Single Subject Lesson Plan Template for Teachers

Single Subject Lesson Plan
Name: ______________________________________________
Special Activities
School: _____________________________________________
Room No. _______Day/Date _____________________________
Subject: _____________________________
Lesson: ________________________________________
What Changes When The Season Changes?
Standards Addressed __________________________________________________________________
student will investigate and understand that weather and seasonal changes
Objectives: The
affect plants, animals, and their surroundings. A key point:
effects of weather and seasonal changes on the growth and behavior of living things.
Everything will be provided by Fort FFA.
Materials Needed: ____________________________________________________________________
Outline: I will teach them about the differences between the seasons. For spring, I will tell them
how this is the time animals are born and that flowers bloom and trees bud. For summer, I will tell
them about how the leaves are green and flowers are full bloom and it is hot. For fall, I will tell
them about the changes in the weather, how the leaves change color, and how the animals are
getting ready for winter. With winter, I will talk about the weather, how there are no leaves on the
trees, and that this is when animals hibernate.
Resources: __________________________________________________________________________
Activity ____________________________________________________________________________
Will be taught as a class.
no homework
Assignment: ________________________________________________________________________
verbal questioning
Evaluation: _________________________________________________________________________
Notes: Question, answer. Students ask questions, and I answer.
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