AP Psychology /2012-2013

AP Psychology /2012-2013
40 Studies That Changed Psychology: Study Guide
Article Title & Year of Publication: Scientific American, 217(2), 24-­‐29 [1967] Major Psychologists or Study Author/s: Gazzaniga M. S. Theoretical propositions: What aspects of human behavior were the researchers interested in? Method of study: How many brains do a human have one or two, reasoning for different hemispheres doing different jobs. Which can function? Three methods of studying: First using visual abilities combined with the technique that allow the information only come into one hemisphere at a time. A tactile Stimulation done exactly like the visual one, and auditory abilities where they limit how much of the info is sent. Study results and significance: The results are that the right hemisphere is for choosing, thinking, analyzing and recognition. The left hemisphere is for memorization, calculations and language. The significance is finding out that each half plays a specific role in the brain. Criticisms: A lot of people believe through media that people are usually right brained or left brained, but the theory proved it wrong because to do anything we need to use both sides of the brain. Subsequent research/ Recent applications: Research shows that there are more connections other than the main corpus collosum, but are not sure about it yet. Research also shows that the hemispheres control the opposite parts of the body. Personal Reaction: I think that the brains even though is separated into 2 hemispheres are still one in general, because they need each other to function. Like the example of being able to recognize but not able to say. I also like the fact that we can control what information comes info our brain because I can just stop knowing anything about math.