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Jonathan Swift: A Modest Proposal
Spring, 2011
Mr. Samuel Pearch
18 March 2011
Lesson Plan Curriculum Objective
Reading Applications: Literary Text 6. Recognize characteristics of subgenres, including
satire, parody and allegory, and explain how choice of genre affects the expression of a theme or
Reading Applications: I.T.P.T. 5. Examine an author’s implicit and explicit philosophical
assumptions and beliefs about a subject.
Specific Lesson Goal/Link to Assessment
Students will take an issue from today’s times and create a summarized satirical proposal of
their own.
Students will analyze the author’s point of view and use the information to create a profile of
the author.
Materials needed
Textbook, writing journal, 3-ring binders, writing utensil, loose-leaf paper, YouTube Clip: A
Modest Proposal, Write Your Own Modest Proposal Assignment Sheet and Rubric
Instructional Strategies
1. Entry- (3 minutes)
a. Review answers to the Reading Guide assigned yesterday.
b. Show YouTube Clip of a modest proposal for nuclear power plants.
c. Brainstorm on social issues confronting today’s society.
d. Review satire and discuss ideas of how to satirize these issues.
2. Activity- (15 minutes) Review the answers to the Reading Guide and discuss key
points from the text.
a. Have students identify examples of the different appeals used in the text.
b. Identify and discuss examples of irony in the text.
c. Review how the piece is a satirical work.
3. Transition- (6 minutes) Pull up YouTube Clip: A Modest Proposal on the overhead
projector and watch clip.
4. Activity- (15 minutes) Brainstorm a list of social issues and possible satirical
approaches of how students will create their own modest proposals for these issues.
a. First, brainstorm, as a class, a list of social issues.
b. Second, explain that students will be assigned to write their own modest
proposals for one of these issues or another issue that they come up with on their
own (with my approval).
c. Lastly, brainstorm interesting, creative, and absurd ways to satirize some of these
5. Closure- (5 minutes) Review the homework assignment for the weekend and inform
students that we will begin “Gulliver’s Travels” on Monday.
a. Hand out the “Write Your Own Modest Proposal” assignment sheet.
b. Ask multiple students if they’ve settled on an issue and an absurd solution to
offer in their proposals.
c. Remind students that we will begin Gulliver’s Travels.
Homework- Students write their own satirical “Modest Proposals” concerning a social issue
that confronts today’s society.
Formative AssessmentRALT 6. Students will be assessed on their understanding of satire, irony, and appeals through
the Reading guide due today, the “Modest Proposal” writing assignment they will complete over
the weekend, and through classroom discussion.
RAITPT 5. Students will be assessed on Swift’s beliefs about the absurdity of the state of Ireland
during the time of his writing of this piece through in-class discussion on the subject.
Summative AssessmentRALT 6. Students will be assessed on their understanding of satire, verbal irony, and appeals
(logical, emotional, and ethical) in the upcoming Age of Reason Unit Test.
Comment [S1]: Article 1 (Also, see the Write
Your Own Modest Proposal Assignment Sheet and
Rubric for a detailed look at the assignment criteria.
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