GLR Corporate University Workshop One Sheet v. 1.0.pmd

GLR Solutions
Architects of Human Capital Strategies
& Corporate Universities
f your organization
find great talent or is
striving to develop employees
so that they can take on new
responsibilities, you may need
to think about setting up a
corporate university.
Corporate University Workshop Agenda
The Emerging Corporate University
Purposes of a Corporate University
Building a Business Case for Corporate
Scope and Stakeholders
Governance and Operating Principles
More and more organizations are finding that
having a corporate university enhances their ability
to attract people, provides the systems and
str ucture to develop employees, and lays the
foundation for achieving the aggressive growth and
profit goals most organizations are seeking.
Corporate University Strategy
Organizing the Corporate University
Staffing the Corporate University
Designing & Delivering the Curriculum
e-Learning Basics
The Learning Management System
Education Partners and Alliances
Alternate Approaches and Tools
Today more than 2,000 organizations, large and
small, have some form of corporate university. Yet,
there are significant differences between them.
Finances & Funding the Corporate University
Evaluating and Measuring the Value of a
Corporate University
Workshop benefits and results:
Discover how to craft a corporate university
that meets the needs of your organization.
You will take away case studies, tips and
"how-to" models to enable you to choose the
appropriate technology and structure to promote the
objectives of your organization.
You will learn examples of how the leading edge
companies are taking the corporate university into
the future and using it to build a leadership team.
All participants receive a workbook full of facts,
guidelines, ideas and articles about corporate
If you have been given the charter to create a
corporate university, or if you want to enhance
your current training and development activities,
this is the workshop for you.
ontact Global Learning Resources at
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