UQAWA #1 – Fall 2015 Dart Guns

UQAWA #1 – Fall 2015
Dart Guns
Two identical spring-loaded dart guns are simultaneously fired straight
downward. One fires a regular dart; the other fires a weighted dart. Write
a UQAWA that qualitatively describes which dart strikes the ground first; or
if there is a tie.
Recall that a UQAWA by its very nature is "qualitative." Therefore, while numerical
values are unnecessary, and HIGHLY discouraged, in the completion of the UQAWA, it
does not exclude the inclusion of labeled figures and/or diagrams that accompany the
Finally, using terminology not actually covered in class clearly indicates that
you've attempted to find the answer to the UQAWA without trying to really
understand it. As such, any submissions that are evidently edited internet
"finds" will not be graded!!