Mr. Slowiak's Classroom Rules and Expectations Be Prepared Be

Mr. Slowiak’s Classroom Rules and Expectations
Be Prepared
Be Respectful
Be Responsible
Be Prepared
1. Bring required materials to each class
 Assignment notebook
Be Respectful
4. All rules in the Student Handbook will be strictly enforced.
5. All students should understand they will be held accountable for
 Pencil and blue or black pen
 Different colored pen (for grading)
their actions.
6. Use appropriate language at all times.
 Covered textbook and vocabulary book
Students who use inappropriate language will be put on
 Language Arts/Literature folder, binder, notebook, etc.
 Loose leaf paper
a STEP*.
7. Observe proper classroom posture and behavior.
 Head up and hands to self
2. Be on time! Three tardies will result in an after-school
 No horseplay
detention. When the bell rings, students should be in their seats
ready to work (if they haven’t already started).
8. Behave appropriately when a substitute takes the place of Mr.
Students without the above required materials will be
Any misbehavior reported by a substitute teacher will
sent to their lockers and assigned a tardy.
3. Leave your technology turned off! iPods, cell phones, handheld
games, and any other toys/electronics are not permitted.
result in a referral or STEP, no questions asked.
9. Respect teacher desk(s) and contents. Students may not touch
Remember, LJH is not responsible for lost items.
teacher materials without direct permission.
10. Bullying will not be tolerated. Any student bullying or being
disrespectful to another student will receive immediate
 Possession of any item(s) not permitted in the classroom will be
disciplinary action.
confiscated until further notice or until your parent/guardian
retrieves them. Continued abuse of this rule will result in your
item being confiscated until the conclusion of the school year.
* Any disciplinary action is subject to change based on the severity of the student’s
Mr. Slowiak’s Classroom Rules and Expectations
Be Prepared
Be Respectful
Be Responsible
Be Responsible
11. Nameless assignments will not be graded.
12. Homework will be due the moment the teacher is ready to
collect it.
Computer Privileges & Library Procedures
17. The above policies and procedures remain in place no matter
our location.
18. Listen to all instructions before using computers. Follow
Homework that is incomplete at that moment will
be considered late.
Unless otherwise noted by the teacher, all
homework must be completed in black or blue ink.
13. Late assignments after…
 One day will receive 75% credit.
instructions on the computer desks for specific procedures.
19. You are only allowed to use programs or websites that have
been approved and provided for you. If you are caught abusing
computer/internet privileges, you will be warned and then, if
the abuse continues, will be asked to shut down your computer.
This, again, is a privilege that can be taken away.
 Two days will receive 50% credit.
20. You must ask permission before printing a document.
 Three days may result in a B.E.A.R.S. referral or no
21. When working in the library, you are expected to work diligently
 An assignment completed during the first week of
and quietly. Students wasting library time will be deducted
points from the appropriate project/paper.
B.E.A.R.S. will earn 50% credit.
14. If you are absent, you are expected to complete all assignments
assigned while you were out.
15. Group work expectations will be enforced.
16. Plagiarism, the copying of another’s work, regardless of the
Contact Information:
source will receive zero credit with the possibility of further
Mr. Vince Slowiak
disciplinary action.
(630) 493-8227
[email protected]
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