Preacher's Pen Sunday, June 18, 2006 God's Solution “Neither is

Preacher’s Pen
Sunday, June 18, 2006
God’s Solution
“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is
none other name under heaven given among men,
whereby we must be saved.”, (Acts 4:12)
This morning we continue with lesson #5 in a series I
have called, “Finding The Right Church”. Installment
#1 had 3 lessons regarding church History, wherein
we studied and determined our source of religious
authority to be exclusively the Bible. We noticed the
history of mankind’s thousands of churches and also
observed that scripture has declared Christ built only
one Church.
Last week we studied “Mankind’s Problem” as
expressed by scripture to be sin; the result of which is
death – eternal separation from God into a place the
Bible calls hell.
This morning, we will study, “God’s Solution”.
While most assuredly there are far more aspects
about God’s solution for our problem than one 30
minute sermon can address, we will seek in this one
lesson to understand the concept of salvation by
God’s Grace.
This lesson will be followed by looking at every
example of such conversion as recorded in the Bible.
There are some very clear and (perhaps for some of
us) some very startling conclusions that can then be
This should help us all have an even better
understanding of how God established his will and
covenant with humanity. This should help us all
understand even better, why it is so necessary to
understand and obey His commands.
As Scripture has declared that Jehovah God
recognizes that His Son has but one Body, we must
accept that in order to enjoy the promised good things
of eternity. Yes, God desires to be merciful. God also
will not go back on His word. He will save those who
obey – and condemn all others. So, do you accept
God’s solution?
In Christian Love and Service,