Austin, Texas 78753
To contribute to the development of customer facing products while gaining the knowledge and skills necessary
to get to the next level of my career
Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Minors: Business, Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
Cumulative GPA: 3.348/4.000
May 2014
General Motors, Austin, TX
June 2014-Present
Systems Developer
 Implemented multiple Service Request interfaces as part of the Atlas application using Java and Oracle
ADF to centralize the tracking of enABLE projects
 Used Java backing beans, JPA, and DAO alongside data modeling, requirement gathering, and application
design as part of the Atlas application
 Constructed process flows using HPOO for the Automated Build Provisioning application to automate the
creation of Windows and Linux virtual machines in GM’s new datacenters
Kohl’s, Menomonee Falls, WI
Summer 2013
Programmer Analyst Intern
 Designed, developed, and tested an internal-facing REST API to achieve an Omni-Channel customer
experience as part of the new customer database
 Worked in parallel development with a team of 3 developers and 3 business analysts to produce a working
prototype for retrieving, creating, and updating customer information on multiple devices
 Identified and proposed solutions for various domain language gaps among Enterprise services
University Information Technology Services, IU Bloomington, IN
Webmaster Support Specialist
March 2013-May 2014
 Led technical support and solutions for IU’s multi-campus central web server including MySQL, PHP,
HTML, Cascade Server, among others
 Trained new team members to meet the high standards of quality of the IU Webmaster
 Organized, maintained, and created documentation and tutorials for customer-facing websites
Technology Support Consultant
January 2012-March 2013
 Improved technical operations on all of Indiana University’s and Ivy Tech’s campuses through IT support
via phone, live chat, and email for up to 40 students, faculty, and staff per shift
 Resolved problems dealing with various types of operating systems, software, and hardware
Aqueduct, London, England
Summer 2012
Web Development and Marketing Intern
 Assisted in the design and creation of second screen technology for several United Kingdom based clients
 Collaborated with a range of 2-10 employees to better understand the process behind running a small
business, with a focus on building websites for clients from start to finish
Languages: Java, Oracle ADF, HPOO, C, C#, .NET, Python
Platforms: Mac-OS, UNIX, Linux, Microsoft Windows
Web Development: JSP, JSFF, MySQL, PHP, XML, JSON, REST, SOAP, HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver
Miscellaneous: Spring MVC, Agile, Sprints, Kanban, ICDs/Contracts, Unit and Integration Tests, PuTTY,
SQL Developer, WCMS, User Stories, Visual Studio, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop, Prezi