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SESSION 1 – Plenary
Discussion Leader: A. Erickson (Georgia Tech, USA)
Welcoming Remarks – George Vourvopoulos and
Anna Erickson
Adam Bernstein (Lawrence Livermore National
Lab, USA)
WATCHMAN: A Demonstration of Remote Reactor
Monitoring with Gadolinium Doped Water Detectors
Mark Ellis (Atomic Weapons Establishment, UK)
Pulse-shape Discrimination Scintillators for
Homeland Security Applications (98)
Antonin Vacheret (University of Oxford, UK)
Anti-neutrino Monitoring with an Innovative
Composite Solid Scintillator Detector (135)
10:00 Coffee break
SESSION 2 – Detection of Contraband & WMD
Discussion Leader: I. Jovanovic (Penn St. Univ., USA)
Mitaire Ojaruega (Dept. of Homeland Security,
Tackling the GNDA Challenges within the Domestic
Nuclear Detection Office (80)
Joseph Bendahan (Rapiscan, USA)
Inspection System for the Detection of SNM in
General Aviation (122)
Areg Danagoulian (MIT, USA)
Monochromatic Photon Radiography and Active
Interrogation for SNM Detection (101)
Aleksandr Saverskiy (American Science and
Engineering, USA)
AS&E Transmission Systems and Technology for XRay Cargo and Container Inspection (33)
Alessandro Borella (SCK•CEN, Belgium)
Experiments and Monte Carlo Modeling of a Higher
Resolution Cadmium Zinc Telluride Detector for
Safeguards Applications (2)
16:30 Coffee break
SESSION 3 – Novel Detectors
Discussion Leader: R. Chandra (Arktis, Switzerland)
Andy Buffler (Univ. of Cape Town, South Africa)
A New Compact Neutron/Gamma Ray Scintillation
Detector (29)
Ladislav Viererbl (Research Centre Rez, Czech
LiCaAIF6 Scintillators in Neutron and Gamma
Radiation Fields (53)
Igor Jovanovic (Penn State University, USA)
Spectroscopic Neutron Detection Using Composite
Scintillators (102)
Paul Rose (Georgia Tech, USA)
Detection of Shielded Special Nuclear Material With
a Cherenkov Based Transmission Imaging System
Abi Farsoni (Oregon State University, USA)
Digital Processing of Radiation Pulses in Low-cost
Field-Programmable Gate Array Devices (27)
SESSION 4 – Accelerators and Neutron Generators
Discussion Leader: R. Hamm (R&M Tech, USA)
Ioannis Fitilis (ELKE/TEI of Crete, Greece)
Study of a Miniature Plasma Focus Neutron Source
Research, Russia)
Generation of high energy neutron beam by
fragmentation of relativistic heavy nuclei (106)
Hongxing Jiang (Texas Tech University, USA)
Solid-State Neutron Detectors Based on Hexagonal
Boron Nitride Epilayers (78)
10:00 Coffee break
10:00 – 17:00 POSTER I (SESSION 5)
1) M. Reščič
Reliable Integrated Control System for a Next
Generation Neutron Spallation Source (75)
2) D. Zafiropoulos Non-Destructive Wood Discrimination:
Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy
(FTIT) in the Characterization of Different
Wood Species Widely Used for Artistic
Objects (130)
3) D. Zafiropoulos Combined Use of Micro-PIXE and MicroRaman Spectroscopy for non-Invasive
Analysis of Cultural Heritage Artifacts:
Techniques and Applications (131)
4) J. Bendahan High-Penetration Rail-Cargo Inspection
System for the Detection of SNM (123)
5) A. Stowe
Low Cost and High Efficiency 6LilnSe2 for
Thermal Neutron Detectors (62)
6) J. Chatzakis Compact and Efficient Solid-State Neutron
Detector (69)
7) B. Zatko
Detection of Fast Neutrons from D-T
Nuclear Reaction Using 4H-SiC Radiation
Detector (54)
8) O.H. Kwon Electron Beam Irradiated Silk Fibroin/PLGA
Blend Films as Post-operative Tissue
Adhesion Barriers (28)
9) A. Sagatova Semi-insulating GaAs Detectors with HDPE
Layer for Detection of Fast Neutrons from
D-T Nuclear Reaction (51)
10) K. Sedlackova MCNPX Simulations of the
Semiconductor Detector Response to Monoenergetic Fast Neutrons from D-T Nuclear
Reaction (58)
11) H. Al-Sulaiti Determination of Activity Concentration
Levels of Artificial Radionuclide 137Cs in
Soil Samples Collected from Qatar Using
High-Resolution Gamma-ray Spectrometry
12) N. Matsufuji Study of Recombination Characteristics of
Therapeutic Ion Beams on Ion-Chamber
Dosimetry (45)
SESSION 6 – Nuclear Reactor Applications
Discussion Leader: F. Rahnema (Georgia Tech, USA)
Scott Christensen (Phoenix Nuclear Labs, USA)
High-Flux Gas Target Neutron Generators (60)
Vladimir Yurevich (Joint Institute for Nuclear
Anna Erickson (Georgia Tech, USA)
Modeling of High-Burnup Reactors for Antineutrino
Safeguards (88)
Yaosong Shen (Institute of Applied Physics and
Computational Mathematics, China)
Burning High-Level TRU Waste in Fusion Fission
Reactors (37)
Ashley Stowe for Jonathan Morrell (National
Security Complex, USA)
Rapid Nondestructive Detection and Measurement
of Nuclear Fuels and Core Structural Materials (64)
Bojan Petrovic (Georgia Tech, USA)
Feasibility of Ex-Core In-Vessel Nuclear
Instrumentation for Integral Inherently Safe Light
Water Reactor (I2S-LWR) (24)
Xue-ming Shi (Institute of Applied Physics and
Computational Mathematics, China)
Neutron Transport Burnup Code MCORGS and its
Application of Fusion Fission Hybrid Blanket
Conceptual Research (35)
16:30 Coffee break
SESSION 7 – Accelerators and Neutron Generators
Discussion Leader: A. Farsoni (Oregon St. Univ., USA)
Agatino Musumarra (INFN-LNS, Italy)
Silicon Detectors for the Neutron Flux and Beam
Profile Measurements of the n_TOF Facility at CERN
17:30 Scott Christensen (Phoenix Nuclear Labs, USA)
High Reliability, Long Lifetime, Continuous Wave HIon Source (65)
18:00 Nick Gazis (European Spallation Source,
Strategy for the Engineering Integration of the ESS
Accelerator (49)
18:30 Mario Santana Leitner (SLAC, USA)
Studies of Radiation Fields from LCLS-II Super
Conducting RF Cavities (133)
19:00 Lucia Sarchiapone (LNL-INFN, Italy) Radiation Protection Considerations along a
Radioactive Ion Beam Transport Line (79)
19:30 Gabriella Acosta for Luca Silvestrin (University
of Padova - INFN Padova, Italy)
ANEM: A Rotating Composite Neutron Production
Target for Single Even Effects Studies at the 70 MeV
Cyclotron of LNL-INFN (72)
4) J. Holecek
Surface Deactivation of Building Materials
Using Decontaminating Solutions in the
Foam Form (99)
5) M.A. Saizu Monte Carlo Simulation of Gamma-ray
Interactions in an Over-square High Purity
Germanium Detector for in-vivo
Measurements (26)
6) D. Savin
Exclusive CHIPS-TPT Algorithms for
Simulation of Neutron-Nuclear Reactions (48)
7) R. Frost
A Novel Double-Bragg Detector with Digital
Signal Processing for the Event-by-event
Study of Fission in Actinide Nuclei (139)
8) L. Isolan
Modeling of Photoneutron Production of an
Electron Accelerator for Medical Therapy
Using the MCNPX Code (110)
9) B. Ganapol A Discrete Ordinates Benchmark of the
Neutron Transport Equation for Monte Carlo
Simulation of 1D Heterogeneous Radiation
Shields (132)
10) A. Stochioiu Studies on Environmental Radioactivity
Levels Using Thermoluminescent Dosimetry
System (40)
11) F. Mihai
Quality and Control in Radiation Dose
Using Particular Techniques (41)
12) R. Prokes Properties of the Probing Volume of the
Tabletop Confocal X-ray Fluorescence Setup
at the Czech Technical University in Prague
SESSION 10 – Detectors in Physics
Discussion Leader: A. Bernstein (LLNL, USA)
WEDNESDAY, JUNE 17 – Excursion day
SESSION 8 – Medical and Biological Applications
Discussion Leader: M. Hamm (R&M Tech, USA)
Andrea Russomando (Italian Institute of
Technology, Italy)
An Innovative Radio-Guided Surgery Technique for
Complete Resection of Tumours (3)
Alex Hermanne (Vrije Universiteit Brussel,
Use of α-particles in Therapeutic and Diagnostic
Nuclear Medicine (20)
Ting-Yu Tsai (China Medical University, Taiwan)
Dosimetric Characteristics of Intensity-modulated
Radiation Therapy and RapidArc Therapy Using a
3D NIPAM Gel Dosimeter (30)
Koji Noda (National Institute of Radiological
Sciences, Japan)
Twenty-Year Development of Heavy-Ion
Radiotherapy Technology with HIMAC (47)
10:00 Coffee break
10:00 – 17:00 POSTER II (SESSION 9)
1) J. Ryu
2) K. Bodor
3) J. Mars
Hazardous Analysis for Transportation
Accidents Near Nuclear Installations (67)
The New Forensic Mobile Laboratory of the
Centre for Energy Research (11)
Application of SEM, XRD, PIXE and PIGE in
the Veterinary and Clinical Application of
Diatomaceous Earth Samples of Various
Origins (116)
Marco Cortesi (National Superconducting
Cyclotron Laboratory, USA)
Operation of a THGEM-based Detector in LowPressure Hydrogen, Deuterium, and Helium, for
Active-Target Time Projection Chamber Application
Antonino Sergi (Univ. of Birmingham, UK)
The kaon Identification System in the NA62
Experiment at CERN SPS (50)
Ren-Yuan Zhu (Caltech, USA)
The Next Generation of Crystal Detectors for Future
HEP Experiments (108)
Spyridon Margetis (Kent State University, USA)
Performance and Plans for the Silicon Pixel Detector
of the STAR Experiment at RHIC (109)
Viacheslav Duk (INFN Perugia, Italy)
The RICH Detector of the NA62 Experiment (129)
16:30 Coffee break
SESSION 11 – Medical and Biological Applications
Discussion Leader: A. Russomando (Italian Institute of
Technology, Italy)
Farzad Rahnema (Georgia Tech, USA)
Extension of COMET Theory for Radiation
Treatment Planning (134)
Ricardo Alarcon (Arizona State University, USA)
Detectors for In-Vivo Dose and Range Verification in
Proton Therapy (12)
Márius Pavlovič (Slovak University of
Technology in Bratislava, Slovakia)
Special Ion-Optical Problems of Transporting IonTherapy Beams (25)
Siti Fairus Abdul-Sani (Univ. of Surrey, UK)
Measurement of Dose from 223Ra Using Doped
Silica Fibre (32)
Daryush Ila (Fayetteville State Univ., US)
Innovative Methods for Production of High Volume
Fraction Quantum Dots by Ion Beam (43)
20:15 Dinner
SESSION 12 – Laboratory and Industrial
Discussion Leader: R. Hamm (R&M Tech, USA)
James Tickner (CSIRO, Australia)
High-Accuracy Measurements of Gold and Copper
in Mineral Samples Using Gamma-Activation
Analysis (17)
Simon Barnes (University of Surrey, UK)
XRF Analysis of Kohl (100)
Zahir Idiri (Centre de Recherche Nucleaire
d'Alger, Algeria)
Analysis of sewage sludge using an experimental
Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation Analysis
(PGNAA) set-up with an Am-Be source (10)
Violeta Iancu (ELI-NP/IFIN-HH, Romania)
Gamma Beam Industrial Applications at ELI–NP (90)
10:00 Coffee break
SESSION 14 – Dosimetry & Radiation Protection
Discussion Leader: V. Orphan
10:30 Alejandro Martin Sanchez (Univ. of
Extremadura, Spain)
Studies about Remedial Actions for Large Indoor
Radon Concentrations (76)
11:00 Shivcharan Sharma (Indian Institute of
Technology Kharagpur, India)
Gamma Radiation Dosimetry with Al/TeO2/n-Si/Al
Capacitor (7)
11:30 Demetre Zafiropoulos (LNL-INFN, Italy)
Anna Erickson (Georgia Tech, USA)
Biological Dosimetry of Ionizing Radiation:
Evaluation of the Dose with Cytogenetic
Methodologies by the Construction of Calibration
Curves (138)
Marianne Hamm (R&M Technical Enterprises, USA)
Historical Building Stability Monitoring by Means of
a Cosmic Ray Tracking System (18)
Farzad Rahnema (Georgia Tech, USA)
12:00 Antonietta Donzella (Univ. of Brescia, Italy)
12:30 Jonas Buermeyer (Institute for Medical
Physics and Radiation Protection, Germany)
Use of Linear Regression Models to Determine
Influence Factors on the Concentration Levels of
Radon in Occupied Houses (59)
Robert Hamm (R&M Technical Enterprises, USA)
George Vourvopoulos (WKU Emeritus, USA)
16:30 Coffee break
Adam Bernstein (LLNL)
SESSION 15 – Detection Methods
Rico Chandra (Arktis Radiation Detectors)
Discussion Leader: J. Bendahan (Rapiscan, USA)
David Chichester (INL)
17:00 Rico Chandra (Arktis Radiation Detectors
Ltd., Switzerland)
Ari Ektessabi (Kyoto University)
Noble Gas Based Neutron Detectors with Optical
Readout (39)
17:30 Areg Danagoulian (MIT, USA)
Zero-Knowledge NRF Warhead Verification: Early
Progress (111)
18:00 Dan Dale (Idaho State University, USA)
Two Neutron Correlations in Photo-fission (77)
18:30 Marco Cortesi (National Superconducting
Cyclotron Laboratory, USA)
Development of Fast-Neutron THGEM-based
Imaging Detectors for Investigation of ThermalHydraulic Phenomena (34)
19:00 Asres Yihunie Hibstie (Debre Markos
University, Ethiopia)
Application of Neutron Activation Analysis
Technique for the Analysis of Soil Samples from
Farmlands of Yerbage Hawariat, East Gojjam,
Ethiopia (9)
20:00 Cocktails/ Gala Dinner
Michael Hynes (Raytheon)
Edouard Jallot (Clermont Université)
Richard Lanza (MIT)
Floyd Del McDaniel (University of North Texas)
Bojan Petrovic (Georgia Tech)
James Tickner (CSIRO Process Science & Eng)
Demetre Zafiropoulos (INFN)
R&M Technical Enterprises, Inc.