endorsement letter - AIAA Info - American Institute of Aeronautics

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Pacific Northwest Section representing Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington
PO Box 33552, Seattle, WA 98133
22 January 2012
Dear Prof. Roberto Albertani (School of MIME, Oregon State University),
I received your letter dated 1-16-12 requesting endorsement, by our AIAA Pacific Northwest Section, to start a new student branch of
AIAA at Oregon State University (OSU). On behalf of our Section, I am pleased to announce our Council’s endorsement!
The decision by our Section Council to support the process of starting a student branch of AIAA at OSU is based on information
contained in your letter. For purposes of documentation, I have attempted to capture the essence of that information and our
understanding of it within the next couple of paragraphs.
OSU has a number of mechanical engineering students who have expressed interest in this professional society. However, OSU does
not presently offer a degree in aeronautical engineering, but graduates of the ME program have gone on to work in the aerospace and
astronautics sector. In the courses that are taught at OSU, students have a strong foundation in the fundamentals of thermodynamics,
fluid and structural mechanics. The University has an excellent design program as well as ongoing aerodynamic research activities
at the department’s low-speed wind tunnel.
Students at OSU are particularly interested and accustomed to participate in student design competitions. At the School of
Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (MIME), SAE and ASME activities have given students the opportunity to
participate in professional societies and have enriched their undergraduate education and team building. In addition, OSU has a
number of very interested faculty and College of Engineering administrators who have endorsed your plan to start an AIAA branch
and that you have their full support. You also plan to work with members of the academic advising team to advertise AIAA and to
encourage participation student participation. We understand you have a plan for bi-monthly meetings with speakers from the
aerospace/aeronautics industry and universities that will be of interest to students and AIAA. You mention, too, that OSU has funds
available to provide travel for AIAA student members on field trips to Pacific Northwest industries and Universities.
Our Section believes OSU has the talent and motivation to make a relevant contribution to AIAA. Our Council looks forward to
working with you in developing a successful student branch of AIAA at OSU.
Karl Rein-Weston, AIAA PNW Section Chair