Virtual Lab: Circular Motion + Projectile Motion in One

Virtual Lab: Circular Motion + Projectile Motion in One
Objective: To see how projectile motion and circular motion are related.
Materials: Internet connected computer. Go to:
Note that this applet assumes a completely horizontal launch, i.e. there is no initial y
component for velocity vector.
1. Solve the projectile motion equations for a projectile to circle the earth. (All work
must be shown for credit)
Hint: You want a projectile to drop with the curvature of the earth.
2. Test your answer with the simulation in the above applet.
1. How can this be used to figure out satellite motion in space?
2. What is your tangential velocity?
3. How long does it take for you to complete one orbit? (Find the period)
4. How is this related to circular motion? Calculate the centripetal acceleration
when you get the satellite to successfully complete an orbit.
5. Would you be able to calculate this easier using the equation for centripetal
Extra Credit: In complete detail (show all your work) how would you be able to get
a geo-synchronous orbit if you could vary your distance from the earth and any other
additional factors.