Rosa Parks Scholarship Foundation

The Pierians, Incorporated
Detroit, Michigan Chapter
Detroit Pierians Scholarship Award
The purpose of the Detroit Pierians Scholarship Award is to increase the presence of professionally-trained
African Americans in the fine and performing arts. To this end, the Pierians, Inc., Detroit, MI Chapter offers
a $1,000, non-renewable scholarship to a high school graduating senior from the Detroit Public Schools or
Southfield Public Schools in Michigan who excels in the fine and performing arts. The recipient is selected on
the basis of demonstrated scholarship, leadership, and dedication to the professional study of the fine or
performing arts in any of the following categories: painting, sculpture, drawing, ceramics, photography,
printmaking, dance, choral or instrumental music, or theatre.
The Pierians, Incorporated is a national black women’s arts organization whose mission is the cultivation,
celebration, and support of the arts in their various forms. The Detroit, MI Chapter was chartered in 2013
with a four-fold mission:
(1) to bring together women interested in the promotion of the arts and other artistic endeavors,
(2) to encourage young artists through giving awards and scholarships to students of the arts,
(3) to support local artists and art institutions in the Detroit Metropolitan area, and
(4) to enhance the enjoyment of the arts through the pursuit of study and other educational activities.
1. Be a 2014 graduating senior from Detroit Public Schools or Southfield Public Schools (MI).
2. Have a GPA of 2.7 or above.
3. Describe and demonstrate their dedication to the professional study of the fine or
performing arts.
4. Complete application form and essay.
5. Document community activities.
6. Confirm admission to a university or college’s fine or performing arts program by
September 30, 2014.
7. Furnish official ACT or SAT results, and have school counselor verify GPA.
8. Furnish 3 letters of recommendation:
One letter must be from one’s fine or performing art instructor on school stationary sent directly
from instructor to the Detroit, MI Pierians.
The second letter must come from another school representative on school stationary.
The third letter may come from clergy, community and/or civic representatives. No letters are
accepted from family relatives.
9. Finalists will be invited to an interview over the weekend of June 13, 2014, during which
time finalists will be asked to demonstrate their excellence in their area of fine or performing
The scholarship will be submitted to the identified university to be applied to the recipient’s college expenses.
Applications are available on our web site:
DEADLINE: June 1, 2014
All applicants will be notified of the result of their application by June 30, 2014.
The Pierians, Incorporated
Detroit, Michigan Chapter
Detroit Pierians Scholarship Award Application
E-Mail Address:
Employer - Position/Hours-Per-Week:
High School:
Graduation Date:
Overall/Cumulative Grade Point Average:
Based on a GPA system of:
ACT and/or SAT score:
Major area(s) of high school study:
Extracurricular Activities (school, clubs, athletics). Indicate position(s), club(s) and/or athletics you participated in.
Be sure to distinguish year (9-12) and approximate hours you participated when you list the club/organization. List
fine and performing arts activities.
Years Participated
Leadership Positions Held
University/college(s) to which you have been accepted for admission:
University you plan to attend:
Signature and e-mail of school counselor verifying accuracy of above information.
Signature: ____________
Name (print): _______________
Phone: _________________________
E-Mail address: ____________
Counselor: Please send a letter on letter head recommending this student for this scholarship and
verifying GPA. Indicate whether it is the weighted or unweighted GPA. Thank you.
Educational Plans
Educational Goals:
Intended College Major:
Intended College Minor:
Career/Professional Aspiration:
Community Service/Volunteer Activities (church, community etc.): Indicate community organizations you actively
participated in during each grade year. Also, indicate hours of volunteer service for each activity. List fine and
performing arts activities. Note that these can be school related, but should not duplicate any responses you made
in any previous section of the application.
Years Participated
Leadership Positions Held
Honors and Awards: Tell us about the honors you received. Indicate whether they were on a local (school, county, or
district), state or national level. These awards may be outside of school activities, but should not be duplicated in any
other area of the application.
In the space below, please type an essay of 200-300 words on:
How have you demonstrated your dedication to the professional study of the fine or performing arts?
I attest that the information listed on this application is accurate.
Signature of
In addition to a completed application form, the following items must be included before your application can
be considered (check boxes below to indicate items are included):
Three (3) Recommendation Letters (one must be emailed directly from your fine or
performing arts teacher on school letterhead. The other two can be attached to this
ACT or SAT Test Results
Please scan your application components and email all by June 1, 2014 at 11:59pm to:
[email protected]
Incomplete or late applications will not be considered. MUST BE EMAILED.