Building the Next Generation of Leaders
FranklinCovey is a global company specializing in performance
improvement. Our Education Practice has expertise in wholeschool transformation, leadership development, trust, and
Our speakers draw on experience and insight from their
collective work with thousands of schools around the world.
Any of our exemplary speakers can talk on your
choice from these topics:
• Whole-School Transformation
• Instilling 21st-Century Leadership
• Reconnecting With Purpose:
• Social and Emotional Learning
• Inspiring a Safe Place of Learning
Rekindling and Inspiring Staff
Passion and Morale
Skills, One Student at a Time
and Acceptance: Alleviating
Bullying and Other Discipline
Strategies for Whole-Child
• Great Schools, Great Leaders,
• Creating a Collaborative School
Great Communities
• Igniting Every Student’s Potential
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Sean is FranklinCovey’s Education
Practice Leader and is devoted to
transforming education around the globe
through bringing leadership principles
and skills to as many kids, educators,
and schools as possible. Sean also
oversees FranklinCovey’s operations and
partnerships in 147 countries around the
He is a New York Times best-selling author
who has written several books, including
The 6 Most Important Decisions You’ll Ever
Make, The 7 Habits of Happy Kids, and The
7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, which
has been translated into 20 languages and
sold over 4 million copies worldwide.
He is a seasoned speaker to kids,
teens, and adults and has appeared on
numerous radio and TV shows.
Born in Belfast, Ireland, Sean’s favorite
activities include going to movies, working
out, hanging out with his kids, riding
his dirt bike, and writing poor poetry.
Sean and his wife Rebecca live with their
children in the Rocky Mountains.
Sean graduated with honors from
Brigham Young University with a
bachelor’s degree in English and later
earned his MBA from Harvard Business
School. As the starting quarterback for
BYU, he led his team to two bowl games
and was twice selected as the ESPN Most
Valuable Player of the Game.
Muriel Summers, principal of A.B. Combs
elementary school, along with her staff,
created the first leadership elementary
school in the world using FranklinCovey’s
The Leader in Me process, founded upon
the 7 Habits. Focusing on each student’s
unique gifts and talents, and building on
strengths rather than weaknesses, the
school continually achieves the highest
levels of academic performance year after
A.B. Combs has been featured on PBS,
Good Morning America, and The Oprah
Winfrey Show. The school has earned
numerous awards: the National Blue
Ribbon School of Excellence, the Number
One National Magnet School in America,
the National Title 1 Distinguished School,
the National Elementary School of the
Year, the North Carolina Honor School of
Excellence, the North Carolina Governor’s
Entrepreneurial Award, and the National
School of Character Award.
such as teacher and principal of the year.
She presents at national, state, and local
conferences and consults with school
districts nationally and internationally
including Canada, Australia, Indonesia,
Malaysia, Japan, China, Thailand, Denmark,
Puerto Rico, and India.
In education for more than 30 years,
Muriel has served as a classroom,
demonstration, and instructional-resource
teacher; assistant principal, and principal,
and has received numerous awards
Gary McGuey, a former educator and
athletic director, has spent the past
decade traveling to all 50 states, as
well as internationally. He has visited
thousands of schools and has worked with
administrators, educators, and students.
He is confident in sharing principles and
processes that enable people to improve
their performance, both professionally and
Gary was former director of the division
in FranklinCovey that created the first
curriculum related to The 7 Habits of
Highly Effective Teens. He is the coauthor
of The Inspirational Teacher, which focuses
on the power teachers have when building
relationships with students.
Gary has also been an executive coach
to high-level educators, even to those in
the White House. As a highly respected
speaker who brings the rare mix of
knowledge, humor, and wisdom to each
client engagement, “Learn it, Live it,
Give it!” is the message Gary conveys
to his audiences. He does so through a
variety of hands-on, interactive sessions.
His participants are encouraged and
challenged to continue the process of
leadership development. He is a soughtafter keynote speaker on topics related
to student empowerment, leadership, and
team building.
Gary lives in the Finger Lakes region of
New York with his wife Christina and their
Lonnie is passionate about teaching
principles of effectiveness to individuals,
schools, and organizations.
His background in teaching, education,
and thought leadership made him a
natural choice as a subject-matter expert
in the development of The Leader in
Me school curriculum and process for
elementary and middle schools, based
on the best-selling book The Leader in
Me, written by Dr. Stephen R. Covey. This
program helps students develop the
essential life skills and characteristics they
need in order to thrive in the 21st century.
Lonnie not only teaches the program in
schools nationwide, he also certifies other
FranklinCovey consultants and client
consultants in the curriculum.
He is certified to teach FranklinCovey
programs including the 7 Habits, Time
Management, and Trust programs.
He is also an author who has written
two books on education: The HighTrust Classroom and The Inspirational
Teacher. In addition to his expertise in
education, Lonnie has also contributed
as a client partner in marketing, content
development, and organizational
consulting in his 10 years at FranklinCovey.
Jonathan Catherman’s energy and
passionate speaking style entertains,
educates, and inspires learners of all ages.
His extensive experience with teens, kids,
and families helps educators worldwide
adopt the habits needed to develop student
leaders in elementary, middle schools, high
schools, colleges, and universities.
Jonathan uniquely connects with thousands
of students and educators each year from
all walks of life around the globe. From
leadership camps in remote rain-forest
retreats to downtown concrete-jungle
auditoriums, he helps audiences discover
their potential and develop the habits and
skills needed to succeed.
Jonathan has worked in public and
private education and youth and
family development for 20 years. His
understanding and in-depth knowledge
of today’s emerging youth culture gives
him an edge in developing and delivering
innovative resources within schools, social
services, cause-marketing, and character
consulting. Business partnerships, teambuilding experience, and Jonathan’s
visionary leadership style provide him
with a rich perspective of which mindsets,
skillsets, and toolsets lead to success.
an aspiration-driven, how-to source for
developing young readers’ life skills and
quality character traits possessed by only
the best of men.
Jonathan and his family call North
Carolina home. He enjoys time with family,
mentoring young leaders, studying,
entertaining, traveling, and humanitarian
and environmental philanthropy.
He is the author of The Manual to
Manhood: What Every Guy Needs to Know
About Becoming a Man (March, 2014),
How to
COOK the Perfect Steak,
& 97 Other SKILLS You Need
to Survive
Charles Fonbuena has partnered with
scores of schools in the United States
and Canada, not only implementing
Franklin Covey’s The Leader in Me,
but emphasizing a consistent focus
on sustaining personal leadership and
accountability in the midst of constant
change. He is a masterful presenter,
speaker, and facilitator with a deep,
thought-provoking, and genuine approach
to helping individuals and organizations
realize their potential.
His service at FranklinCovey as an
author, senior consultant, facilitator,
executive coach, director of training and
development, client partner, and general
manager of the Education Practice has
uniquely prepared him to help educators,
schools, and students maneuver through
the nuances of change. His clients
include organizations in the private and
public sectors, including institutions of
higher education, public school districts,
military, and state agencies as well as
organizations in hospitality, technology,
and telecommunications.
Leadership Is a Way of Life: Awaken Your
Awesomeness Within.
He received a B.S. in business
administration from the University of
Phoenix. He lives in Utah with his wife
Julie and their seven children and enjoys
time and vacations with his family, talks
with his wife, running, and learning.
Charles has coauthored two books:
Time Management for Moms and Other
Executives: Pilot Your Life to a Culture of
Being More and Not Just Doing More and
Before joining FranklinCovey in 1993,
Dr. Nancy Moore worked extensively
in education. She has served as a
superintendent of schools, a school
principal, a curriculum consultant, a
university adjunct professor, a director
of special education, and a classroom
teacher. Nancy has received numerous
awards for her work in public education.
She was honored by United States’ past
President Reagan in a White House
ceremony as principal of one of the
nation’s exemplary schools.
Nancy has successfully delivered
programs and consulting to clients
representing both the public and private
sectors. Her clients include institutions of
higher education, public school districts,
and state and federal government
agencies as well as organizations in the
hotel management, telecommunications,
food-services, medical-services, tourism,
and pharmaceutical industries.
Innovation, Strategy, and Impact as well as
Director of Product Creations.
Nancy has written numerous leadership
articles for professional journals and has
authored a book Everything Under the Sun
for Teaching, published by McGraw-Hill.
In addition to her work as a certified
master facilitator with FranklinCovey,
Nancy has served as Vice President of
Chuck Farnsworth was an original
founding owner of Covey Leadership
Center, which merged with Franklin
Quest to create FranklinCovey, where
he served as Executive Vice President
of the Education Division. He led early
development efforts and is responsible
for many products and services it offers.
Chuck is currently a senior consultant with
FranklinCovey, with extensive expertise
and experience with The 7 Habits of
Highly Effective People and The Leader in
Me. He is a highly sought-after speaker,
consultant, and facilitator having assisted
thousands of educators, schools, and
students in transforming their processes,
cultures, and lives.
Prior to his work at FranklinCovey, Chuck
served as an education administrator,
consultant, and grant writer; founded
his own consulting firm; and worked on
the Nova Project, helping to implement
an innovative approach to individualized
Chuck’s clients include organizations
in the private and public sector. They
value his straightforward style and
keen sense of humor, as well as his
expertise in management, interpersonal
relations, finance, collective bargaining,
and leadership training. He is effective
in fostering unique relationships
between educational institutions and
private corporations including the
pharmaceutical, gas and oil, utilities, and
telecommunications industries. He has
also earned national recognition as a
lecturer, teacher, and facilitator.
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