global exchange
and study tour opportunities, which means that
once you arrive in Adelaide you can apply to
study in another country as part of your program.
With the aid of a travel grant you can experience
new customs and cultures, build international
networks and friends and improve your language
and intercultural communication skills.
Deputy Vice Chancellor & Vice
President’s Welcome
It is with great pleasure that I welcome our new
international students to South Australia and to
its biggest university – the University of South
Our University is a modern, innovative institution
that has been built on more than 150 years of
teaching, learning and research excellence. It
offers a diverse range of undergraduate and
postgraduate programs in the areas of business,
education, arts, social sciences, health sciences,
information technology, engineering and the
environment. These programs are designed
with strong professional emphasis and in close
partnership with industry.
is integral to delivering an outstanding student
experience and exceptional graduates.
As you will discover, the University of South
Australia is a truly international institution that
takes great pride in its cultural diversity. We
educate around 6,000 international students each
year, and they in turn enrich the intellectual and
social life of our campuses, as well as provide an
invaluable global perspective for our students
and staff.
Having arrived in Adelaide from the UK in 2010
to take up my appointment with the University, I
know from first-hand experience the excitement
and challenges that come with establishing
yourself in a new community. In order to help you
The University’s continued upward growth
settle comfortably into your new environment,
trajectory is reflected in a number of recent
the University provides a range of support
global performance indicators. In the 2012 QS
programs and services, and I encourage you to
World University Rankings, the University of South make the most of these.
Australia was again rated in the top three per
cent of more than 10,000 universities worldwide.
Our global network of more than 164,000 alumni
It also increased its standing, and was one of less also serves as a valuable source of advice and
than 20 Australian institutions recognised in The
experience for anyone seeking information about
Times 2012 Higher Education world rankings.
the University, in addition to enabling you to
keep in touch with your fellow graduates and
In the Australian Government’s inaugural
to remain an integral part of the University story
Excellence in Research for Australia evaluation
when you have completed your studies.
released in 2011, 70 per cent of the University
of South Australia’s assessed research was rated
As an initial point of reference, this International
as world-class or above. We were also rated
Student Guide has been specifically designed to
in the top five overall of 28 Australian tertiary
prepare you for life in Adelaide, and for studying
institutions evaluated as part of the International
at the University of South Australia. Should you
Student Barometer, and the quality of our
require additional assistance, our staff will be very
teaching is regularly recognised through national happy to help you.
awards such as the Office for Learning and
Teaching citations.
I wish you every success on your academic
journey, and I look forward to seeing you on
In addition, the University is continuing its $A1
campus in the near future.
billion-plus investment in new physical and
virtual infrastructure across its campuses to
Nigel Relph
ensure students and academics have access to
Deputy Vice Chancellor & Vice President:
the very latest in technology and amenities. This
International & Advancement
What's great about... Adelaide
Adelaide is the perfect place to study – big
enough to have fun in, and small enough that you
can concentrate on your studies. It is Australia’s
University City and the capital city of South
Australia – known for its beaches, sunshine, wide
ranging landscape, wildlife and friendly people.
It is easy to find your way around Adelaide. All
of the modern conveniences you expect in a city
are easily accessible, like shopping malls, public
transport, restaurants and cultural facilities. And,
you can travel from the city to the beach in just a
20 minute car, train or bus ride.
As a multicultural destination, you can expect to
meet people from diverse backgrounds. Once
here, you’ll discover more than 700 restaurants,
cafés and pubs, serving food from around the
There are international flights direct to Adelaide
from major Asian airports and all Australian
capital cities.
Accept your offer
Follow these steps to accept
your offer:
Check your
offer letter
Make sure your offer is correct.
Contact us if you need to defer your offer
or if there’s a chance you may arrive late.
If you change your program you will need
to submit a new application form which
will be re-assessed.
and Pay
Accept your offer by sending:
All documents required to meet your
condition/s (if applicable). Do not
make payment before meeting all
The First Total Payment includes the
tuition fee and compulsory visa length
Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)
fee. OSHC covers all student visa holders
for medical insurance. A family rate may
apply for students with an accompanying
spouse and/or family members.
Receive your
Confirmation of
Enrolment (CoE)
A (CoE) is required when applying for
student visa entry into Australia.
Once you have submitted all documents
and payment the CoE will be emailed
within four business days.
A signed Acceptance and Payment form,
The First Total Payment outlined in
your offer in Australian dollars (AUD),
A certified copy of the personal details
page of your passport and visa
label/visa grants letter,
Please take the CoE to the Department of
Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) or the
Australian Embassy in your home country
to apply for your student visa.
Enrol Online
Enrol early in courses before arriving in
Australia to access the best class times.
Make sure you understand all of your
international student visa requirements
when enrolling.
Prepare to
Allow us to welcome you to Adelaide.
The University offers services including a
free airport pick-up and assistance to help
you organise temporary accommodation.
Arrive early to discover your new home in
Start your academic career in the best
possible way with orientation activities.
Begin your Journey
Organise your visa
Contact the Australian High Commission
or the Australian Embassy in your home
country to find out how to apply for your
student visa.
Once you have accepted your offer,
a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)
document will be issued which you can
use to apply for your student visa for entry
into Australia.
Book Flights
Book free airport
We provide a free University airport pickup to welcome you.
Our University representative will
meet you at the airport, bus terminal
or train station and take you to your
If you are travelling with your partner or
children, they are also eligible for these
You must book this service at least 3 days
Flights to Australia can be heavily booked before your arrival in Adelaide.
during January, February and July so
check with your travel agent early for flight
However, you should not confirm
bookings until you receive your CoE
Once you have confirmed your travel
arrangements, you can arrange your free
University airport pick-up and temporary
Book temporary
If you are moving to Adelaide for the first
time you may need to organise temporary
accommodation while you look for a long
term solution.
There are a number of options to
choose from: Student accommodation,
Backpacker hostels, Affordable hotels,
Serviced apartments.
Book early to avoid disappointment.
Feeling overwhelmed with all of the things
you need to prepare? Use our checklist to
help you get organised.
checklist for
International Students
Below is a list of things you need to
organise before you study at UniSA.
This checklist has been prepared by
International Student Services staff and
can be downloaded as a useful resource
to help you prepare for your time studying
in Adelaide.
Please ensure that you organise the
following items and tick the check boxes
as you go!
□ M edication – if you take specific
medication for a condition and bring
a letter from your doctor translated
in English) You will need to declare
your medicine on your Incoming
Passenger Card before processing
through Customs. Cards are normally
distributed on incoming flights to
Australia and are also available in
Customs processing areas of Australian
□ Your student visa
□On Arrival Reception. Make sure you
□ M edical, optical and dental checkups
inform the Learning and Teaching
(these may be necessary for your visa;
they may be cheaper in your home
Unit if you want these services by
completing the online booking
form. Start looking for long-term
accommodation through the UniSA
Accommodation Services.
□ E nrol online – if you have any difficulties
enrolling online, you can complete your
enrolment during orientation
□At least AUD$2,000 available to you
on arrival in Adelaide (approximately
AUD$500 in cash and AUD$1,500 in
ATM access)
□ Note the contact details of your
country’s embassy in Australia. Refer
to Australia’s Department of Foreign
Affairs and Trade website.
the University of South Australia’s
contact numbers for international
students, in case of emergency, after
landing in Australia:
+ 61 8 1800 500 911
(UniSA Security) (all hours) - free call
□ Document folder containing:
□ your UniSA letter of offer
□ a copy of your Confirmation of
Enrolment (CoE)
□ certified academic transcripts
from previous study
□ d ocumentation of previous study
if applying for status or credit
□ identification documents –
translated home country driver’s
license and/or credit cards
□ character references
(translated in English)
□ important medical records,
where relevant
□ Bi-lingual print dictionary
□ Travel insurance plus specified
item insurance for your personal
Note: This is different to your
Overseas Student Health Cover which
covers medical treatment after your
arrival in Australia. It is recommended
that you purchase travel Insurance to
cover yourself and your property on
your journey to Australia.
□ Check Australian customs and
quarantine regulations for information
on Entering Australia and separately
pack any items you need to declare
including medicines.
□ O rientation start date so that you
arrive in time for your Orientation to
UniSA program. Your UniSA offer and
New Student letter should advise
you of the start date and time of
your orientation program and home
campus location.
Here are some ideas
on What to pack
• Calculator
• Guide and phrase book
Document folder including;
• Family recipes – learn how to cook your
favourite food so you can look after
yourself and impress friends!
• your offer letter
• a copy of your COE
• certified academic transcripts from
previous study
• identification documents (i.e. driver’s
licence or credit card)
• important contact numbers (i.e. your
country’s embassy in Australia and the
University’s emergency contact number)
• details of pre-arranged accommodation
• important medical records
• character references (translated
into English) to help apply for
• copies of your insurance policies (health
and travel)
• copies of credit card details/traveller’s
Medication and a letter from your Doctor
detailing any prescribed medicines
• Money
• Bilingual print dictionary (only print
dictionaries are allowed in exams)
• Spare glasses/contact lenses
• Radio/MP3 player/iPod
• Phone (including charger)
• Camera (including memory cards and
• Adaptor
• USB/thumb drive
• Laptop/iPad/tablet
• Clothes - Dress on campus is informal. In
summer, lightweight clothes and sandals
or sneakers are sufficient. In winter, warm
clothing with woollen sweaters, coat and
a waterproof jacket are needed.
• Toiletries
• DO NOT agree to carry parcels for
anyone and remember to pack any items
you wish to declare separately
Adelaide’s Climate
Adelaide has hot dry summers and wet cold winters. The sun can be harsh so in
summer always wear a hat, sunscreen and cover up to avoid sun burn, particularly in
the middle of the day between 11am – 3pm. It doesn’t snow in Adelaide but it does
get pretty cold and wet in winter. Umbrellas and waterproof jackets are essential
when you are out and about in the winter months.
Season Months Conditions Temperature
Summer December-February Mainly hot & dry 25º C - 35º C
Autumn March-May Mainly dry 20º C - 25º C
Winter June-August Cool & wet 10º C -15º C
Spring September-November Little rain 20º C - 25º C
Start your new life in Adelaide
Adelaide is… Festive
Adelaide is the festival heart of Australia
with more than 400 special events
throughout the year. If you love being
part of a theatre audience, dancing to
international music, listening to readings
from the world’s great writers, laughing
at comedians or enjoying sporting
attractions then Adelaide offers it all.
Some of the popular events include;
• Fringe Festival
In South Australia, international students
are offered the same public transport
discounts as local students which can save
you hundreds of dollars every year.
*Source: Economist Intelligence Unit
Worldwide Cost of Living Survey 2010–
The following is a guide to average basic
weekly expenses and costs of some
regularly purchased items.
Average weekly living costs in Adelaide
• OzAsia Festival
(shared or single)
• WOMADelaide (world music festival)
Telephone/postage $10-$30
• Adelaide Festival of Arts
Food (eating at home) $80-$100
• Adelaide Film Festival
Transport $20-$35
• Adelaide Cabaret Festival
Electricity/Gas $37-$50
• Adelaide International Guitar Festival
Clothes/Entertainment • Santos Tour Down Under cycling race
TOTAL $295-$600
• World Tennis Challenge
Source: Study Adelaide
• Brighton Jetty Classic sand sculptures
• Clipsal 500 street car race
• Classic Adelaide car rally
Adelaide is… Friendly
Adelaide is…
One in five South Australians were born
overseas so we’re good at welcoming
newcomers into our multicultural mix.
Because South Australians originally hail
from more than 120 countries, the state
has a wonderful mix of influences.
The cost of living in Adelaide is 25 per
cent cheaper than Melbourne and Sydney
and 11 per cent cheaper than either Perth
or Brisbane*.
Most Australians tend to be ‘easy going’
and ‘laid-back’ (relaxed) about a lot of
things. This includes dress codes and the
way that people communicate. While you
are here you might pick up some Aussie
‘slang’ (local phrases). So when you hear
someone say ‘g’day’ or ‘how ya going’
don’t be alarmed, they are just being
Adelaide is…
Adelaide is a quick and easy place to get
around, with an integrated bus, train and
tram public transport system connecting
all parts of the city and suburbs.
The free tram service takes you through
the city centre and connects with the
Adelaide Railway Station and City West
Campus. Also look out for the free City
loop bus that can take you on a ride past
art galleries, museums and universities.
The Adelaide City Council also has a
free bus service linking north and south
There are many internet hotspots (wireless
internet) and internet cafes around
Adelaide. Some City Council Centres and
Libraries provide free internet access for
the public and most hostels and hotels
have internet facilities for guests.
During your studies, remember to update
your contact details with the University,
check your University email and clear your
inbox regularly.
Food and Shopping
Adelaide provides retail therapy for the
most enthusiastic shoppers. Whether
you’re after fashion bargains, designer
labels, shoes, jewellery, fresh fruit and veg,
furniture or wine... Adelaide can satisfy
your shopping urges.
Shopping hours are generally Monday to
Friday 9am-5.30pm, Saturday 9am-5pm
All University campuses are easily
accessible by public transport and student and Sunday 11am - 5pm. Adelaide shops
parking is available at Magill and Mawson in Rundle Mall and Rundle Street are open
every Friday until 9pm and many are open
week nights until 7pm. Adelaide suburban
Visit Transport SA or Adelaide Metro
stores have late night shopping every
for information on public transport
Thursday until 9pm.
timetables, driver’s licences, motor vehicle
The availability and affordability of fresh
registration and road laws.
and processed foods means that you can
buy ingredients to prepare your own food
at home and you will find that Adelaide’s
prices are often cheaper than other cities.
Most markets, shops and supermarkets
offer a variety of international products so
Once you arrive, call home to let your
you can find that special ingredient that
family and friends know you have arrived
safely and give them your contact details. will help you prepare home cooked meals.
You can buy a phone card and/or set up a
Skype account.
Stay in Touch
You can also eat out at one of the many
restaurants in Adelaide with a range of
cooking styles, price ranges and locations.
Long Term
Adelaide has a variety of accommodation
options to suit different needs and
budgets. You can share with other
students or live with a family, couple or
single person. It might be important for
you to live in the city centre, near your
campus or close to the beach.
The University has a dedicated
Accommodation Service with support
staff and a Rental database to help you
search for your new home. Below is a brief
guide to the types of accommodation and
approximate costs.
Type of Accommodation Weekly Cost
Student hostels
AUD $130 – $200
Student apartments
AUD $150 – $350
Residential colleges
AUD $250 – $350
AUD $220 – $250
Private Rental
AUD $80 – $250
Your studies
Your guide to
Australian education
Education in Australia may seem different
from what you have experienced in your
home country. Our teaching methods
encourage students to take part in class
discussions and debates. Here are some
common teaching terms.
Lectures - large group activities where
you listen to a lecturer and take notes
Tutorials - small group interactive
teaching sessions under the guidance
of a tutor
Practicals - often laboratory based
teaching sessions
Our teaching staff
In 2012, six University staff members
were recognised with a Citation for
Outstanding Contributions to Student
Learning, through the Australian Awards
for University Teaching program. Almost
three-quarters of our academic staff hold
PhDs which means they know what they’re
teaching. Two of our academics have
even won the nation’s highest honour for
university teachers – the Prime Minister’s
Award for University Teacher of the Year.
Let us welcome you
Gear Up
Gear Up is a free music and arts festival
Field trips - part of some programs where for new and continuing students with a
great selection of Adelaide bands as well
you go out of the university environment
to study a particular topic and may require as food, drinks, competitions and campus
art on show.
some nights away from home
Work experience or placement – part
of some programs where you go into a
work place to gain first-hand experience
of working in the industry related to your
The academic year is divided into study
periods with holidays in between.
Welcome Week
At Welcome Week you can meet other
new students and University staff while
participating in fun and interactive
Some of the activities during Welcome
Week include;
• important information sessions about
being a student in Australia
Whether you are studying on or off campus,
our online environment provides services
and resources virtually anytime, anywhere.
• assistance from friendly staff and students
• free lunches on some days
As a student at the University of South
Australia, you have access to the following
online resources:
• a tour to Cleland Wildlife Park
• an email account
• competitions and sporting activities
• online teaching materials for all of your
• myUniSA - your online one-stop-shop
The University’s Orientation service will help • more than 1200 computers on campus
you meet people, familiarise yourself with
n Internet allowance (equivalent to
our campus facilities, enrol in courses, meet • a
viewing ~60,000 pages) for use on
teaching staff and get to know a bit about
Adelaide life.
• a printing allowance (equivalent to
printing 1400 pages for full time students)
At orientation, you’ll meet University
for use on campus
Buddies who are students with information
• wireless networks
and friendship to share.
• IT ‘help’ services
Campus facilities
All of our campuses have modern facilities,
including new buildings, laboratories,
computers, programs and learning spaces
with the latest in information technology.
Off campus, we support students 24/7
through our online learning environment.
You’ll also find cafés and social spaces so
you can meet with friends and enjoy time
out in between classes.
The Library’s information resources and
services will support your studies with more
than 700,000 books and print journals, a
rapidly expanding collection of electronic
resources, and expert staff to help you find
what you need.
Each campus library has different collection
strengths and items can to be sent to the
campus of your choice. In addition to our
friendly and helpful staff, we have a range
of other services including photocopying,
scanning, colour printing, study rooms,
online and on-campus training, special
collections and computers.
Facilities at City West campus
Facilities at Magill campus
• Specialised visual art and design studios
• Fully equipped film and television studio
• Moot Court for law students to
participate in real life debates
• Multimedia studios and editing suites
• Theatre for stage productions
• Purpose-built industrial design workshop • Gym and outdoor sports fields
• Art gallery for exhibiting works by
• Language laboratory
• Computer pools
• Modern lecture theatres
• Wireless internet access
• Architecture museum
• Library with study areas and comfortable
• Comfortable study spaces
• Cafes with outdoor dining
• Student common room
• Post office
• Swimming pool
• Campus cafés and outdoor dining area
Facilities at City East campus
• 15 hectares of parklands and lawn
• Sophisticated research equipment
Facilities at Mawson Lakes campus
• Multi-purpose health science
• Model pharmacy
• Specialised podiatry, physiotherapy,
mammography and ultrasound clinics
• Machinery workshops
• Interactive learning spaces for
engineering students
• Eco-centre
• Updated computing facilities and
wireless internet network;
• Design and Technology, and Science
Teaching facilities
• Fully equipped gym, including yoga
and Pilates classes
• Purpose-built Centre for Environmental
Risk Assessment and Remediation
• Aroma Cafe
• Outdoor plaza
• Mawson Centre - a shared space for the
University and the community
• Adelaide’s only Planetarium
• Ian Wark Research Institute
• Sports centre complete with fitness gym
• Outdoor recreation areas
• Cafés and outdoor dining areas
Experience Plus
We understand that being a student is not
only about study, it’s just as important to
have a positive social experience while at
Experience Plus provides you with a wide
range of events and initiatives outside
the lecture theatre that are designed to
develop your employability, networking,
social and leadership skills...all while
having a great time.
xperience Plus Grants - Create and
fund projects to improve the overall
student experience.
xperience Leadership - Boost your
employability through the Experience
Leadership program.
ear Up – a free music and arts festival
on our campus designed to welcome
new and continuing students to the
• Australian government scholarships,
known as Australia Awards, for capacity
building in developing countries or for
high achieving students, researchers and
• International postgraduate research
• Scholarships offered by your home
Global Experience
Global Experience encourages you to
participate in a range of extra-curricular
activities to enhance your experience at
the University and in your future career.
Some of the opportunities include;
• short-term international study tours
• overseas exchanges
• local and international conferences
• networking with industry specialists
• volunteering for not for profit
organisations in Australia and overseas
• work placements and internships
• meeting high profile guest speakers
Each year, more than 2,500 students at the
• be part of a supportive community of
University benefit from scholarships and
like-minded students and staff
grants worth millions of dollars. As part
of this, the University offers a number of
• developing leadership skills
scholarships to make study in Adelaide
• building a portfolio of experiences which
affordable for international students.
will enhance your degree
Explore the range of scholarships on offer;
• Scholarships for both undergraduate
and postgraduate students
Beyond your studies
Each year, thousands of graduates
become part of the University of South
Australia’s alumni network. Membership
is free, and provides you with the chance
to further your personal and professional
Benefits include;
Our alumni network promotes strong
links between the University, business,
government, and the wider community;
and supports and encourages interaction
between graduates.
• opportunities to keep in touch with
classmates and friends
• access to library resources
• university updates
• invitations to networking events and
Feel supported
We provide many support services to
help you succeed in your studies and
manage student life, including specialised
assistance for international students.
From career assistance to counselling,
language and learning assistance,
research education, health and wellbeing,
disability, security services and social
support – we offer it all.
Take a tour of our support services to
find out how we can help you achieve
your goals.
International student officers are located
on each metropolitan campus and are
available to assist with information and
The University of South Australia provides
advice about issues such as on-arrival
support services to help you succeed in
transport to accommodation, life in
your studies and manage your student life.
Adelaide and studying at the University.
The team also provide orientation and
Take a tour of our services to find out how
guidance to students about work rights in
we will help you achieve your goals.
Australia, meeting new people, support
for spouses, partners and families and of
International Student Support Services course completing your studies.
Support Services
Career Services
Counselling Services
Language and Learning Assistance
Research Education
Health and Wellbeing
Disability Services
International Student
Support Services
The University’s Learning and Teaching
Unit (LTU) provides a range of on-campus
and online services and resources. We
have offices and staff on each campus
to answer your questions and help make
your life at university easier. There are
personal, academic and social support
services as well as online support 24 hours
a day, seven days a week.
You will meet an international student
officer on campus during orientation or
you can make an appointment at
any time.
You can also get on campus assistance
with all enquiries such as enrolment,
graduation, student ID cards, student
fees, room bookings and timetables via
Campus Central.
We also offer a range of specialised
services for sponsored students with the
help of international student officers as
well as help for sponsors.
Counselling Services
The Counselling Service offers free and
confidential appointments to help you
manage your life including:
• personal issues affecting your study
• adjusting to living and studying in
• support following a crisis or trauma
motivation, time management
and exam stress
• health and wellbeing
• managing stress, anxiety
and depression
Our staff will:
• listen
and treat you with respect
• work with you to help you resolve any
problems that are impacting on your
wellbeing or study
• help you develop skills to succeed in
your studies
• support requests for extensions or
deferred exams
• provide you with information and/
or referral to other services when
specialised information or support is
Career Services
Career Services provides guidance and
information on career planning, jobseeking and preparing for the workforce.
Services include on campus workshops,
career events including International
Careers Day, online resources, and a
career consultation service.
Language and
Learning Assistance
The University’s Language, Literacies
and Learning teams (L3) provide a range
of opportunities for you to learn more
about general English language skills and
academic literacies for your discipline
area, as well as strategies for transitioning
to university.
Language and Learning Advisers provide
a wide range of online self-help learning
resources, classes and appointments for
Research Education
The Research Education Team provides
on-campus workshops, professional
development opportunities, and online
resources for research students and their
Assistance is also available to help you
with writing your thesis, communicating
the results of your research through
journal articles, conference presentations,
the media and public talks.
Disability Services
The University prides itself on its inclusive
educational environment and we provide
a range of disability support services.
Services can include academic
adjustments such as alternative exam
arrangements and a range of specialised
services such as sign language
interpreting, alternative format print
material and loan equipment. If you have
a disability, mental health or medical
condition that may impact on your study,
get in touch with us at Disability Services.
Health and Wellbeing
Maintaining your health and well-being
while at University is as important as
getting good grades. In fact, if you’re
emotionally stressed or feeling under
financial pressure, chances are your
grades are going to suffer. The University
has developed a range of web resources
that can help you get through the more
difficult times in your life so that you can
resolve issues and return to your studies.
If you are having any difficulties you can
speak to a staff member at the Learning
and Teaching Unit (LTU) for assistance.
All international students on student visas
and their families (on ‘dependent’ visas)
must pay for health insurance during
their stay in Australia; it is a requirement
of the Department of Immigration and
Citizenship. This insurance is called
Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).
Your safety is important to us. Our campus
security provides a safe work environment
for staff, students and visitors. It also
ensures that premises, offices and facilities
are protected.
Campus security is available 24 hours
a day, seven days a week and security
officers patrol the campuses by day and
offer even stronger protection at night.
Our security can escort you off campus
when leaving early in the morning or after
dark. Security can also accompany you
to campus car parks, designated public
transport locations and approved student
UniLife is the University’s students’
association and offers a range of services
and activities. It is a great way to meet
new friends, see Australia and learn
new skills.
Some of the sporting, social and academic
clubs have been established specifically
for international students and offer a
great way to develop links and networks
to the wider community. You could join
the board-riding club (surfing); be part
of a volleyball, basketball, or cricket
team; take up break-dancing; give water
skiing a go; indulge your passion for
Japanese animation; or discover a taste
for Australian culture. With over 110 clubs,
there are many possibilities.
Join the Adelaide community
As an international student you are
eligible to work while studying,
You may be eligible to work up to 40 hours
per fortnight during teaching times and
unlimited hours during university breaks.
Higher Degree by Research students and
some scholarship holders may have some
restrictions on working hours.
The University has a range of support
services to help you find employment that
will fit in with your study commitments.
Family Support
The University recognises that if your
partner and family accompany you, they
may also need help and advice in settling
into life in Adelaide and Australia.
During teaching periods, staff from the
Learning and Teaching Unit offer your
family assistance and advice in areas
such as:
• Exploring cultural differences and
• Finding your way in the city of Adelaide
• Organising a ‘family life’
• Family life in a new country
• Employment opportunities
• Enrolling your children into school
Culture and
With a population of just over 1 million
people, the Adelaide community is a
welcoming place to live and study and is
tolerant of religious beliefs and practices.
There are many cultures represented in
Adelaide which allows you to expand your
awareness and meet different people
from countries around the world. You
can connect to a local cultural group
or cultural organisation to enjoy home
comforts with cultural activities, language,
food and religion to help you overcome
feelings of homesickness.
The Kaurna people (pronounced Gar-na)
are the traditional owners and custodians
of the Adelaide Plains and Adelaide is the
ideal place for you to be introduced to
the rich culture and history of the Kaurna
people and the Australian Aboriginal.
Religion and places
of worship
Ensuring your religious and spiritual needs
are met while you are at University is
important for your well-being.
Adelaide has a variety of churches,
cathedrals, temples, mosques and
synagogues. There are also prayer rooms
on each campus for Muslim students.
You can contact a cultural or religious
organisation for recreation, celebration of
national days, welfare advice or support.
• expanding your networks via part time
work or volunteering
• joining a cultural group
Useful links
uture Unlimited – A government
website that will help you explore the
The great thing about Adelaide is the
benefits of studying in Australia.
surrounding regions are all accessible
tudy Adelaide – A government
from the city. When you need a break from • S
website that will provide you with
your studies you can travel and explore
information about Adelaide. You
the unique environment outside of
can read student blogs and watch
the city.
videos about Adelaide and become a
member for access to free events and
There are many attractions within driving
distance such as the world-famous
• I nsider Guide – An app that will help
Barossa and Clare Valley wine regions,
you navigate through your new student
the rolling Adelaide Hills and iconic River
life in Adelaide.
Murray. You can also take a trip into the
nhance Australia – A free government
Outback and experience native Australian • E
program for international students to
bushland. Adelaide has 30 kilometres of
help you feel welcome and provide a
unbroken metropolitan coastline so you
support network in Australia.
can swim, surf or take a ferry to the nearby
Kangaroo Island.
New friends
Studying at university offers a great
opportunity to meet new people. Making
new friendships is an important part of
your experience and it can help you settle
faster in your new environment. People
from many different backgrounds, ages,
countries, and languages live in Adelaide.
You can meet new friends by;
• joining one of the University clubs,
societies and associations
• getting involved in Orientation social
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